Get To Know Cashalo A Little Bit Better

You might experience financial difficulty or short in cash at one point in your life. When that happens, who do you turn to for help when your family or friends have nothing to lend to you?

Your next solution: online cash loan.

This is where Cashalo comes in.

Who is Cashalo? 

Cashalo is a fintech platform that delivers credit to Filipinos digitally. Through digital credit, they are able to help every Filipino’s financial well-being.

All you need to do is to download the app on Google Play Store (for Android users) or App Store (for Apple users) and you are good to go.

What products do they offer?

Cashalo offers the following financial products:


If you need quick cash, then this facility is perfect for you.

Cashalo’s Cashaloan allows you to borrow up to P6,500 and payable between 15 and 45 days. Take note that they charge processing fee of five percent based on your loan amount and interest rate starts at 6.95 percent.

Keep in mind that when applying for a loan with Cashalo, you need to install and register from the app. Check out this post for a step-by-step procedure on how to apply for a Cashaloan.


Who doesn’t want shopping? Surely, you will feel the itch to buy something new, whether it’s new shoes, new clothes to wear, or even items you don’t really need but you just found cute.

Apparently, shopping means you need to spend money and in case you lack a few thousands, Cashalo could help through its Cashacart facility.

Cashacart is the first basket financing in the Philippines. It allows you to shop in any of Cashalo’s partner stores (including Robinson’s Department Stores, Huawei, and Oppo among others) and pay in installment basis.

This allows you to make purchases, especially for items you really need, and at the same time, extend the life of your cash on hand without worrying about interest.

Pay with Cashalo

What do you use to pay for bigger purchases? Usually, having a credit is more feasible and convenient since you don’t have to bring cold cash with you.

What if you don’t have a credit card but you are interested in booking a hotel room or buying airline tickets during seat sale?

Cashalo could help you with that. Through its Pay With Cashalo facility, you can purchase items of any kind online from any of the company’s partner merchants. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about credit card.

Similar to the Cashaloan, this facility requires you to log-in to the app to apply. Simply choose “Pay with Cashalo” on the app.

As of this writing, Cashalo partnered with Cebu Pacific, thereby allowing you to book tickets under the airline company for up to P7,000 and 5.95 percent interest rate. The facility is also limited to domestic flights.

Make sure you applied first before booking the tickets to ensure that the amount is covered.

Have you tried any of these Cashalo services? How was it? Share your experiences below on the comments section.

Home Credit Payment Guidelines

Who comes to your mind when you hear about online cash loan? Surely, there are tons. After all, there are many cash loan providers available in the market, including Home Credit.

Despite the not-so-good Home Credit cash loan reviews, there are still many who turn to this lender in case of emergency or an upgrade. Apparently, every successful loan means you need to pay for it as well.

Here’s everything you need to know about paying your loan with Home Credit.

How And Where To Pay 

Through ECPay

This payment method is recommended because of its real-time posting. This means once you made a payment, it will be reflected in Home Credit system immediately. What you need to do is to fill out the Payment Transaction Form with the following details:

  • Biller Name: Home Credit
  • Date of Payment
  • Contract Number
  • Account name
  • Amount to be paid

Below are the establishments that have ECPay facility:

  • GCash
  • 7-Eleven
  • CVM
  • Malayan Bank
  • Gaisano Malls
  • Metro stores
  • Marikina Shoe Exchange
  • Natasha
  • RD Pawnshop
  • H Lhuillier
  • Shopwise
  • True Money
  • Puregold

Through Bayad Center

This is another alternative and recommended method because of real-time posting. All you need to do is to fill out the Payment Transaction Form with Home Credit as the biller.

You can find Bayad Center in the following areas:

  • Robinson’s
  • e-Biz
  • LBC
  • Prime Asia Pawnshop
  • USSC
  • PetNet
  • PHLPost
  • Villarica Pawnshop

Aside from these payment channels, you can also pay your loan through:

  • MLhuillier, with additional P15.00 transaction fee
  • Cebuana Lhuillier
  • RCBC, either through bank deposit or online. If you opt for online payment, choose “HG Consumer Finance Philippines Inc.” as the biller. Unlike other authorized payment centers, RCBC does not charge transaction fee.
  • SM Malls with Home Credit as the Biller Company. Unfortunately, payment is not in real-time, which means it may take days before payment will reflect on Home Credit system. There is also a transaction fee amounting to P13.00

Now that you know how and where to pay, it’s time to familiarize yourself with Home Credit’s payment guidelines.

  • Take note of your Loan Account Number. You will use this when paying for your loan.
  • Only cash payment is allowed.
  • Make sure you pay at least three days before the due date. This way, there is enough time for your payment to reflect on the Home Credit system. Keep in mind that it takes 48 hours to process your payment, so the earlier you pay, the better.
  • Keep your payment receipt/s. This will serve as proof that payment was made in case someone from Home Credit will demand payment.
  • Always check My Payments in the Home Credit app. This will show any outstanding amount as well as payment schedule of your loan.
  • Auto-debit arrangement is allowed. This means instead of going and paying thru any of the authorized payment centers, Home Credit will simply deduct the amount due from your account. As of this writing, this arrangement is available to BPI, BDO, Metrobank, Security Bank, and RCBC.
  • A minimum of P200 penalty fee will be charged in case of late payment. Keep in mind that the fee will be added separately on top of your unpaid installment.

The bottom line is this: when you apply for a loan, regardless of the lender, always make it a habit to pay earlier than the due date. Keep your transaction receipts for proof to avoid being “harassed” by lender’s representatives.

Atome (Formerly Kredit Pintar): Your Online Financial Service Provider

Here’s a simple task for you: go to Google and type “online cash loan” on the search bar. What do you see? Tons of online cash providers, right?

Apparently, online cash lenders are proliferating these days for variety of reasons. In line with that, there’s another one worth checking: Atome. 

Who is Atome? 

Formerly known as Kredit Pintar, Atome is a financial technology company that aims to provide Filipinos, especially unbanked ones, an access to credit. It is the brand of Neuroncredit Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based company that uses artificial intelligence to be able to provide better and faster services to users.

In late 2018, Neuroncredit Pte Ltd brought their brand to the Philippines under the name Kredit Pintar. Less than a year later, it was rebranded into Atome, but still with the same vision of providing access to credit to millions of unbanked Filipinos and encourage financial inclusion in the country.

How to Apply with Atome 

First, take note that the company only offers maximum of P10,000 and payable in three months. If you need an amount higher than that, then Atome might not be of help.

On the other hand, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply with Atome:

Step 1: Download the Atome app on Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the app is available on Android devices only.

Step 2: Open the app. Click Register Now.  Step 3: Register using your mobile number. Make sure that your number is active since this is where notifications will be sent. Step 4: A text message will be sent on your mobile number. Input the code to verify your account. Step 5: Log-in. Make sure you click Allow to let Atome manage your phone calls and contacts. Take note that this is needed, otherwise, you won’t be able to apply for a loan. Step 6: Start entering your personal details such as name, birthdate, address, and employment details among others. It is imperative that you are honest with your details since this helps Atome verify your credibility as a borrower. Step 7: Once you’re done filling out your details, you can now apply for a loan. Keep in mind that for first-time borrowers, you can only borrow up to P2,000. Through frequent borrowing, you may be able to borrow as much as P10,000, which are payable in three months

Choose your Repayment Plan, Tick the I Agree to the Loan Agreement box, and then click Borrow. Step 8: Your loan details will be displayed as well as the breakdown of fees. If you agree and sure to borrow, click Borrow. Step 9: Choose between Bank Transfer or Cash Pickup for your mode of disbursement. For cash pickup, only Cebuana Lhuillier is the authorized disbursement channel of Atome. Step 10: Atome representatives will review your loan application. Wait for confirmation on whether or not you are qualified.

Tips in Applying with Atome:

  • Link your Facebook account. This will help Atome representatives verify your identity.
  • Borrow what you can pay, regardless of the amount.
  • Make sure you have at least one valid, government-issued ID. This is necessary because, again, it helps verify your identity and that you are a real person.

Have you tried Atome? Let us know about your experience by leaving a comment below.

How to Repay Your Loan From Tala Philippines

Online cash loans are becoming popular these days. It is quick, fast, and readily available, which are plus points in case of emergency. When it comes to this kind of facility, Tala Philippines is among those lenders people consider. After all, borrowing from them is easy and convenient. All you need to do is to download the app, fill out the boxes with your personal details, and you’re good to go.

Of course, every successful amount of money you borrowed means you have to pay for it at some point.

The question now is this: how do you pay for your Tala loan? 

But first, you need to know the available payment channels. 

The following are the only authorized payment channels of Tala:

  • Cebuana Lhuillier
  • MLhuillier
  • 7-Eleven

That being said, here is a step-by-step guide on how to pay your Tala loan:

Step 1: Go to Tala app installed on your phone. On the homepage, click Make A Payment. 

Step 2: Input the amount you wish to pay. It is also advisable that you pay the full amount, interest included, to avoid incurring penalty charges.

Step 3: Click Submit Payment. 

Step 4: You will receive a notification via text message from or NXSMS. This includes a link. Make sure to click the link. 

Step 5: Choose your desired payment method. Remember, Tala Philippines has only FOUR authorized payment channels, so choose one that is most convenient for you. Payments made outside these four authorized channels will NOT be honored by Tala.

Step 6: You will receive a reference number on email inbox or SMS notification. Make sure to write this reference number – a 12-digit code – because this will be used when you make a payment on any Tala’s authorized payment channels.

Step 7: Go to your preferred payment channel and then, settle your loan obligation. Don’t forget to present the reference number so Tala will know which loan you are paying for.

An email or text message will be sent to you once Tala Philippines completed your loan payment. You will also see payment confirmation on the Tala app.

Once payment is posted, you may re-apply for another loan in case you are in need of additional funds.

Easy, don’t you think? Remember, settle your loan obligation, regardless of the amount, as soon as you can to avoid paying penalty fees. Plus, late or incomplete payment could have a negative effect on your credit score – and you don’t want that to happen.

Pera247: Your Online Cash Partner

Nobody wants to have issues with money. Unfortunately, life happens and your hard-earned money can’t seem to be enough.

Who do you turn to in case you need help financially?

Online cash lenders could help. Aside from convenience, you can easily get the money since online lenders will simply deposit the money on your account. Plus, you don’t have to worry about traffic and collateral documents since everything will be done online.

That being said, who do you turn to?

With the entry of many online cash lenders in the Philippines today, you might want to consider Pera247.

Who is Pera247?

Pera247 is a digital lender in the Philippines that offers affordable loans. It is under AsiaKredit, an international tech-based financial services firm that offers fast and convenient credit to the Southeast Asian market.

Pera247 aims to become a gateway for honest and hardworking individuals yet unable to get access to traditional financial services to help improve standard of living.

Consequently, its mission is to become a lender that is able to identify credit-worthy borrowers and pave way for them to gain access to funds.

As of this writing, Pera247 offers three loan products:

  • Shopa-Loan, which allows you to shop without credit card and still be able to pay for your purchases in installment basis. You can borrow between P5,000 and P50,000 and use it with their partner merchants.
  • Afforda-Loan, wherein you can between P10,000 and P30,000 and pay in installments for up to six months. Apparently, this is only available to repeat borrowers.
  • Insta-Loan, Pera247’s short-term loan wherein you can apply for instant cash up to P15,000 and payable up to 90 days.

How to Apply for an Online Cash Loan with Pera247:

Take note that for purposes of this article, you will apply for an Insta-Loan, Pera247’s online cash loan.

Step 1: Download the app on Google Play Store. As of this writing, Pera247 is only available to Android users.

Step 2: Open the app and click Apply Now.

Step 3: Input your mobile number. Make sure that the number is active and working. Click Submit.

Step 4: Click Okay when asked to verify your mobile number.

Step 5: A six-digit verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number. Input the code as well as your password. Then, click Submit.

Step 6: Navigate the buttons according to the amount you want to borrow and loan terms. It will also display a breakdown of fees, interest fee, penalty fee (if ever), and total amount due. Once you’re ready to proceed, click Get Money.

Step 7: Fill out the online application form. Click Next.

Step 8: Upload a picture of your government-issued ID. Click this link to find out the IDs accepted by Pera247.

Step 9: Allow Pera247 to take pictures, record videos, access your device.

Step 10: Take or upload a selfie.

Step 11: Enter your email address. Make sure that the email address is active since a verification link will be sent on that email.

Step 12: Answer the questions pertaining to your personal information. This includes marital status, address, and employment details.

Step 13: Answer the Credit History page. Make sure to be truthful and honest on this since lenders can easily check your credit standing.

Step 14: Identify the purpose of your loan.

Step 15: Answer the survey. If you have a promo code, then don’t forget to to input this as well.

Step 16: Upload your latest utility bill. This is not required and may be skipped, but if you want to boost your chances of approval, then upload one.

Step 17: You will be given a chance to increase your chances of approval. Choose among the methods shown on your screen. This is not required, but if you want higher approval chance, then accomplish at least one of these methods.

Step 18: Review your loan application. Then tick the boxes accepting the Terms and Conditions as well as the privacy policy. Then click Submit.

Tips to Remember when Applying for a Loan with Pera247:

  • Accomplish at least one of the optional methods to increase your chances of approval. This will show Pera247 regarding your capacity to pay.
  • Use an active email address and mobile number. This is important because this is where Pera247 will contact you and verify your information.

Once approved, you will be able to claim your loan through bank transfer, MLhullier branches, SM Bills Payment branches, or BDO branches.

Convenient, isn’t it?

How to Apply for an Instant Cash Loan with Cashwagon

Admit it. Sometimes, you don’t know who to go to in case you are short in cash. As much as you want to seek help from your parents or even closest friends, you just can’t because they have their own needs, too.

This could be the reason why online cash lenders are proliferating these days.

Think about this: you’re in need of cash. Instead of going to the bank to fill out forms and submit tons of documents only to get an answer after a week, you can simply download an app and apply for a loan.

When it comes to online cash loan, Cashwagon could be of service.

Who is Cashwagon Philippines?

Cashwagon Philippines is a fin-tech company that offers consumer financial products sans collateral requirements and complex loan procedures. It targets 80 percent of Southeast Asian consumers who are usually not qualified under traditional financial services.

Its mission is to deliver fast and easy access to innovative financial services in the region.

Cashwagon is based in Singapore and is rapidly expanding its business in Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Philippines.

How to Apply for an Online Cash Loan with Cashwagon:

Step 1: Download the app on Google Play Store. As of this writing, Cashwagon app is limited to Android users only.

Step 2: Open the app. Click Allow button to let Cashwagon access your mobile device information. This is also necessary, otherwise, your loan application won’t push through.

Step 3: On a new landing page, navigate the arrow depending on the amount you plan to borrow. For first-time users, maximum loanable amount is P7,000. For repeat customers, you can get as much as P20,000.

As you navigate the arrow, it will show you the total outstanding obligation and due date. Take note of this so you could see how much you owe on a given date.

Step 4: Enter your mobile number.

Step 5: Input your personal details. including your government-issued ID. Doing this step will increase your chances of approval.

Step 6: Fill out your employment and bank details. This is also necessary to increase your chances of approval.

Step 7: Allow Cashwagon to take pictures and record videos. This is a necessary step since Cashwagon needs a copy of your government-issued ID.

Step 8: Take a picture of your ID. Make sure your ID fits perfectly on the frame.

Step 9: Take a photo of yourself. Your face should be within the frame. This will also verify your identity.

Step 10: Once completed, a four-digit verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number. Input the code sent to your number.

Step 11: Tick the I Understand checkbox. Then, click Ok.

Take note that you may also apply for an online cash loan directly through their website.

Tips to Remember When Applying for an Online Loan with Cashwagon:

  • Bank account is necessary. This is where Cashwagon will deposit the money you borrowed.
  • Employment is a must. This ensures Cashwagon that they will be paid even if there is no collateral.
  • Make sure you have valid, working, and active email address and mobile number. This will be used by Cashwagon to contact you and verify the details you used in your application form.

Give Cashwagon a try, yes?

Get Instant Online Loan with the Help of RoboCash

Who is your go-to person (or entity) when you need quick cash? Usually, family or friends are on your speed dial. Apparently, not everyone are willing to lend you some cash because let’s face it, they have needs, too.

What’s your next option? Banks. As much as you want to borrow, banks could make it difficult for you to apply because of the tons of requirements you need to submit. By the time the bank releases the money, you no longer need it.

If you’re looking for instant online loan, then RoboCash could help.

Who is RoboCash?

Robocash Finance Corporation or Robocash is a financing company licensed by the SEC. It offers payday loans and short-term loans for up to P25,000 and 30-day loan term.

Its aim is to provide not just fast, easy, and reliable online loans but also financial tips for the Filipinos.

How to Apply for an Online Loan with RoboCash 

  1. Download the app on Google Play Store. Unfortunately, this is not yet available on Apple users. RoboCash
  2. Open the app after download. The welcome screen will introduce you to the app as well as brief background on how it works. Just click Continue and then Done.
  3. In the landing page, navigate the arrow depending on how much money you plan to borrow. For first-time borrowers, you will only be allowed to borrow up to P10,000. The amount could go higher if you become a repeat borrower.
  4. As you navigate the button, you will see how much money you need to return. If you’re ready to apply, click Apply Now.
  5. Fill out the Registration form. Make sure you tick the box showing that you agreed on Robocash’s conditions and privacy policy. Then, click Next Step.
  6. On the next screen, choose your ID and gender. Type your current address as well.
  7. Allow RoboCash to access your location, phone, and contacts to continue with your loan application.
  8. Fill in your employment details.
  9. Choose your bank.
  10. Choose between online or offline option on how to claim the money you borrowed. Between the two, online loan is the most convenient options since you don’t have to go to their office to claim.
  11. If you chose online loan option, then input your bank name, account name, and account number. Don’t forget to tick the box that says you understood and accepted the loan contract. Then, click Confirm.
  12. Wait for the money to be deposited to your account. Usually and depending on the bank, money will be deposited within one to two days from successful application.

Read more Get Instant Online Loan with the Help of RoboCash

Get a Cash Loan Online with the Help of PondoPeso

There are tons of online cash lenders available in the market these days. If your favorite mobile app is slowly failing you despite borrowing with them more than once, then you need to look into other options.

One of your available options is PondoPeso.

Check out this post to learn more about this online cash lending app and find out how to apply in case you need quick cash:

What is PondoPeso?

According to their website, PondoPeso is a “unique fin-tech platform” that provides users with financial mobility, whenever, wherever. It is also based on mobile internet security technology as well as big data analysis innovation to check and validate your credit information.

Online cash lenders are proliferating these days, thereby giving people more options when it comes to quick loans.

That being said, why choose PondoPeso?

  • Allows you to borrow up to P40,000, which may be repaid within one year.
  • Fast approval, which could range from eight minutes to one hour as per website.
  • No paperworks or documents that you need to submit.
  • All you need to submit is just one valid ID.

Step-by-Step Procedure on How to Apply with PondoPeso

Step 1: Download the app. Apparently, PondoPeso is only available to Android users.

Step 2: Once you downloaded it, open the app and click Allow, which lets PondoPeso access your phone’s photos, media, and location.

Step 3: Enter your mobile number. This will ensure that you are using a verified mobile number.

Step 4: Once your mobile number is confirmed, you will automatically go back to the landing page. Click “I want to borrow” and don’t forget to tick the “I Agree” box to proceed with your loan application.

Step 5: Fill out the information needed, starting with Personal Information, and Emergency Contacts. Make sure you are truthful as possible when asked for your information to avoid complications later on.

Step 6: Upload a copy of your ID. Make sure that your ID matches the information you provided in your online application form.

Step 7: Upload a selfie while holding your ID.

As soon as you completed these steps, your loan application will be forwarded to the PondoPeso system where a representative will review your application. A PondoPeso representative will contact you anytime, so make sure you have your phone on hand.

If approved, you will be asked to choose a method to transfer money. You have the options to have the money:

  • Deposited in your bank account
  • Get from the remittance center
  • Gcash account
  • account

Tips to Remember when Applying for an Online Cash Loan with PondoPeso:

  • PondoPeso is only applicable to Android users. The app is not available to iPhone users as of this writing.
  • You must be 18 years of age and above to be able to apply for an online cash loan with PondoPeso.
  • Make sure you use a government-issued ID. Providing a clear ID is also a must so that PondoPeso representatives can easily verify your information.
  • Provide all the necessary information being asked. This will make it easier to evaluate your loan application.

In case you’re looking for an alternative, you might want to consider PondoPeso. Take note of these tips for higher possibility of getting approved.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply with Akulaku

Online financing is popular these days. With the presence of Tala, Loan Ranger, Moola, and Cashalo among others, there is another player in the market that is slowly gaining a solid customer base.

Say hello to Akulaku (registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission under Streetcorner Lending Corp.), an online financing company operating in Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines. Its goal is to extend credit and as a result, give opportunity to people who are unbanked and has no credit card.

There’s so much you can do with Akulaku. It has Bills Payment feature that allows you to pay your bills like cable and water with just a few clicks. It could also offer you up to P25,000 credit limit, which you can use to shop at the platform’s accredited merchants. More importantly, it has a Cash Loan facility that lets you borrow money for whatever purpose. You can borrow P2,500 or P5,000 payable after eight or 15 days.

In case you’re interested, here’s how you can apply for Akulaku credit services:

Step 1: Download the mobile app on Google Play (for Android users) and Apple Store (for Apple users). Take note that Akulaku will only work on mobile phones. Online Cash LoanStep 2: Once installed in your mobile phone, choose your preferred language. Online Cash LoanStep 3: On the landing page, click Personal. The Personal tab will also reflect your personal infomation as well as the status of your orders. Online Cash LoanStep 4: Click Login / Register Online Cash LoanStep 5: Enter your mobile number and preferred log-in password. Then, click Create Account. Online Cash LoanStep 6: Enter your mobile number again and then click Send Code. A Verification Code will be sent to the mobile number you registered. Copy and then enter the code to proceed with your registration. Step 7: You will be back in the landing page as soon as you successfully verified your account. Click Credit. Online Cash LoanStep 8: On the Credit landing page, click Apply Now. Step 9: Fill out the Credit Limit Application Form truthfully. Make sure that the details reflect who you are. Step 10: Search for your corresponding employer. In case your employer is not on the list, simply input your employer’s name. Step 11: You will be asked to activate your account so you can avail of Akulaku services. Click Activate. Step 12: Input the necessary information being asked, including the convenient time you want to be contacted. Make sure to upload clear picture of your ID to make it easy for the Verification Team to process your application. Step 13: As soon as you completed Step 12, your account will now be reviewed by Akulaku team. Per Akulaku website, your credit limit application will be reviewed and processed within 48 hours. A representative from Akulaku’s Verification Team will also call you on within that 48 hours to check the information you provided.

Once approved, you can now enjoy Akulaku features.

What do you think? Easy to apply, right? What are you waiting for? Go ahead and give Akulaku a try.

Esquire Financing: Fueling Dreams to Help You Grow Your Business

Whoever said that running a business is easy is clearly not a businessman. It’s true that you are your own boss and you can manage your time according to your own preference. Nonetheless, running a business is not a bed of roses. You need to ensure that your suppliers are paid, your customers are happy and satisfied with your product, and above all, your business is earning a profit. There are also expenses you need to worry about like your employees’ salaries, cost of raw materials, and utilities expense among others.

What if you fell short of cash? Who do you run to for help?

Some business owners use their own savings to augment business expenses. The issue with this is that emergency could happen in  the family and you need that savings account.

This is where Esquire Financing could help. Read on to find out who Esquire Financing is, what it can do for you, and how to apply in case you need additional working capital. Esquire FinancingWho is Esquire Financing? 

Esquire Financing, Inc. is a SME-lending company that offers fast, non-collateral business loan to help manage the needs, goals, and cashflow of a small-medium business owner in the most hassle-free way possible. The company’s primary goal is to make business loans convenient and accessible to help achieve success.

Esquire Financing, Inc. stands by its three values: Efficiency, Flexibility, and Integrity.

Take note that Esquire Financing, Inc. is focused on providing business loan for SMEs and does NOT accept any others types of loan such as personal loan and housing loan. 

Loan Features:

  • Loan Amount: P100,000 to P10 million
  • Interest Rate: 1 to 3.5 percent per month, depending on the loan amount and term
  • Loan Term: Three to 12 months
  • Loan Repayment Option: Issuance of Post-Dated Checks (PDCs)
  • Loan Processing Time: Up to seven (7) working days upon receipt of complete documents


Compulsory Requirements:

  • Filled out and signed application form. You can get a copy of the form here.
  • Government-issued ID of the principal borrower, including TIN ID
  • Bank statement and Bank Certification for the last three months
  • Checking account that is active for at least six (6) months
  • Photocopy of Mayor’s Permit and Barangay Clearance
  • 1×1 colored ID picture of the principal borrower
  • One picture each of the business’ exterior and interior premises
  • Latest proof of billing statement for both the business and residence of principal borrower
  • Map or sketch (landmarks included) of the business location and residence of the principal borrower

Additional Requirement for Sole Proprietor

  • DTI Certificate of Business Name Registration

Additional Requirements for Partnerships

  • BIR Certificate of Registration
  • SEC Certification of Incorporation or Registration
  • Latest Articles of Partnership and By-Laws
  • Partner’s Resolution in PR.10.2017 format

Additional Requirements for Corporations

  • BIR Certificate of Registration
  • SEC Certification of Incorporation or Registration
  • Latest Articles of Partnership and By-Laws
  • Latest General Information Sheet (GIS)
  • Secretary’s Certificate in SC.10.2017 format

Take note that only photocopy/ies of the additional requirements are needed

Two Ways to Apply for a Business Loan with Esquire Financing:

Option A

  1. Fill out the loan application form. You can get a copy of the application form here.
  2. Submit the compulsory and corresponding additional requirements together with the application form at Esquire Financing, Inc.’s main office.

Option B

  1. Fill out the Business Loan Inquiry form. Esquire Financing
  2. A confirmation message will be sent to your email address. Esquire Financing
  3. A Loan Specialist will contact you to discuss the best way to proceed with your loan application. if qualified, you will be asked to submit compulsory and corresponding additional requirements in their main office.
  4. If approved, you can now claim the proceeds of your loan.

For further questions or concerns, you can contact Esquire Financing, Inc. by checking out the available modes through their Contacts Page.

Are you ready to grow your business?

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