Customer Review: Loan Ranger as an Online Cash Provider

You will need cash at one point in your life. In case friends and family cannot help, you can always turn to online cash loan providers to save the day. One of them is Loan Ranger, a company that offers short-term instant credit to customers like you through safe and convenient money transfer. Unlike other lenders, Loan Ranger welcomes anyone to borrow, regardless of who you are or what you do for a living.

Here comes the biggest concern of all: Is Loan Ranger safe and reliable financial provider?

Check out what past customers have to say about them:

On Loan Application

All of the customers interviewed said that loan application was easy and convenient since you can do it online. Submitting the documents is convenient as well because you simply have to upload it.

Apparently, most clients said that loan application took more than 24 hours from the time the application was sent. Nonetheless, repeat customers are in unison in saying that the succeeding applications are faster. It only took hours for them to find out that their loan application was approved.

On Receiving the Money 

Even if the application process took days before they got an approval, crediting of money in their account happened the following day from the time they were informed that the loan was approved. It was hassle-free as well since the amount was credited directly in their assigned bank account.

On Loan Repayment

For most customers, paying their loan with Loan Ranger is easy since it was done online, particularly through To pay:

  • Log in to your Loan Ranger account.
  • Click “Pay with”and then input the amount. Make sure that you encode the correct amount to avoid inconvenience.

Once done, the payment made will be automatically deducted from your account. Aside from, some customers also paid through bank deposit.

Nonetheless, one customer noted that Loan Ranger should provide more options when it comes to repaying the loan. Hopefully, the company could add other mediums like Bayad Center, payment in SM malls, or through remittance companies like Cebuana. This will add more convenience to the customers since there are other payment channels available.

On Loan Ranger Customer Service 

The customers interviewed mentioned that they communicate with Loan Ranger via e-mail message. In some instances, Loan Ranger representatives take a while to reply, but they noted that they do reply, usually within a few hours. Nonetheless, their customer service agents are respectful and more than willing to assist.

Loan Ranger may not live up to its 24-hour loan processing, but still, this company is among the online cash providers you can trust. In times of sudden financial need, you know who to call.

Get Your Dream Product with the Help of Akulaku

How do you plan on purchasing your dream product, say an iPhone X or Play Station 4? Many people will save up for it, which means goodbye Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and eating out in restaurants. For many others who can’t wait to get their hands on the newest gadgets, you will turn to online cash loan providers or even use the money stashed inside the bank to make this purchase happen.

Or better yet, you can get your dream product with the help of Akulaku.

Who is Akulaku?  How to Apply in AkulakuAkulaku is an Internet-based company focused on e-commerce and online financial services in Southeast Asia, specifically Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines. The company also takes pride in being the first online shopping mall that offers installment as among the modes of payment. In fact, you can pay in installment basis even without a credit card.

Akulaku has partnered with the biggest brands such as Apple, Samsung, Asus, Sony, HP, Nikon, and Vivo among many others to make your shopping experience more worthwhile.

How to Apply:

  1. Start by downloading the Akulaku app on your mobile device. Akulaku is available in Google Play and Apple Store.
  2. Register by filling up the application form. Make sure to provide all the documents asked for to get verified. This will enable you to make a purchase and qualify for the installment plan as well.
  3. Browse through the products and choose the item you want to purchase. Don’t forget to choose the installment period.
  4. Pay the required downpayment using the available payment methods. Take note of the Virtual Account Number to be given, which you will use for payment purposes. At this point, wait for the review of the eligibility of your loan application.

    How to Apply in Akulaku
    Available Online Payment Channels
  5. Once approved, wait for your purchased product, which will be delivered on your doorstep. Take note of the payment schedule as well and pay on time to avoid incurring finance charges.

Tips in Applying in Akulaku

  • Provide all the documents required to verify your account. This is imperative, otherwise, you won’t be able to qualify and apply for an installment plan.
  • Wait for the verification from Akulaku. You won’t be able to apply without getting verified.
  • Be sure with the products you will purchase. Keep in mind that downpayment is required, depending on the item, so be sure with your purchases.

Are you willing to give Akulaku a try?

Home Credit Review: What Customers Have to Say About It

It is understandable that not all Filipinos can buy a new phone or flat screen TV and pay it in cash and in full. This is why credit card companies offer zero percent installment to lessen the burden of paying.

What if you don’t have a credit card or cash on hand and you need to buy a new ref? In that case, Home Credit Philippines is here to help. But before you rush to the store and apply for this type of loan, read up to find out what past customers have to save about it.

Loan Application 

Home Credit has partner stores, which means you don’t have to go physically to their office and apply for a loan. Most of the customers interviewed didn’t have a hard time applying for the loan since the requirements are easy to complied with.

Nonetheless, there were different replies when asked about their waiting time for approval. As per Home Credit’s website, loan processing and approval will take 20 minutes. On the other hand, all of the customers interviewed said they waited more than 20 minutes or around 30 to 45 minutes, with one customer even saying she waited for two hours.

Tip: Make sure you have two valid and government-issued IDs on hand for faster loan processing.

Loan Repayment

Getting a loan from Home Credit is similar to other types of loan you get from banks and other lenders. There is a fixed amount to be paid on a particular day of the month. Making a payment is also convenient for most borrowers since they can pay through bank deposit, SM malls, Bayad Center, and 7/11.

Tip: Pay the installment at least three days before the scheduled due date. This way, the payment made will reflect on Home Credit’s system even before the due date.

Customer Service 

Despite the ease in the application process and loan repayment, majority of the Home Credit customers interviewed said that they had issues with their Customer Service, specifically those in charged in the Billing and Payment.

Most customers shared that Home Credit representatives will call everyday to remind them of their due date, even during wee hours or first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, some customers were unable to pay on time, but nevertheless paid the following day; hence being bombarded by reminders from Home Credit.

What irked most borrowers is that Home Credit has to call ALL people in every borrower’s reference and ask about the borrower’s whereabouts in case of one-day delay in payment. Home Credit representatives even call anytime during the day with no regard as to whether the person they are calling is in the middle of something important. The existing loan was likewise disclosed by Home Credit representatives to the borrower’s reference list, which is embarrassing to the borrower himself/herself, regardless of how small the outstanding balance is. Some said that even their References include family and close friends, they still don’t like the idea of them knowing that you owe something to someone.

Is it highly recommended? 

A few spoke highly of Home Credit and plan to borrow again when the need for a new appliance or gadget arises. On the other hand, most of the borrowers interviewed do not wish to apply for Home Credit again primarily because of the bad customer service. The constant reminders to pay the loan made them feel that Home Credit has no regard and consideration to their customers.

Pera247: A Fast and Simple Way to Get Cash When You Need It

Digital lending is common these days. With Filipinos’ constant need for cash, it’s no surprise that online cash loans are slowly gaining popularity.

Here comes the entry of AsiaKredit’s pera247Online Cash LoanWho is pera247? 

pera247 is a short-term digital lender that provides short-term and unsecured loans for up to 90 days. It is powered by AsiaKredit, an international tech-based financial services firm that provides fast, easy, and convenient credit solution to millions of people in Southeast Asia. It turns out that Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, are underbanked. This means there are limited lenders that could extend credit to and the launch of pera247 could give people options, especially during difficult financial times.

Aside from extending credit to deserving individuals using data-driven credit assessment tools, pera247 aims to educate Filipinos on responsible financial management to improve one’s standard of living.

How to Apply in pera247

  1. Download the app on Google Play Store. You can download it here. Take note that the app only works on Android devices.
  2. Register and create an account using a valid and existing e-mail. Don’t forget to type your password.
  3. Once you signed up, you can start applying for a loan by selecting your preferred amount and loan term using the navigation arrow. Then, click “Get Money.”
  4. You will be redirected to another page where you are required to provide your personal information, including name and place of birth.
  5. Upload a valid ID picture, preferably government-issued ID.
  6. Upload your recent picture to further validate your identity.
  7. Continue answering the online application form such as civil status, number of dependents, and current status of employment. You will also be asked to specify the purpose of your loan and upload any utility bill.
  8. Review your loan application form and then click “Submit.” 

pera247 representatives will review your loan application and get back to you as soon as possible. You will be notified of the status of your application via SMS, phone call, email, or notification from the app. If approved, sign (accept) the Consumer Loan Agreement and choose your preferred withdrawal method (Bank transfer, Security Bank Cardless ATM withdrawal, or Western Union/DA5).

Things to Remember when Applying for a Loan with pera247

  • Make sure you provide a valid and working email address and mobile number. This is where you will be contacted by pera247 representatives.
  • Don’t forget to allow pera247 app to access your mobile data. This is necessary for pera247 to check your eligibility for credit.
  • Upload all documents asked, including the utility bill (which is optional). This will make it easier for pera247 representatives to gauge your credit-worthiness.

Keep in mind that fast cash does not come cheap tough. If you borrow PhP 10,000 for 90 days, you will have to repay PhP 17,970 which is almost 80% in interest and fees for 3 months. The monthly option comes at 30% cost.

Are you ready to give this a try?

Get Instant Cash with Security Bank’s Salary Advance Facility

When you are an employee, receiving your salary every two weeks seems like forever. There will always be bills to be paid, personal items you need to purchase, and sudden expenses along the way that needs cash – instantly. Unfortunately, your family is nowhere to be found and borrowing from friends is out of the question.

Who do you turn to next?

You can try Salary Advance from Security Bank. What is Security Bank’s Salary Advance Loan? 

This loan program is offered by Security Bank to allow employees to advance their next salary. You can borrow between P5,000 and P30,000, depending on your need, and payable within four days to three months, depending on your preferred number of deductions.

The good thing about this facility is that the funds will be credited in their account within 10 minutes simply by sending a text message. As soon as funds are credited, the employee may withdraw the cash at any ATM.

Here’s the catch: the Salary Advance Loan program is available to companies who are Salary Advance-Accredited by Security Bank. Once the company you are working for is accredited, you may apply for a salary advance loan.

Here’s how to apply:

1. Fill out and sign the one-time enrollment form.

2. Submit the application form / Credit Agreement and one primary ID to Security Bank. Thereafter, you will be informed via text message for confirmation of enrollment and your credit limit.

3. When applying for a loan, simply send a text message and send it to 3456 in this format:

SBC SALAD Amount of Loan Number of Deductions

4. Wait for the approval, which usually takes 10 minutes. Once you receive the approval SSS, confirm your Salary Advance Loan by texting SBC SALAD AGREE

5. Withdraw your cash through your Security Bank payroll account at any Security Bank ATMs nationwide.

Tips and Things to Remember when Applying for Salary Advance Loan:

  • You must be between 21 to 65 years old to be eligible for this loan facility.
  • You must be with the company as a regular employee for at least six months or at least three months if contractual or on project-basis type of employment.
  • Your cellphone number is crucial when applying for this facility. This is because the number you provided will be stored in Security Bank’s database as the bank’s payroll customer.

Again, this facility is applicable to you IF the company you are working for is accredited by Security Bank. You can initiate accreditation by submitting the accreditation form and the Bank can take it from there. For companies who wish to be accredited by Security Bank, you can submit the Salary Advance Accreditation Form and other documents for accreditation such as Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and Secretary’s Certification or Board Resolution showing the authorized signatories of the company.

Other requirements include:

  • Registered business in the Philippines
  • Has at least 30 regular employees
  • Payroll client of Security Bank

Are you ready to get your cash in an instant?

Say Hello to Cash Mart, Your Online Lending Partner for Personal Needs

From Singapore’s number one lending company and now, it’s here in the Philippines. Cash Mart started in 1969 to offer service-oriented loan solutions that are flexible and faster in processing. With the advent of technology and increasing demand from its clients, Cash Mart decided to offer online loan to be able to cater to the growing needs of its Singaporean clients.

Realizing the similarity in financial needs, Cash Mart came in the Philippines with the same agenda: to provide a money lending portal for the growing needs of Filipinos and to help bridge the financial gap that stops Filipinos like you from meeting your goals. The company also offers personal loan, salary loan, car loan, and OFW loan. With that, Cash Mart promises to deliver fast, flexible, and affordable services. Here’s how you can apply for a loan:

  1. Create an account with Cash Mart by clicking the Apply Now tab found on the lower left portion. You will be asked to input your name, email address, and mobile number. 
  2. Choose a loan product and then click Apply Now. Navigate the arrow depending on how much you need plus the term of the loan. Consequently, make sure you upload the necessary documents since this will help Cash Mart in determining whether or not your application is approved. 
  3. Once you submit your application form, Cash Mart will review your application and wait for feedback after one banking day.
  4. If approved, Cash Mart will deposit the funds in your assigned bank account, one hour after you are informed of approval.

Tips to Remember when Applying for Cash Mart:

  • You can borrow from P5,000 to P50,000.
  • Take note that the term of the loan can be paid Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly. If you choose Weekly, then this means you have to repay the loan weekly. Bi-Weekly means the loan will be repaid every two weeks and the Monthly loan term must be paid after 28 days.
  • Make sure that you input correct information, especially the spelling of your name. This will save you from tons of hassle during processing of application.
  • The bank account where the funds will be deposited must be under your name. Ensure proper input of account number as well to avoid delay in withdrawal of funds. Cash Mart partner with major banks like BPI, BDO, PNB, Land Bank, Security Bank, Union Bank, RCBC, and Metrobank among others.
  • Only borrow what you need and within your capacity to pay. This will prevent any negative effect on your credit standing.

Know more about Cash Mart by checking out their website.

Get the Products You Need with the Help of Home Credit

Picture this: your laptop crashed and you only have one day to submit the most important report in your life. Apparently, you just maxed out your credit card and borrowing money from your parents is next to impossible.

What’s your remedy? Try Home Credit Philippines. Who is Home Credit Philippines? 

Home Credit Philippines is part of the Home Credit Group, a global consumer finance expert, with presence in Asia, North America, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe. The company provides world-class financing services to help borrowers’ meet their financial needs through non-cash, no-collateral in-store financing. It also caters to borrowers with little or no credit history, thereby giving you an opportunity to borrow money.

For instance, if you want to buy a new laptop or any other products or appliance, you can approach Home Credit employees in Home Credit Philippines partner stores to avail of the loan and for you to buy the item you are eyeing for.

How to Apply for a Home Credit Loan:

  1. Identify the item you need. Take note that Home Credit Philippines only allows purchase of gadgets, home appliance, furniture, electronics, and musical instruments.
  2. Check for the nearest Partner Store Locator that sells your preferred item. You can check it here
  3. Inform Home Credit Sales Agent about your intention to loan. S/he will assist you with your purchase and processing of loan documents and application.
  4. Wait for approval of loan, which usually takes 20 minutes. Once approved, only pay for the required downpayment to take home and enjoy your newly-acquired item.

Tips and Things to Remember when Applying for a Home Credit Loan:

  • Make sure you are a Filipino citizen and between 18 to 68 years old.
  • You must be employed for at least three months. Self-employed individuals, pensioner, businessman, and someone receiving regular remittances are welcome to apply as long as you can prove your consistent cash flow.
  • Bring two IDs – any government-issued ID and an ID with your existing address.
  • Pay your loan on time. You can pay yours in SM malls, Bayad Centers, and commercial establishments with ECPay facilities.

If you are looking for a partner that could help you finance your urgent needs, remember that Home Credit is there to help. Give it a try the next time your laptop or any appliance in your home breaks down. Just make sure you are ale to pay your dues on time.

Customer Review on Moola Lending

Online cash loans are popular these days. This type of facility offers convenience and ease in application – something traditional banks cannot offer (yet). Can you imagine this: applying for a loan without leaving the comfort of your own home?

One of the popular online cash lenders these days is Moola Lending. It is a Philippine-based financial technology company under Doctor Cash, which has several fin-tech companies in Asia. The company promises rapid processing of loan application, simple application procedure, and transparency in dealing with borrowers.

The question now is this: Does Moola Lending live up to its promise? Here’s what customers have to say about it:

On Applying for a Loan 

The borrowers interviewed said the same thing: applying for a loan was easy and convenient. Application and submission of loan form is coursed online. Simply go to their website to apply for a loan and you will get an answer as soon as possible. Some borrowers were able to get an approval on the same day while there are others who were contacted by Moola representatives a day or two after the loan application was submitted.

Repeat loan is also possible. One borrower shared that she was able to borrow four times from Moola and her experience was good. She was also able to get a higher amount because she was a repeat customer.

Though you have to be cautious in disclosing your employment. One borrower, Richard, initially chose “Freelance” and was rejected.

On Receiving the Cash Borrowed

Moola borrowers had different experiences in receiving the cash they borrowed. One borrower, Steph, said that she received the amount the day after she was informed that her loan was approved and the money was credited to her account.

On the other hand, most of the borrowers interviewed said that it took days before they received the amount. Even if the Moola Customer Support informed that the amount was already credited in the indicated bank account during your application, you have to wait for at least a day and send a follow-up to make sure that your loan was processed.

On Interest and Other Charges

All borrowers interviewed said the same thing about interest: it’s too high. Some borrowers also said that Moola has one of the highest interest rates compared to the other online cash loan providers they tried. Take the case of Jocelyn, another borrower. She applied for a P5,000.00 loan for 30 days, the interest she paid was P1,500.00.

Moola also charge 10 percent Handling Fee, which is automatically deducted in your loan amount. Lina, one of the borrowers interviewed mentioned that despite the P3,000 loan, only P2,700.00 was credited to her account. This means when you borrow P5,000 from Moola, deduct the 10 percent of it and that is the amount you will see in your account.

On Loan Repayment

Payment of loan is through over-the-counter payment at partner branches and DragonPay via 7/11, LBC, Cebuana, SM Department Store, SM supermarkets, or Robinson’s Payment Center. DragonPay was the method used by all of the borrowers’ interviewed in paying for the loan, which requires a specific reference number per client for easier tracking.

Because of the Handling Fee and high interest rate, the borrowers are expected to pay higher amount compared to the actual amount borrowed. In the case of Lina, she will pay a total of P3,630.00 even if her loan was only P3,000 and P2,700 was credited to her account.

Another issue raised by several borrowers was the term. Even if you chose 30 days as your loan term, which is also the maximum term, theirs was only for 21 days. When Jay, also another Moola borrower, asked about the changes in the loan term, he was informed by the customer support that the system automatically calculates the term of the loan.

On Customer Service 

When it comes to customer service, the borrowers are divided. There are borrowers who praised Moola Customer Support because of their fast response, both through their Facebook page and e-mail. On the other hand, there were customers who received no reply from their customer support, especially when raising concerns about their loan application.

Overall, not all borrowers had a pleasant experience borrowing from Moola Lending. Even if their loan application was approved faster compared to other online cash loans lenders, it took days before they were able to withdraw the money from their account. The 21 days loan term instead of 30 days that was initially applied for, payment of 10 percent handling fee, and high interest rate are also big issues, which is why most borrowers don’t recommend Moola.

Have you tried Moola? Please comment to post your experience here!

Get an Installment Plan for Your Lazada Purchase with the Help of BillEase

When it comes to online shopping, Lazada will always be on top of your list. It has everything you want – clothes, gadgets, home accessories, toys, you name it.

Here’s the thing: everything comes with a price and that price is not as affordable as you hope it would be.

The good news is BillEase is here to help. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can shop in Lazada with the help of BillEase installment plan.

How to Apply for BillEase Installment Plan

  1. On the BillEase landing page, input your Lazada Order Value, Down Payment (to be paid in Lazada), and Installment Term. The online calculator will likewise show you how much you will pay per installment.
  2. Click Apply Now. Lazada Installment Plan
  3. You will be redirected to the online application form. Fill out the form and then click Submit
  4. You will be asked to submit certain documents such as latest proof of income, proof of billing (preferably Meralco bill), and one valid government ID for verification purposes. Make sure to submit this to help us process your application properly and efficiently.
  5. You will be informed after one (1) banking day if you are approved or not. If approved, an e-mail will be sent, which contains the voucher code to be used when shopping in Lazada. Make sure to use the voucher as soon as possible because it will expire after three days.
  6. Go to the Lazada website and buy the items you are eyeing for.
  7. Upon checkout, input the voucher code we sent on the Order Summary section and then continue with the checkout in order for Lazada to process your purchase. Take note that automatic changes will be made in your order summary upon input of the voucher code.
  8. In case the total purchase amount is more than the Lazada voucher code, you can choose among Lazada’s payment options to cover for the remaining balance. You can pay via Cash on Delivery, credit card, BDO installment, Paypal, or Alipay.

Tips in Applying for and Using BillEase Installment Plan

  • Submit required verification documents on time.
  • Take note that the voucher must be used in one transaction only. Your installment plan will only start once you use the voucher.
  • Check your email regularly. We will be sending a reminder of payment few days before the due date of your installment plan.

Customers Review Tala Philippines Quick Cash Loan

Online cash loans are popular these days. With just a few clicks in your computer, you can apply for cash – and get approved – while in the comfort of your home. One of the popular online cash loan provider in the market is Tala Philippines.

Previously, we shared about how to apply for a loan with Tala Philippines. This time, here’s what real-life clients have to say about whether or not getting a loan from Tala is worth it:

Client No. 1: Marivel

Her experience with Tala has been amazing. Applying for a loan is easy and convenient. It only took her 30 minutes to get the money she borrowed from Tala through Cebuana. Once her loan was approved, she was given a reference number, which she presented to get the money. Loan repayment was easy as well where she paid hers in Cebuana using the same reference number.

Client No. 2: Veronchie

Similar to Marivel, Veronchie also had a pleasant experience applying for a loan with Tala Philippines. She applied on Sunday night and by Monday morning, she already received a text message informing her that her loan was approved, together with a reference number. Applying for the loan is also easy since it is online.

As of this writing, she still has an existing loan with Tala and plans to pay few days before the scheduled due date.

Client No. 3: Em

Hers was a different story. Online loan application was a breeze and in a few days, she got a text message saying that her application was approved. Unfortunately, she was not able to withdraw the funds since no reference code was sent to her. She followed up and as of this writing, she haven’t gotten any response from Tala Philippines.

Client No. 4: Aishen 

For this borrower, applying for a loan with Tala was fast, easy, and convenient. After one working day, she got a response from Tala Philippines and was able to withdraw the funds in MLhuillier. She was also able to repay the loan in Cebuana with no hassle. As of this writing, she applied for her second loan and still waiting for approval.

Nonetheless, Aishen raised some concerns. One is the encoding of names. Tala encoded the incorrect spelling of her name, which could make it impossible for her to withdraw the funds. Another concern raised is the customer support. She noticed slow response from Tala when it comes to answering queries and addressing issues on loan application.

Client No. 5: Rose 

Her experience applying for a loan with Tala was smooth-sailing – until she was told that she still has an existing balance with them. Despite paying on time and presenting proof of payment, she said that notices/messages were sent by Tala Philippines to remind her of her outstanding balance.

Client No. 6: Dee

Dee was satisfied with his experience with Tala Philippines. He was able to receive the money and withdraw it through Cebuana. Nonetheless, Dee no longer disclosed whether the loan was fully paid or not.

Tips and Things to Remember when Applying for a Loan with Tala Philippines

  • Make sure to choose your preferred option on how to claim the money. There are several options such as bank transfer, through, or in other channels or remittance centers like Cebuana, 7/11, LBC, Palawan, and MLhuillier.
  • Some remittance centers charge a fee when paying your loan from Tala. Per client, she was asked to pay P40 in Cebuana and P23 in 7/11.
  • Always take note of the reference number, especially if you will claim your money in remittance center.
  • Make sure to complete the application form and comply with all the requirements being asked.

Note: All of the clients were contacted and interviewed by the writer. 

Did you already apply for a loan from Tala, post your story here!

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