Get an Installment Plan for Your Lazada Purchase with the Help of BillEase

When it comes to online shopping, Lazada will always be on top of your list. It has everything you want – clothes, gadgets, home accessories, toys, you name it.

Here’s the thing: everything comes with a price and that price is not as affordable as you hope it would be.

The good news is BillEase is here to help. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can shop in Lazada with the help of BillEase installment plan.

How to Apply for BillEase Installment Plan

  1. On the BillEase landing page, input your Lazada Order Value, Down Payment (to be paid in Lazada), and Installment Term. The online calculator will likewise show you how much you will pay per installment.
  2. Click Apply Now. Lazada Installment Plan
  3. You will be redirected to the online application form. Fill out the form and then click Submit
  4. You will be asked to submit certain documents such as latest proof of income, proof of billing (preferably Meralco bill), and one valid government ID for verification purposes. Make sure to submit this to help us process your application properly and efficiently.
  5. You will be informed after one (1) banking day if you are approved or not. If approved, an e-mail will be sent, which contains the voucher code to be used when shopping in Lazada. Make sure to use the voucher as soon as possible because it will expire after three days.
  6. Go to the Lazada website and buy the items you are eyeing for.
  7. Upon checkout, input the voucher code we sent on the Order Summary section and then continue with the checkout in order for Lazada to process your purchase. Take note that automatic changes will be made in your order summary upon input of the voucher code.
  8. In case the total purchase amount is more than the Lazada voucher code, you can choose among Lazada’s payment options to cover for the remaining balance. You can pay via Cash on Delivery, credit card, BDO installment, Paypal, or Alipay.

Tips in Applying for and Using BillEase Installment Plan

  • Submit required verification documents on time.
  • Take note that the voucher must be used in one transaction only. Your installment plan will only start once you use the voucher.
  • Check your email regularly. We will be sending a reminder of payment few days before the due date of your installment plan.


118 thoughts on “Get an Installment Plan for Your Lazada Purchase with the Help of BillEase

    1. Hello Cherryl. Please follow the step-by-step procedure on how to apply for the loan so you can avail of this installment plan from BillEase. Thanks!

  1. Hi,
    Had my first of 3-time payment through 711 Store. I received an email and as well as text notification just to remind me. They gave me reference number. But didn’t notice now they didn’t send me an email or text as my second payment will due tomorrow. I have no more chance to call you because its beyond office hours and tomorrow is Saturday. Now my question is, is the reference number you have given me at first is still the same reference number i am going to used for my second payment? reply asap please.

    1. You will get a new reference number for each payment. If your due date falls on a weekend, it will be pushed to next banking day. If you didn’t get your reference number, contact customer support on Monday.

  2. it is my first time to apply a loan, i wish it will grant me i really want to give my daughter a gift. not a phone hahaha! she wanted yo have her own tv in her room. praying…

    1. HI Lotlot. We also pray that your loan is approved. Please make sure that you submit all the required documents for higher chances of approval 🙂 Have a nice day!

    1. Hi, cash-loan24 is a blog. We cover all the cash loan offerings available here, but we don’t offer loans.
      I am sure you find an offering that works for you on our site

  3. This is my first time to use my voucher from billease…but why my voucher is not acceptable it says sorry check your vouchers terms and conditions hope someone can help thanks

    1. Make sure you log in to lazada when you use the voucher. The email you use for Lazada needs to be the same as the one you used for BillEase.
      Hope this helps!

  4. Hi,
    Ask lang pano po magbayad sa billease? May collector bang pupunta or thru 711 gaya ng nabasa ko sa taas? Kase accdg sa disclosure agreement, may collector’s fee of 400+ every visit. Thanks

    1. Hi Jha 🙂 You can pay thru, 7/11, remittance centers like M Lhullier, or thru bank deposit (BDO, BPI, and Security Bank). If you pay thru bank deposit, make sure to send a copy of the deposit slip to BillEase since payment does not automatically reflect in their system. Thanks!

  5. Hi. I just applied an application with Billease. When i applied, there is an option to choose on where to use the vouchers and i chose “appliances or furnitures”. Does it mean that I can only use the voucher to purchase appliances or can I order something else? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kath. Thank you for trying BillEase 🙂 Ideally, it should be for appliances since that is what you clicked. But you can try the voucher with other items. Make sure you use it within three days to avoid expiration 🙂

        1. Hi! If approved, you can use the voucher to pay for your purchases with Lazada. Payment will be made the following month.

          1. Ginamit ko vouvher but sad to say it was rejected,so what i might supposed to do?

    1. Hello Al. We apologize for the delay, but rest assured that BillEase is doing everything they can to process all loan applications as soon as possible 🙂

    1. Hi there. Thank you for your interest in BillEase. You can submit a copy of bank statements that reflect your monthly pension as your proof of income 🙂

    1. Hello Paulene. The voucher is good for one transaction, regardless of how many items you have in the cart. You can place as many items as you want in your Lazada cart and use the BillEase voucher upon checkout.

  6. I’m planning to buy two items from Lazada and use Billease. Will said voucher be applicable to total amount on my cart or only for one item? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jillanie. The voucher can be used in one transaction only. This means you can buy as many as you want using the voucher and use it upon checkout. Hope this helps. Thanks!

  7. Hi! I sent my application last December 22 but untilnow i got no response though they said to wait for 1 day.

    1. Hello there! We want to blame it on December season, which is why it took more than 24 hours for BillEase representatives to process your application. Don’t worry. They’ll be on top of it in no time 🙂

    1. Hello Eder. The voucher you got from BillEase serves as your payment to Lazada. In return, you will pay BillEase through 7/11 payment channels among others 🙂

    1. Hello Gabriel. Payment is through variety of channels such as bank deposit (BPI, BDO, and Security Bank) or through 7/11, Cebuana, and M Lhullier branches are also available channels for payment 🙂 Regarding the payment itself, it is advisable that you pay at loan before the due date. Don’t worry. BillEase will send you an email reminder, so check your inbox regularly.

  8. hi good day. I applied for installment loans. I have a problem because we don’t have payslip. I work as a Youth Development Officer at there any other way for my application to be approved.or is there any other way I can do?

    1. Hi Anz. Thank you for trying BillEase. You can use any document (like bank statement where the salary is credited) that will show that you receive a this amount every month as a Youth Development Officer 🙂

  9. Hi, my mom is self-employed, therefore she has no proof of income. Are there any ways for us to get an installment plan?

    1. Hello Jewel. Thank you for trying BillEase 🙂 You can use bank statements or any other proof that will show that your mom receives a particular amount every month in order to avail of the installment plan.

    1. Hi Roderick. Thank you for your interest with BillEase. To start your loan application, please fill out the online form – – to start with your application. Wait for 24 hours and BIllEase representative will contact you regarding the status of your loan application. Please take note that although BillEase promises one-day processing, there are cases when it will be delayed due to voluminous applications they receive. Just be patient 🙂

  10. hi I would like to have an update about my billease installment application it says there that it is just a 1 day approval . but they haven’t emailed me yet .

    1. Hello Jasmine. Thank you for your interest with BillEase. As much as they promised 24-hour processing, BillEase receives and reviews a lot of applications, which could be the cause of delay. Don’t worry. Please be patient and they’ll look into your application as soon as possible 🙂

  11. Hi I want to know how does the downpayment thing works? If I will be buying an item worht 4K and the voucher that I have is worth 4K. Then Im being asked to pay a downpayment of 1K. Does that mean that I will be spending 5K in total?

    1. Hello there! Thank you for trusting BillEase. If you get approved for 4K voucher, then that means you can use up to P4,000-worth of purchases when you shop in Lazada. Then, the payment will be on a downpayment basis, which is according to the term you were approved of 🙂

  12. This is awesome, I already pay for my last payment at billease, and now im ready to reapply again, it helps me a lot to complete my home accessories and other needs. I just want to ask how to reapply again?

    1. Hi Daniel. Good to know that you had a good experience with BillEase. You can re-apply anytime sine you already paid for the last installment. Simply fill out the online application form on the website to re-apply. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jane. We’re not sure on this, but we assume that lenders like BillEase are looking closely at their clients to determine the ability to pay. Just be a little more patient and surely, BillEase will send you a message informing you that you are qualified 🙂

    1. Hello Renze. Proof of income is required to improve chances of approval. May we know how you get your allowance? If this is deposited through a bank account, you can provide BillEase a scanned copy of deposits to prove that money is being deposited to your account. Thanks!

    1. Hello Reine. You can apply again online by submitting your application through BillEase website. Please ensure that you submitted all requirements needed to boost your chances of approval. Thanks!

  13. Hi, can I apply for this even if I am residing in Mindanao? Or this only applies to NCR résidents? My proof of billing Under my name is only PLDT.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Sheena. Yes, you can apply for an installment plan with BillEase since the transaction is online 🙂 Please make sure you submit complete information to make it easier for BillEase to verify your identity and capacity to pay. Thanks!

  14. Hi! It said 1 banking day i applied on 2/15 but until now they are still reviewing my application. Also, i want to know if i lend 4,500 and has a downpayment of 1,000 but the product that i will buy is amounting to 4,810, how much will i give upon the delivery? Is it 1310.00 or 310.00 only? My other question is for example i didn’t use it for some reason, can i just request for a new voucher with lower amount immediately? Do i need to resubmit docs again? I hope to hear from you soon..thank you!

    1. Hi Cherry! If you get approved of P4,500 voucher, you can only use it up to that amount. The remaining will be shouldered by you, which you can pay thru other means like COD or bank deposit. In case you weren’t able to use the voucher, yes, you can apply for a new one and for a lower amount to. Don’t worry since you won’t be charged for unused vouchers 🙂

  15. Hi!

    I applied for this but up to mow i still havemt heard from them. Sana makaabot sa bday ng mommy ko. Hehehe

    1. Hi Herb. BillEase could be processing tons of loan applications, but this doesn’t mean they don’t prioritize every application they receive. Don’t worry. They’ll look into soon para makaabot sa birthday ng mommy mo. Happy birthday to her as well 🙂

    1. Hello Franklin! That is actually the concept of BillEase. If approved, you will be granted a voucher, which you can use to pay for your Lazada purchases. In return, you will pay BillEase in installment basis 🙂

  16. Hello, if your voucher is for 30k and you only purchased an amount of 25k will you still pay the full amount of 30k? thank you

    1. Hi Abdul. As per BillEase website, here are the possible documents you can submit as proof of income:
      payslips, screenshots of bank transaction history, Upwork certificate of employment, Paypal transaction history, remittance slips, etc.


  17. baket po error lagi ying voucher ko? iyon po ba ung OTP na sinend thru sms? kasi pag nilalagay ko error lagi.

    1. Hi Eric! Please check the email sent by BillEase to ensure that you input the right voucher code. Otherwise, send them an email ([email protected]) or call them at (02) 310 – 1303 to rectify this. Thanks!

    1. Hello Aaron. BillEase might be processing tons of applications, but don’t worry. They will surely get to yours as soon as possible so you can do your online shopping 🙂

  18. About on proof of billing is it okay that the name on the meralco bill is not the same on my name?
    First time here.

    1. Hello there Christine. That’s fine 🙂 The purpose of proof of billing is to ensure that the address indicated in your application form actually exists 🙂

  19. Hi, I applied 5 days ago but still no email from them. Ibig sabihin po ba nun, may application is denied? Thank you.

    1. Hi Gicelle! Not necessarily 🙂 BillEase promises 24-hour processing, but with the influx of loan applications, maaaring delayed lang. BillEase will email you if you are qualified or not 🙂

  20. hi. for example di ko na nagamit yung buong credit limit. pwede po ba ulit ako mag apply ng isa pang voucher para dun sa remaining credit limit ko? thanks

    1. Hi John! Thank you for your interest with BillEase 🙂 If hindi nagamit ang entire amount sa voucher, you will only pay for the amount used so no worries. Can you apply again? Of course, as long as nabayaran na in full ang unang voucher 🙂

  21. I applied for billease yesterday (March 22). If i will be approved does it mean that i cannot change my mind and cancel my application? What about if they will approve my application but for small amount only? Do i have an option not to use it and just cancel my application?

    1. Hi Ali! Thank you for your interest in BillEase. If approved, you will be given a unique voucher code, which must be used within 3 days. If unused, then the voucher will be forfeited and as if you didn’t borrow from BillEase. Hope this makes sense 🙂

    1. Hello Erill! Proof of income should indicate how much you are earning in a month. This will give lenders an idea as to how much is your maximum credit based on your monthly income. We think business permit is not acceptable. You can try bank statements showing your business is earning this much every month 🙂 Hope this helps!

  22. Good day! nag apply po ako sa billease and I got accepted po kaya lang hindi ko magamit yung voucher since ang bibilihin ko sa lazada ay worth 6,000 hindi ko napansin nung nag apply ako ay 4,00o angcredit limit at 3 months term lang siya. Will you help me po ba to change my credit limit into 6k and 6months po ang payment term. I need to buy na po yung phone gift ko po sa anak ko she will be graduated soon. Please. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Jonathan! You can re-apply again for P6,000 🙂 Don’t worry about the P4,000 initial approved amount since hindi naman po siya nagamit.

    1. Hi Davin! In that case, the excess amount will be shouldered by you, which you can pay thru various Lazada payment methods like COD or bank deposit 🙂

    1. Hi Lee! Proof of income could be latest payslip, remittance slips, Upwork certificate of employment, or screenshot of your bank transaction history 🙂

  23. Hi. I just want to ask, if I got rejected the first time I applied for billease does that mean, I won’t be approved anymore? Kasi once nakapag apply na, same documents lang na sinend ko ang ginagamit ng billease for background check, so hnd na qualified pag nareject ng una? Thank you!

    1. Hello Mary! We’re sorry to hear about this. The good news is you can still apply 🙂 Perhaps there was just an “issue” on the proof of income you sent or you have existing and unpaid loans, which led to such decision.

  24. hi good day billease, approved na ang loan ko pero 5 hrs na simula na approved ang loan ko wala pa din akung na tatangap na voucher code, mga ilang taon kaya aantayin ko? salamat

    1. Hello there! Have you checked your email? Maybe BillEase sent your voucher code on the email address you provided 🙂

  25. Hi,
    Ask ko lang. my CL is 2500 then 1500 of my Orders has been Cancelled, yun remaining 1k ba mag pa fall pa rin true installment?

    1. Hi Lel! You will only pay for the amount of vouchers successfully used. In this case, P1,000 lang since na-cancel naman ang 1,500 🙂

  26. hi, i applied last may 7, bat hanggang ngayon wala pang email kung approve o hindi yung application ko. salamat

    1. Hello Emmanuel! It could be because BillEase is receiving a lot of applications and inquiries; hence the delay. Don’t worry. They will get back to you as soon as they can. Thanks!

    1. Hi Tintin! Apologies but per BillEase website, maximum term is three months. In case you are unable to pay on time, make sure to contact BillEase directly so you could arrange a payment schedule with them 🙂

    1. Hi Marco! Please use the loan calculator in the BillEase website ( to give you an idea on how much to pay. We’re not sure as to the exact interest rate since the website will already provide you with the total fee. Thanks.

  27. Hi this is my first time, Im on the process, I am already on the proof of billing but its not letting me to proceed? the meralco cant download. what to do?

    1. Hi Rozalia. That would depend po kung magkano ang inyong approved voucher versus the amount po ng inyong balak bilhin. Kapag kulang ang amount ng voucher, dun lang po magcash out.

  28. Hi am new to this schemes. Gusto ko lang itanong if na claim na yung voucher ko tapos hindi nagamit within 3 days it will expire right? so that also means wala rin akong babayaran na utang tama? di ko rin naman kasi nagamit eh salamat sa sagot. 🙂

  29. Good evening po I got a credit na 3,500 and I used the voucher sa order na ukelele worth 1,500 lang tapos mag oorder ako ng watch na worth almost 2k but nung ininput ko yung voucher hindi na pwede. Help po please.

  30. Hi,

    It’s my first time using Billease and I was approved. I was able to use my voucher and used less than the credit given to me. When I checked out, it shows that I have to pay PHP200 (delivery fee), and nothing else. Upon checking the agreement/disclosure, it shows that my first payment is on the 21st of December and it does not indicate or notify me of any down payment at all. Does this mean that I only have to pay for the delivery fee initially?

    1. Hi Edge! You will only pay for the used amount of the voucher. You may contact BillEase directly at (02) 320-3052 so they can have a look at your account and para sure din po kung magkano talaga ang babayaran. Salamat.

  31. good day! im on my two payment in billease. I just want to know once I fully paid my loan, can I reapply loan again and how’s the process? is it same with my first application? submitting all the documents all over again or much easier since I already had records with you.

    Many thanks

    1. Hello Ysabelle! Yes, you can reapply as soon as you fully paid the loan. Applying will be easier since may existing records na po kayo 🙂

    1. Hi Michael. No need since hindi naman nagamit ang voucher. You can only pay for the used amount of the voucher 🙂

  32. My loan installment is approved they already sent me the details of repayment schedule pero walang nadagdag sa lazada wallet ko. This is my second time at nung una maayos naman mabilis pero ngayon bakit nauna pa yung detalye ng pagbabayad kesa sa ni-loan mo? Pwede bang i-cancel nalang yun?

    1. Hello Rosalie! You can contact BillEase for verification of your account and to cancel the loan 🙂

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