7 Shopee Shopping Tips Every Online Shopper Must Remember

When was the last time you opened the Shopee app?

Admit it. You check Shopee several times a day. You want to know what are the latest deals or the products you are eyeing for is already on sale. Since you can’t go out as much as you can, you rely heavily on e-commerce sites and apps to get your needs.

Many will tell you to stay away from shopping sites like Shopee because it will only tempt you to buy even items you don’t really need. No worries because believe it or not, there are ways that could make every Shopee trip worth it without compromising your budget.

Stick around because below are Shopee shopping tips you need to know by heart in order to get bigger savings and better deals:

Tip No. 1: Two Words – Flash Sale 

If you want to score the best deals for higher savings, then you need to set your alarm for flash sales.

Check out the listings and take note of the time the seller will start selling out. Make sure to set an alarm and be online at least five minutes before the scheduled flash sale time. Check out as soon as the item is live to secure the item.

More importantly, don’t forget to click the “Remind Me” button so you will be updated once your preferred item goes on sale.

Tip No. 2: Avail Of The Free Shipping Vouchers

Even if you were able to save more on the item, shipping costs could eat a chunk on your budget. This is especially true if you have items to be delivered from another island or country.

Thankfully, Shopee has Free Shipping vouchers that you can avail of to save more against additional expenses. Simply claim the voucher upon checkout for bigger savings. Or, you can go for items with “Free Shipping” badge on it to be sure.

Tip No. 3: Follow The Stores You Will Shop From 

To entice customers to buy, stores often give discount coupons especially to first-time customers. Take advantage of this since this could translate to bigger savings.

P50-discount is still P50-discount, yes?

Tip No. 4: Take Advantage Of The Double, Double Sale

8.8, 9.9. 11.11, 12.12 – these are what Shopee calls Double Double Sale. This day is exceptionally special because it is Shopee’s biggest sale events where customers can score items at their lowest prices.

Here’s another tip: make sure to add the items you want to buy in your cart as early as possible so come sale date, you can easily check out. A lot of people are looking forward to this, so you better be quick.

Tip No. 5: Use Shopee Pay 

There are tons of payment options available in Shopee. Aside from the usual cash and bank deposit, did you know that it now has e-wallet?

Known as Shopee Pay, this mode of payment allows you not only to pay for your items conveniently but also to give you more deals, exclusive discounts, and bigger savings.

Pro tip: Top up your e-wallet every Thursday and pay using Shopee Pay. This is when you can get upsize on offers, enjoy bigger discounts, exclusive perks, and avail of more shopping vouchers.

Tip No. 6: Leave Product Reviews

Reviews are helpful. It gives other customers an idea on what to expect and whether or not the product is worth buying.

To encourage customer reviews, there are shops that reward customers for leaving meaningful and helpful reviews. You will be rewarded with Shopee coins, which you can use when paying for your succeeding purchases.

Tip No. 7: Offer Referral Code

Shopee may be a popular e-commerce app but not many still believe or are comfortable doing their shopping online. When you offer your referral code, not only can you get coins deductible for your next purchase but it also entitles the user of the code to get discounts upon check out.

It’s a win-win.

Here’s some good news: did you know that you can pay for your Shopee purchases on installment even without credit card? Check out this post on how to avail of Shopee Installment with the help of BillEase.

So, are you ready to go shopping? Just remember that financial responsibility is a must to avoid buying items that are way beyond your capacity to pay.


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