Home Credit Review: What Customers Have to Say About It

It is understandable that not all Filipinos can buy a new phone or flat screen TV and pay it in cash and in full. This is why credit card companies offer zero percent installment to lessen the burden of paying.

What if you don’t have a credit card or cash on hand and you need to buy a new ref? In that case, Home Credit Philippines is here to help. But before you rush to the store and apply for this type of loan, read up to find out what past customers have to save about it.

Loan Application 

Home Credit has partner stores, which means you don’t have to go physically to their office and apply for a loan. Most of the customers interviewed didn’t have a hard time applying for the loan since the requirements are easy to complied with.

Nonetheless, there were different replies when asked about their waiting time for approval. As per Home Credit’s website, loan processing and approval will take 20 minutes. On the other hand, all of the customers interviewed said they waited more than 20 minutes or around 30 to 45 minutes, with one customer even saying she waited for two hours.

Tip: Make sure you have two valid and government-issued IDs on hand for faster loan processing.

Loan Repayment

Getting a loan from Home Credit is similar to other types of loan you get from banks and other lenders. There is a fixed amount to be paid on a particular day of the month. Making a payment is also convenient for most borrowers since they can pay through bank deposit, SM malls, Bayad Center, and 7/11.

Tip: Pay the installment at least three days before the scheduled due date. This way, the payment made will reflect on Home Credit’s system even before the due date.

Customer Service 

Despite the ease in the application process and loan repayment, majority of the Home Credit customers interviewed said that they had issues with their Customer Service, specifically those in charged in the Billing and Payment.

Most customers shared that Home Credit representatives will call everyday to remind them of their due date, even during wee hours or first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, some customers were unable to pay on time, but nevertheless paid the following day; hence being bombarded by reminders from Home Credit.

What irked most borrowers is that Home Credit has to call ALL people in every borrower’s reference and ask about the borrower’s whereabouts in case of one-day delay in payment. Home Credit representatives even call anytime during the day with no regard as to whether the person they are calling is in the middle of something important. The existing loan was likewise disclosed by Home Credit representatives to the borrower’s reference list, which is embarrassing to the borrower himself/herself, regardless of how small the outstanding balance is. Some said that even their References include family and close friends, they still don’t like the idea of them knowing that you owe something to someone.

Is it highly recommended? 

A few spoke highly of Home Credit and plan to borrow again when the need for a new appliance or gadget arises. On the other hand, most of the borrowers interviewed do not wish to apply for Home Credit again primarily because of the bad customer service. The constant reminders to pay the loan made them feel that Home Credit has no regard and consideration to their customers.


22 thoughts on “Home Credit Review: What Customers Have to Say About It

  1. Nag try ako mag cash loan. I need it kasi for emergency lang. I already finish my loan for a mobile phone at wala akong late payment. Sabi nila hintayin lang daw ako maka receive ng text message or email na qualified na ako sa cash loan. Pero mag 2 weeks na po after i fully paid my terms. Until now wala pa din akong narereceive na notification. I am so dissapointed. Consider na natapos ko ng maaga ang loan ko. My contract was supposed to be end on June 2018 but i always make an advance payment para hindi ako ma late. Tapos sasabihin ng consultant nyo na maghintay akong matapos ang contract ko then saka daw ako makakapag apply ulit? Really? Maganda ang service nyo po kaya lang hindi maganda para sa akin at sa iba panv katulad ko na nagbabayad ng maayos.

  2. nagloan po ako ng oppo cp..after 4 mos. na fully paid ko ang total amount na dapat ay 9 mos. ko babayaran. tumawag ako sa lndline ng home credit to avail cash loan. Ang sabi po ng employee, system generated kaya wait ko lng na makareceived ako ng txt o email..till now wala pa rin po ako natatanggap na mesge. o email..

    1. Hi Roselia. Regarding your concern, you can call their Customer Service at (02) 753 5711 to follow up on this since we are not Home Credit that could check your application. Thanks!

  3. maam/sir,
    maglalabas lang ako ng inis pasensya kung negative feedback to kasi nag kumuha kami ng t.v last dec. 30 2017… flat t.v pensonic/22tvled …e yung tampered glass ng t.v bumuka ung sa taas edi bumalik kami the next day aba wala clang ipalit sa t.v ko kasi raw walang stock…dalawa lang raw un parehong buka sa taas… kaya pinermahan nila ung resibo ko …na kahit lumagpas ng 1 week ung t.v papalitan nila pag dumating ung delivery..e kasi ng 1 week replacement lang raw….ito subra na 1 month ung hinintay ko…wala parin ito lang sunday dumating DAW ung delivery feb. 18,2018…. aba isang piraso lang ung pinakita sakin dalawa lang raw dumating ung ias nabenta na…edi kinuha nalang namin kahit na medyo bumuka rin ung sa taas NO CHOICE KAME E… wed. palang ngayon kakakuha kunun mas malala pa pala yung binigay nila kasi yung volume maylalakas may hihina..nawawala yung vol. itinext ko cla sabi ko mas mabuti pa ung una namin ung tampered glass lang ung problem ngayun ndi kuna magamit kasi nga ung vol. nga ung problem… ang masakit panun sabi nila last replacement na raw un e bago pa ung t.v ko gusto cguro nila service center agad… hindi cla nag rereplay kaya mina buti kung online dumulog…. pls… ned your concern branch 168 mall valeria st.(Isnart Budget Superstore-iloilo) retailer account ng live in partner ko ERNIE L. ENRIQUEZ JR….PLS..ANUNG MAGANDANG GAWIN FOR I KNW NA HINDI AMIN KASALANAN…THANK YOU!

    1. Hello Mary Rose. Ikinalulungkot namin ang ganitong pangyayari. Kahit kami ay hindi matutuwa sa naging treatment sainyo. May I know if the purchase was coursed through Home Credit? We also suggest that you raise this concern directly sa store kung saan kayo bumili ng TV upang mas ma-address ang inyong concern. Salamat.

      1. yes po…home credit po iloilo….nakabayad napo ako 2 months pero ung t.v ko sira parin

        1. Hello again. Home Credit usually partners with several retailers by providing loan. If may issue po sa TV, it should also be the retailer’s responsibility since that is their stock. We’re not sure lang po ano ang magiging procedure ni Home Credit regarding defective items.

  4. hi I’ve been trying na mag cash loan ung 6 months lang sana kaso ung website laging nag ha2ng. Is their other way para makaapply need ko lang sana

  5. bakit 824 parin ang last payment ko..eh sabi dun sa contract ko is 700 lang kung last payment na..ayusin nyo trabaho nyo..mandadaya pa kayo.bullshit home credit.

    1. Hi Bemboy! We’re sorry to hear about this. Perhaps the 700 does not reflect yet other charges such as interest; hence P824.00.

  6. ma’am/sir ,

    nag apply kami sa home credit ng cash loan, ang tindi pala ng interest niyo sa cash 100% po pala sobra naman po yata yan. Mas mabuti pa cguro mangutang sa Bombay, ayusin nyo po yan parang hold-up na yang ginagawa niyo sa mga costumer ninyo.

    1. Hi Gan! We’re sorry to hear about your experience with Home Credit. On the other hand, thank you also for sharing your experience that will surely help other customers in deciding on who is the best online cash provider.

    2. Talaga! Theyve been trying to push ne to avail of the 85000 cash loan for P4702 monthly amortization in 36 months. First I thought parang too much siya so I sat down and conputed, I was shocked kasi the payback was almost 170,000 tapos the representative I was talking to kept on saying its 4% nang 4%. Hello? Kala niyo lahat ng custoners bobo? And before ako mag go sa loan, tinatawagan ko ang customer service and ask them ‘magkano ang amortization pag 24 months or 12 months.” They just keep on saying na, 36 months po talaga initially but that can be recomputed once nasa inyo na ang pera ang the interest will be adjusted. Ngayon, nabasa ko sa isang nag avail ng cash loan tapos tumawag sa customer service sabi di na daw pwede. Buti na lang nag basa2 muna ako. I hope SEC would look into this.

      1. Hello Blair! We didn’t know that this is how Home Credit does its business. Surely, we don’t want anyone to spend so much for paying a loan, especially when the payback is way more than the original borrowed amount. Still, thank you for sharing your experience. This will surely help other people in deciding whether Home Credit is the right lender for them.

  7. I applied for a cash loan. Provided the details needed with legit informations as what they require. But still, I wasn’t approved by them because they said that my informations are not enough to support my application? Same experience with my colleague. She applied but debied as well while my staffs who are just receiving minimum wage were approved smoothly. Happy for them ofcourse but I am really clueless why those superiors were declined. Haha.

    1. Hi Yan! We’re sorry to hear about this. Apparently, we don’t know how Home Credit conducts its processing of application or the criteria they follow, so we cannot really give you a specific answer on this.

  8. Cash Loan ko 14000 kasi for emergency at no choice ako .. tapos yung interest 15000? .. okay lang kayo home credit? mas malaki pa interest kesa principal loan? Buti pa nag 5-6 nalang ako .. ngayon isang taon na akong nagbabayad .. natapos kuna ang 14000 ko, parang ayoko na magbayad .. sabi pwede ma recompute tapos pag tinatawagan kayo sasabihin ng representative di raw pwede, saklap.

    1. Hi Joan! We’re sorry to hear about this. We didn’t know that Home Credit charges this high. Nonetheless, thank you for sharing your experience. This will give borrowers an idea on whether applying at Home Credit is worth it or not.

  9. My first encounter with HC was when i loaned for a cp unit. There was no major issues except for customer service thru tex and call. It sucks really. I was able to fully pay the unit..good credit standing. Because of this i was offered a cash loan. I was in dire need of cash so even if the interest was horrendously high..mas masahol.pa sa loan shark…i availed of it. Tanong ko lang bakit walang choice to.pay in one year..why 2 years dapat? Para mas mataas ang makuhang interest? Wtf…again wala na nga ako pagkukuhanan ng loan so ayun po pikit mata kapit sa patalim, nag apply ako for the loan which was granted after a few days yata. Ang nakakaloka lang is why are we required to pay 5 days earlier than the stated due date. Hindi pa nga umabot un 5 days before due date, they send a tex message informing you of ur payment. And dami pa panakot…is that necessary? I never had a lapsed due date mind u pero why do they need to sort of takutin ka….i even made an early partial payment. And kelangan bang un client mismo ang magtatanong for updates on payment history. Ang ginagawa lng naman ng HC is to send a message that they have received the payment. Letse talaga, i will never avail.again after i fully my loan with HC and i will.make sure that all my friends and acquaintance will know that if they aant to experience a life in Hell everyday, they should try availing of a loan at HC.

  10. nag message sakin c home credit. pwede daw aq mag avail ng cash loan worth 53k. sa message ni home credit 3331 per month daw ksma n insurance.. so nag compute aq 3331 per mon papatak lng ng almost 60k in 18 mons. sbi q aba ok to d n masma..tumawag aq s customer service nila pinaliwnag ung terms of service kung panu ung payment. sbi flexi contract na pwede magparecompute once activated n c account at pwede bayaran ng maaga. and if mag bago icp pwede nmn daw ibalik ung pera in 2wiks time.. then inisched aq ng apointment ni agent pnta daw aq s pinakamalapit n partner store nila. pag pnta q nag tanong aq kung panu process. sbi ng agent s store ung 3331 per mon is ung payment for 3 yrs. so nagulat aq 3331 per mon s 3 yrs almost 120k nyare??? 53k lng hnram mu tpos ung interest malaki pa s inutang?; then sbi ni agent s store twag nlng aq s home credit para mapaliwnag ng maauz. pag twag q ung agent ni home credit daming paligoy2 ang tanong ko lng nmn is ung interest. kung anu2 cnbi. at d end kht 18mons mu lng bayaran ung loan mu 100% p dn ung interest.. walastic!! kung maauz lng sana ung message in the first place d n sana q nagsayang ng oras ko at na2log nlng dn sana q. misleading ung message s mga good payer.. kea s mga nagbblak mag cash loan jan s home credit .. thnk twice.. s bumbay nlng kau mangutang hahaha. d malayong takbuhan ng borrower c home credit s taas ng interest nyu.. imbis n mka2long kau s nangangailngan lalo nyu lng gigipitin..

    1. Hello! We’re sorry to hear about this experience. We didn’t know that’s how Home Credit conducts its business since we only write about the existing online cash lenders. Nonetheless, thank you for sharing your experience with us. This will be helpful for other future borrowers.

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