How to Apply for Tala Loan in Philippines

Imagine this: you need a quick cash to pay for your child’s tuition fee or your mother’s medical bills. Unfortunately, banks and other lending companies require you to submit documents and make you wait for days before cash is credited to your account – and you’re not even sure of approval. You spent days borrowing money from your relatives while waiting for the bank’s call.

Tala Loan
Tala Loan

Thankfully, you discovered Tala. Tala Philippines is an application that conveniently offers loan with just a few clicks. In fact, all you need is your smartphone and you can apply for credit using the app. This is in line with its primary aim of bringing financial choice, access, and control to people everywhere.

Here’s how to apply for a loan using the Tala Philippines app:

  1. Download the Tala Philippines mobile app and then register. You can also get it here.
  2. Create an account with This is where the proceeds of the loan will be credited. Make sure that the email address and mobile number you used to register for Tala and Coins are the same.
  3. Open the Tala app on your mobile device and click “Apply Now.” 

    Tala loan app
    You can apply on Tala App for Tala Loan
  4. Fill in the details and wait for loan approval. Make sure to take note of the repayment schedule. Paying your loan in time allows you to borrow up to P25,000.00

    Tala Loan Approval
    This is how you get approved for Tala Loan
  5. Wait for the amount to be credited to your Coins account within 24 hours. Tala Philippines also offers cash-out services where you can withdraw cash through G-Cash, Cebuana Lhuillier, Palawan Express, and Security Bank among others.

NOTE: Make sure you will choose the mode where you want the amount to be transferred or credited.

Easy, don’t you think? What are you waiting for? Download now and be one of the thousands of Filipinos enjoying the app with peace of mind.

Tala Philippines is available in Android devices. 

Did you try Tala Lending Philippines? Post a comment to share your experience!


146 thoughts on “How to Apply for Tala Loan in Philippines

    1. Dear Angely, we are sorry to hear that Tala has not approved your application.
      Did you try others, like doctor cash?

      1. sorry ah ! ndi sa paninira .. for a person need a small amount lng o malaki man wag po .. thanks advise ;lng

          1. hi madam. i am one of TALA users, kaso po nasira po ang phone ko na gamit ko sa apps ng tala. paano po ba mag Make payment kung wala po ako apps at cellphone na gamit ngyon? due ko na po kase need ko na mgbayad po..kaso di ko alam paano wala ako smartphone ngyon.. eto po pala cp# ko 09325227776. salamat po sana po mareply nyo ako agad.

          2. You can pay through remittance centers like Palawan or Cebuana using the reference number they sent you when your loan was approved.

          1. Hi. We’re sorry to hear that. Tala Philippines follow specific guidelines and rules to determine the credit-worthiness of a potential borrower. Even if you submit all the requirements, there is no guarantee of approval. Nonetheless, you can try applying next time 🙂

      2. Ma’am/Sur good afternoon,I am for one loan back again ,I am already full paid my balance but still there outstanding balance I need to reload again in Cristy bahan

        1. Hi Cristy. Please contact Tala Philippines directly since we are not affiliated with them and in no capacity to address your concern. Thanks!

          1. Hello Jason. Tala Philippines is a downloadable app, which will only work on Android devices. Please download the app at Google Play to be able to apply for a loan. Thanks!

      3. i reloaned on first 3 loans are approved and I got it..but why my 4th loan got a problem

        1. HI Teresa. We’re not sure why or what happened since we are not Tala Philippines. We don’t know the tactics they employ to determine if an application will be approved or rejected.

      4. Hi Admin! Nasira po yung phone ko pano ako maka bayad ulit sa tala if hndi ko nman na save yung reference number nang na approved loan ko. Hoping for your response. Thank you

        1. Hello Michelle. You can also check your email if Tala Philippines sent you details about your loan. If not, please contact Tala Philippines directly through email or their Facebook page. Thanks!

    2. hi this is marvin abenido i applied loan at tala august 18, 2017 then mr. jorge dacra one of your staff send me this trucking number at any branch of LBC outlet to claim 104124144899 but i can claim it because you enter a wrong receiver’s name.. i tried to contact your number whose always sending a message but i haven’t get any response regarding my concern until now.. it’s been a eek but no one texted me at your staff to fix this..

        1. disappointed, this is my fourth time loan it was already approved but its been 1 week but status still on the way.. so disappointed..i already emailed at tala support, ang thru fb msgr, no response..

    3. hello can you pls help us? kc ndi nmen mkontak ang tala phillipines lhat ng nang email nla nagmmessage kme pero still no response ngbigay cla ng tracking number pero mali daw sbe ng teller sa m lhuillier kaya until now ndi ko pa nkkuha tpos tmatakbo na ang interest..ang ikinakabhala ko bka ndi ko na yun mkuha tpos nagkautang ako n ndi ko man lang ntnggap ang pera..

      1. Hi. Unfortunately we are not Tala Philippines. You can try contacting them through their Facebook page. Thanks!

    4. I don’t know what their basis are in approving or denying a loan request. It’s just unfair having been denied for a 1,000 loan while SSS grant me 32000. Masakit lng sa pride!

      1. Hi May. We’re sorry to hear that. Apparently, Tala Philippines follow specific guidelines and we are not aware on how they choose on who to approve and how much. Nonetheless, you can try applying again in case you need quick cash.

  1. Hi Tala Philippines, nkapagloan po ako sa site nyo 1k,, if ever i repay that loan pde nb ko mkarenew agad? Atleast 5k? Thanks….

    1. Hi Ruby, we are not Tala Philippines. The post is merely to inform people about the services available for online cash loan. Nonetheless, you can direct your concern to Tala Philippines through their Facebook page. Thanks!

      1. I have concern . Wat if po may -hypens ang last name ko. Den sa pag apply di tinatangap. Paano po yan ?

        1. Hi. There should be a log-out feature when you press the Home (picture of a house) button. Please try. Thanks!

    2. Paano po ba mag repay po.mag loan din po kasi aq ng 1k kaso di q pa po alm if san sya babayaran or san ipapadal.. Pano po ginawa niu ?slmt

        1. hi! I AM CHRISTAL MAE MENDOZA i applied a loan in tala but the problem is they input my name in a wrong spelling as well as my surname i told them the issue but they told me to accept the offer even if it is in the wrong spelling for them to fix it so i did what they told me, i didnt claim the money because i know i cant claim it because the name they send the money is wrong spelled so i told it to them they said they will fix it but until now i have no any response to them and still they are sending me emails to pay such fucking loan which i didnt claim, so ho was it?

          1. Hi Christal. Sorry to hear about that, but we’re not Tala Philippines. We suggest that you coordinate with Tala directly and show proof that you were not able to claim your loan due to misspelled name.

  2. Hi Mam/Sir,

    I already got an sms text that my loan with Tala is been approved.. How can i check if it’s true ? And where did i get the approved loan? Can i ask for your contact number so i can get in touch with you..

    I hope you can answer my query today..

    Thank you

    1. Hi Shirley. We are not Tala Philippines. Nonetheless, the amount will be credited to your account. For further question, please contact Tala Philippines directly through their Facebook page. Thanks!

      1. Jenna
        fontanilla po ito bkit po gnun nanyari sakin Ngfullypaid po aq ng loan tpos bkit biglang gnun ung aplication q not aprove n dw po nkaapat n loan n po aq s tala

        1. Hi Jenna. We suggest that you contact Tala Philippines directly since we are not affiliated with them. Thanks!

  3. Hi ! Why everytime i filled up my requirements especially on ” is this your phone” ” it is new or used” ” how long have you been used this phone”. I answered it but why i kept repeating to fill up that requirement? Normal or not?

      1. hi tala may loan po ako sanu at due ko today kya lng nasira ang android phone ko n my apps ng tala ko so hnd ko alam panu mgpapay ayaw ko maoverdue ko s payment pls help me

  4. Wow.. I just applied today and now I am qualified for a loan of Php1000. Very responsive. All I have to do now is to wait for the call.

      1. Nightmare!!!! Nadeny sa 1k! Sakit sa pride ah! Despite of the fact that I have all the resources to pay. Very disappointed!

        1. Hi May. We are sorry to hear that. Tala Philippines follow specific guidelines when it comes to loan approval or rejection. It would also help if you submit all the documents required for faster application.

  5. I lend 1000 and I paid it 3days after at 7eleven amounting to 1,122 this means I paid the whole amount. Now they were saying I owed php10 but how come? I tried paying 10 or even 20 but it says, “you dont owed any money”. I email Lucy or even text Tala about this but I didnt get any responses. Now I owed 10 and earning interest. Im dont see any number to contact them…Omg! Now I owed 10pesos and with interest. HOW COME?

  6. I received an sms saying ” Congratulations Ariel, we’ve verified your identity. Open the Tala app and select view loan offer to claim your loan.”
    But, I can not see a “View loan offer in the app.
    kindly help me with this.
    Thank you!

  7. is there any other ways to pay my loan aside from using
    i have 10.00 loan balance but my cant accept it

  8. Hi , I cant seem to put my correct date of birth. Every time I change it to my Date of birth it will change to a different one.I tried to uninstall the application and restart my phone but still the same.

  9. no update,, on my 4th loan…
    status on the way but until now its been 1 week no response i already contacted tala support no reply

  10. good day im leonilo fernando i still have a balance with tala phils. i lost my mobile phone with number 09088727513 im not using that number anymore im using a new number which is 09468117870 this is for your reference.your office told me that somebody will call me regarding this change of numbers.

    1. Hello Leonilo. We are not affiliated with Tala Philippines. You may contact Tala directly through their Facebook page. Thanks!

  11. Hi Tala, ive been sending msgs to ur facebooo acct for the past 3 days and up to now i am still un answered… Can you please assist me and can you send me a number where i can call you to verify m4th payment to [email protected]

    1. Hi! We are not Tala Philippines. This post was made merely to inform borrowers about different online cash loans provider.

  12. hello, i already have account for tala but the problem is when i try to filled up the requirement specially on date of birth , there is an error i type the original one but the result is wrong..

    1. Hi! We are not Tala Philippines. You may contact them directly through their Facebook page. Thanks!

  13. Hello Admin,

    This is Lion from Tala. We appreciate being added in your blog. Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions.
    We also want to know how can we be of help to you. Please do not hesitate to reach out.


  14. Hi just want to ask. How can i repay my loan at bdo online? Hope u can answer my inquiry,soon. Thanks

    1. Hi! We are not Tala Philippines. You may contact them directly through their Facebook page. Thanks!

  15. gusto ko pong bayaran ang loan ko na 1k sa tala kaso po ung mobile# na ginamit ko sa pag reg. tala is nawala. ano po ang dapat kong gawin pra mabayaran kona ung na loan ko. thanks.

    1. Do you still have a reference number for your loan? Perhaps you can use that to pay for your loan with tala.

  16. pls. send me the details on how can i send my payment tru mlhullier or cebuana i want to send my payment now my due is on september 18, 2017
    thank you very much

  17. i broke my android phone and so i needed to make payment using PC only.. i messaged your site but got no reply.. my loan is due to pay and i want to make a payment but no response yet if how to access payment thru PC only.. 🙁

    1. Hi, apologies but we are not tala Philippines. Please contact them directly through their Facebook page for proper advice regarding this matter. Thanks!

  18. hi i applied for tala but not approved ask ko lang pwde ba maka apply olet kahit hindi ako naka recieve ng text from them na pwede na ako mag apply?

  19. I already receive the transaction code and the amount that I lend. But I need a transaction details on how to claim the money. I was suppose to get it at Palawan express. All I need is the transaction details to follow on how to claim it. Thank you

    1. You may use the transaction code to claim your money in Palawan Express, which Palawan will use for their reference.

    1. Hi Nico, we’re not sure since we are not Tala Philippines. Still, fair amount is P10,000 and if you are a returning customer. you can get as much as P25,000 credit.

  20. hi ask ko lang p bakit wala pa hanggang ngayun yung inapplyan kong loan khpon approved nmn po reloan po kc yun

  21. hi, i did download the app in my phone but it keep saying invalid phone number what are the other options. pls reply

    1. Hi Christine. Apologies, but we are not Tala Philippines. You may contact them directly through their Facebook page. Thanks!

  22. pwede po bang malaman kung saan pwede mkausap costumer service ng tala loan..nagbayad ako kahapon thru pero may nkalagay prin outstanding balance yung tala apps ko.

  23. good day! mali po yung input ng sender ng name ko instead of GRACELYN MARCELO FAJARDO, GRACE MARCEL po yung nsend ng sender and sad to tell ayaw po iaccept s padala center, kaya hndi ko po maclaim yung cash loan ko.kindly response asap!

    1. Hi! Padala center didn’t accept even if you presented the reference number? This is an error on the part of Tala Philippines. Please contact them directly though their Facebook page since we are not affiliated with them. Thanks.

  24. hello po, ako nga pala si madine. meron akong proble when it comes to signing up sa tala, i tried entering my cell number 09559275643 but it says that it is invalid. i really need to loan in order to pay for my tuition for the upcoming exams and please reply for my query. salamat po and God Bless.

    1. Hi Madine, we apologize since we cannot assist you on this because we’re not Tala Philippines. It is advisable to contact them directly to provide remedy on this situation. Thanks!

    1. Hello Michael. You can try erasing and re-installing the app to register for Tala. Let us know if this worked. Thanks!

  25. hi…due date ko po is on oct 25 fro tala…nasa service center and phone can i make a payment? and pano ko malaman ung ref number? please text me for the info 09283925501

    1. A reference number was given to you po upon approval of loan application. You can still make a payment through other channels like Cebuana or Padala using the reference number.

  26. paki assist lang si Modarisa Abubakar Mamalangkay sister ko yan new member ng TALA ito number niya 09995662934
    wala pa ung control number niya pero nasa apps na niya ang ammount ng loan di pa natext control number

  27. nagkulang po ako ng Php10 sa loan payment ko, paano ko po ito mabaydan since di pwede make a payment sa app since masyado maliit.

    1. You can make a payment through or remittance centers. Bank deposit may also be allowed. Thanks!

  28. Hi Tala,

    Panu pag Iphone user nd kasi ma download yung app nyo sa app store ng iphone. Thanks.

        1. Hi Bernadette. ID is required since this will help Tala Philippines verify your identity as a borrower. If you don’t have any government-issued ID, you may try school/work ID just to prove to Tala that a certain person exists 🙂

    1. Hello Anna. Pasensya na, but we are not sure as to how much the interest rate is. Nonetheless, we assume that it is within the prescribed rate set by the BSP para naman hindi ganun ka-bigat sa mga customers like you.

    1. Hello there. Apologies, but unfortunately, we do not know how much is the interest rate charged by Tala. We assume that this is reasonable rate to avoid imposing too much burden on their clients 🙂

  29. Im also a tala user. And so far im a happy client its my 2nd loan though medyo maliit ang offer at 1st but of course with there trust so easy application not like other loan agency dami pang keme … more blessing tala

  30. Tatanong ko lang po bakit ganon twice na ako nag loan sa tala at nakapagbayad ako hindi lang on time pero advance lagi ako nagbayad. Ngayon nag apply ako ulit pero na disapproved ako. Pa check naman ng system nyo. Dec 6 pa due date ng payment ko pero nagbayad na ako agad ngayon para lang makapag loan ng mas malaki. Pero bakit disapproved ako. Sana paki ayos to. Unfair SA akin to dahil advance naman ako magbayad. Sana may isang salita din kayo dahil ginagampanan ko naman ang duty SA inyo. Sana kayo din sa mga customer na marunong naman magbayad.

    1. Hello Ruby. We’re sorry to hear that, but unfortunately, we are not Tala Philippines. Perhaps, Tala decided to grant first-time customers first, which is why your loan was not approved. Nonetheless, you can always try again or try other online cash lenders in case you need quick cash. Thanks!

    1. Hi Genson. Tala Philippines will show you a schedule of payment, usually weekly, which you need to strictly comply with.

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