Customers Review Tala Philippines Quick Cash Loan

Online cash loans are popular these days. With just a few clicks in your computer, you can apply for cash – and get approved – while in the comfort of your home. One of the popular online cash loan provider in the market is Tala Philippines.

Previously, we shared about how to apply for a loanΒ with Tala Philippines. This time, here’s what real-life clients have to say about whether or not getting a loan from Tala is worth it:

Client No. 1: Marivel

Her experience with Tala has been amazing. Applying for a loan is easy and convenient. It only took her 30 minutes to get the money she borrowed from Tala through Cebuana. Once her loan was approved, she was given a reference number, which she presented to get the money. Loan repayment was easy as well where she paid hers in Cebuana using the same reference number.

Client No. 2: Veronchie

Similar to Marivel, Veronchie also had a pleasant experience applying for a loan with Tala Philippines. She applied on Sunday night and by Monday morning, she already received a text message informing her that her loan was approved, together with a reference number. Applying for the loan is also easy since it is online.

As of this writing, she still has an existing loan with Tala and plans to pay few days before the scheduled due date.

Client No. 3: Em

Hers was a different story. Online loan application was a breeze and in a few days, she got a text message saying that her application was approved. Unfortunately, she was not able to withdraw the funds since no reference code was sent to her. She followed up and as of this writing, she haven’t gotten any response from Tala Philippines.

Client No. 4: AishenΒ 

For this borrower, applying for a loan with Tala was fast, easy, and convenient. After one working day, she got a response from Tala Philippines and was able to withdraw the funds in MLhuillier. She was also able to repay the loan in Cebuana with no hassle. As of this writing, she applied for her second loan and still waiting for approval.

Nonetheless, Aishen raised some concerns. One is the encoding of names. Tala encoded the incorrect spelling of her name, which could make it impossible for her to withdraw the funds. Another concern raised is the customer support. She noticed slow response from Tala when it comes to answering queries and addressing issues on loan application.

Client No. 5: RoseΒ 

Her experience applying for a loan with Tala was smooth-sailing – until she was told that she still has an existing balance with them. Despite paying on time and presenting proof of payment, she said that notices/messages were sent by Tala Philippines to remind her of her outstanding balance.

Client No. 6: Dee

Dee was satisfied with his experience with Tala Philippines. He was able to receive the money and withdraw it through Cebuana. Nonetheless, Dee no longer disclosed whether the loan was fully paid or not.

Tips and Things to Remember when Applying for a Loan with Tala Philippines

  • Make sure to choose your preferred option on how to claim the money. There are several options such as bank transfer, through, or in other channels or remittance centers like Cebuana, 7/11, LBC, Palawan, and MLhuillier.
  • Some remittance centers charge a fee when paying your loan from Tala. Per client, she was asked to pay P40 in Cebuana and P23 in 7/11.
  • Always take note of the reference number, especially if you will claim your money in remittance center.
  • Make sure to complete the application form and comply with all the requirements being asked.

Note: All of the clients were contacted and interviewed by the writer.Β 

Did you already apply for a loan from Tala, post your story here!


59 thoughts on “Customers Review Tala Philippines Quick Cash Loan

  1. nag download ako ng tala pero di ako maka access ang naka lagay lang naka linked sa ibang tala account…ano ang dapat kung gawin???salamat

    1. You can try deleting and re-installing the app on your phone. Hope this helps! Otherwise, you may contact Tala Philippines directly through their Facebook page.

      1. Question how to pay with tala there is no instructionsto how to pay tala pPhilippines. …thanks

        1. Please use the reference number sent to you when your loan was approved. Per customer, you can pay through or remittance centers like Palawan and Cebuana.

          1. Hello. Tala Philippines offer up to 30 days loan only since this is online cash and on a short-term basis only πŸ™‚

        2. Hi mark, I loaned 2 times at Tala loan it was smooth but when I check Ed my surname it was not tight, was just lucky the Cebuana agent know me well. But I want to make sure so next time I pay or loan
          again I won’t have a problem. Pls I need ur help..thanks

          1. Hello Myla. Before you apply for a loan, please contact Tala Philippines representatives directly so they can rectify this matter and make sure that your name is spelled properly. This way, you can enjoy the amount you borrowed as well. Thanks!

      1. ako c Mr June Picardo naka pag download npo ako ng app tala piro dkopo ma gamit sa pag apply ng loan pwd po ako ma teach how ?saan po ako mag sign up kc kpag open ko ang gala app wala nman form to apply?

        1. You should see “Apply for a Loan” when you open the Tala app. Otherwise, you can delete then reinstall the app.

  2. Hi.. sino po ang sender na ilalagay ko.. nagloan po kc ako sa tala tru cebuana narecieve ko na din po ung control #.. thanks

    1. Hi Lau. There is a higher chance that you might be approved for a higher amount since you are a repeat customer. Just make sure you pay the loan on time to increase the chance of approval the next time you apply for a loan.

        1. Hi Reynarose, apologies but we cannot answer this since we are not Tala Philippines. They could be following a certain logarithm that will dictate how much the allowed amount will be.

  3. My story is the same with client no.3. What shall I do? I did not receive any tracking number from TALA. So how could I claim my loan? How could I pay it anyway?Thanks.

    1. Hi Angel. We suggest that you raise this concern directly with Tala Philippines by sending them a message on Facebook or through e-mail. The tracking number is essential para makuha mo ang money and at the same time, mabayaran ang loan. Thanks!

    1. Hi, we’re not sure since we’re not Tala Philippines πŸ™‚ Nonetheless, online cash loans may have higher interest rate compared to bank’s personal loans because there is no security or collateral involved.

  4. gud day..i am a tala client…i have paid my loan today and i want to apply for a new loan but unfortunately the phone im using is not working now…how can i make loan using my desktop instead…pls help me…tnx

    1. Hi Madonna. Tala can be accessed through mobile phone only unless you can access Google Play store in your computer πŸ™‚

  5. hindi na approved yung application ko., kailan kaya ulit ako pwede mag apply?? at paano ko malalaman kung pwede na ulit??

    1. Hello Macoy. Maaari kayo mag-apply ulit anytime kung nais ninyo humiram sa Tala Philippines. We suggest that you submit all required documents and double check everything, including spelling of your name, para hindi magka-problem. Salamat!

  6. I was approved on Tala but there was no reference no. Provided to me. How am I gonna claim my loan? I chose mlhullier but they say they don’t process tala loans. Thanks in advance for the reply!

    1. Hi! Did you get an email message informing you that your loan was approved? Perhaps there is a reference number there that you can use to claim the loan. Nonetheless, we suggest that you contact Tala Philippines directly so you can get your money. Thanks!

    1. Hello Lynnette. As long as you fully paid your loan, you can already apply for a new loan with Tala πŸ™‚

  7. [email protected]
    nwala poh ung number na gamiy q dto s tala kaya d ko mareset password q..nung inoopen q na sya nakalagay many times tries the password kya need reset.. pkisend poh sna s email na ito salamat poh

    1. Hello Roselyn. Unfortunately, we are not Tala Philippines so we cannot assist you on this matter. Please contact Tala Philippines directly by sending them an email or message on their Facebook page. Thank you!

    1. Hello Antonette, non-payment of loan means you have to pay for a penalty fee plus a negative score in your credit history, which is something we don’t want to happen. We highly suggest to pay all loan obligations on time, regardless of the amount. Thanks!

  8. nagaapply ako ng loan sa Tala pero di ko nabasa kung thru payment padala centers ito ibibigay or thru bank acct.

    1. Hello. Kayo po ang mag-aasign kung ang loan will be transferred through bank account or if kukunin sa padala centers. Take note of the reference number po para hindi po magka-problema sa pag-claim ng loan. Salamat.

    1. Hi Vernadette. This is up to Tala Philippines already. We are not sure as to their guidelines pagdating sa mga repeat clients, although usually naman, tinataasan na nila kumpara sa first loan mo.

  9. Is it true na +500 lang lagi ang increase ng loans sa tala? So napakatagal ma reach ng 20k na max loanable amount?

    1. Hi SJ. The increase will depend on Tala, themselves. They follow specific guidelines that will dictate how much is the allowed increase per client. We suggest that you pay on time and in full to increase your chances of getting approved for a higher loan πŸ™‚

  10. Ano mangyayari kung nakapagpay agad ako ng loan within a week? May interes p po ba or maliit n lung interes..

    1. Hello. Yes, may interest parin, although the interest will be computed starting from the day the loan was approved until kung kelan po kayo magbabayad. Please take note of the reference number when making a payment. Thanks!

    1. Ideally, the loan should be paid since this is still, first and foremost, a financial obligation. We’re not sure as to Tala’s process on claiming for unpaid loans, but there is a possibility that a collection case through Small Claims Court may be filed against you for non-payment of loan.

    1. Hi Yuffie. Your account will accumulate interest + penalty fee. We highly suggest that you pay your loan ASAP para hindi na kayo mag-incur ng charges. Thanks!

    1. Hello there. We’re not really sure as to how much since Tala will not disclose this kind of information from us πŸ™‚ Still, we hope that it will be a reasonable rate to avoid imposing too much burden on customers πŸ™‚

  11. Good day po, am still waiting for my reference number pa po, TALA already updated me of my payment even if hindi ko pa po nakuha ang loan ko, pwede po bang ma send na ang reference number? still waiting po. πŸ™‚ thank you.

    1. Hi Hazel, apologies but only Tala can send you the reference number for you to be able to claim the money you borrowed. We suggest that you send them a message on Facebook or an email message so that you can claim your money. Thanks!

  12. Hi Tala has fast and smooth transaction but if I pay the money how many days can I reapply again?

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