Say Hello to PS Bank Flexi Personal Loan with Prime Rebate

You might be wondering why Metrobank doesn’t have a Personal Loan facility. The answer is simple: its subsidiary, Philippine Savings Bank or PS Bank offers this kind of loan facility.

In that case, say hello to PS Bank Flexi Personal Loan with Prime Rebate. It is the first and only non-collateral personal loan with fixed term loan and revolving credit line. This facility has lower interest rate with the interest applied only on the amount used and not on the entire amount approved.

Features of PS Bank Flexi Personal Loan

  • Revolving credit line, which means this is a type of credit with no fixed number of payments. In fact, the amount you can borrow decreases or increases depending on how much you repaid.
  • Loan rebate program wherein you will receive rebate or savings every time you make advance payments or pay an amount in excess of what is required from you. Take note that the rebates earned are computed on a daily basis.
  • Loan Amount: minimum of P20,000 to maximum of P250,000
  • Loan Term: 24 and 36 months
  • Interest Rate: 2.5 percent monthly interest rate for Revolving Credit Line; 1.75 percent monthly add-on rate for Term Loan
  • Loan Repayment Options: over-the-counter payment thru ay PS Bank branches, BancNet ATMs, PS Bank Mobile / Online if account is enrolled
  • Loan application processing of five to nine working days
  • Handling  fee of P1,500 or one percent of the approved credit line, whichever is higher
  • No pre-termination or early settlement charges in case you want to pay the loan in full
  • Payment of P1,500 for credit line renewal


  • Filipino individuals between 22 and 54 years old upon application
  • Completely filled out application form. You can get a copy here.
  • With residential / business landline, mobile number, and email address
  • Photocopy of any of the valid IDs: SSS, GSIS, company ID, Driver’s license, passport, TIN, NBI clearance, PRC ID, or IBP ID
  • An active credit card holder with original copy of the latest credit card billing statement

If employed – 

  • At least two years permanent work status with one year tenure in current employer
  • Gross monthly income of at least P15,000
  • Photocopy of BIR Form 2316 or 2306

If self-employed –

  • Business must be operating profitably for the last three years
  • Gross monthly income of at least P30,000
  • Photocopy of BIR Form 1701
  • Photocopy of Auditor’s Report and Financial Statements with BIR stamp

How to Apply for PS Bank Flexi Personal Loan

  1. Fill out PS Bank Flexi Personal Loan application form. You can get your copy here.
  2. Wait for one to three days for credit decision.
  3. If approved, submit documentary requirements needed to book your loan.
  4. Your PS Bank Flexi ATM card and temporary PIN will be delivered to you upon submission of all requirements. Wait for five to seven days for Metro Manila and seven to nine days for provincial customers.
  5. Use the ATM card to withdraw the approved funds from your loan application from any PS Bank, Metrobank, Bancnet, MegaLink, and ExpressNet ATM networks nationwide. You can also request for the issuance of PS Bank Flexi Personal Loan checks to withdraw the funds.

Tips in Applying for PS Bank Flexi Personal Loan

  • Own at least one credit card with YOU as the principal credit card holder.
  • Completely and honestly fill out your loan application form.
  • Make sure you don’t have any past due accounts. Negative credit standing will reflect poorly on your loan application.

Are you ready to apply for one?


4 thoughts on “Say Hello to PS Bank Flexi Personal Loan with Prime Rebate

  1. Good day
    I’m julie, I’m a regular employee in mall.. But my
    monthly salary is only about 8-9000.. But I have extra income about 300 a day and 9000 monthly. Am I able to qualify for your personal loan..? Thank you and regards

    1. Hello Julie. You may apply directly sa PS Bank since they will be the one evaluating your loan application as well as capacity to pay. Thanks!

  2. gud day i have apply for this but i dont have any credit card. can i avail this? eve if i have not any credit card

    1. Hi Jufel! Credit card is among the requirements you need to submit when applying for the loan. Otherwise, PS Bank may not approve your application.

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