Review: What Customers are Saying about Akulaku

There are days when you need a new phone, laptop, or small appliances because the old one (that’s been with you for years) broke down. Apparently, you don’t have enough funds to get yourself a new one.

What do you do?

Borrowing money from family might be your first choice, but what if even your family cannot lend you some? Getting a personal loan from banks is out of the question as well because of the requirements needed. In that case, you turn to online cash lenders like Akulaku. 

Is it worth it? Is it legitimate? How about the processing and payment? Don’t worry. These questions will be answered based on the reviews shared by Akulaku customers.

On Loan Application

Applying for a loan is easy. Simply download the Akulaku app, which is available in both Apple and Android devices, create an account to register, and apply for a credit limit. Most Akulaku customers are in unison in saying that applying for a loan is easy since all they needed was their smartphone. The requirements are easy to comply with as well, although some say they weren’t able to push through with their application because they don’t have government-issued ID.

On the other hand, there are customers who are not happy when it comes to their credit limit. One of the customers interviewed said that she’s been a loyal customer of Akulaku but was not granted an increase despite using the app repeatedly and paying on time and in full. When she asked for an increase, Akulaku wasn’t that helpful, saying that the credit limit was system-generated.

On Delivery of Items Ordered

Aside from cash loan, Akulaku also offers sale of items, which will be paid on installment basis. Most customers say that it took a while for Akulaku to deliver the items they ordered. Although the delivery time is three to five days, some didn’t get their items until on the seventh day from the time they applied  or even longer. Some were even complaining that they are due to pay their loan on this particular day but haven’t received the item they ordered.

On Loan Repayment 

Despite being new in the market, Akulaku is commendable for its variety of loan repayment options such as GCash, DragonPay, ECPay, or over-the-counter payments in banks like PNB. Payment can also be done online, which is a big plus for customers.

Unfortunately, payment made will not reflect on Akulaku system immediately. Some customers said that they have to repeatedly send proof of payment because they were being charged for late payment fee despite paying in full and on time.

On Customer Service

This was one of the common complaints of Akulaku users. Despite the ease in applying for a loan and a lot of potential, most of them say that they need to improve on their customer service. Akulaku representatives don’t often reply in messages sent on Facebook despite repeated messages made by customers.

They do hope that Akulaku will improve on their customer service, especially the Chat Support so they could address their customers faster, more effectively, and not just give them a generic reply when raising their concerns.

Given this feedback from customers, do you want to give Akulaku a try?


13 thoughts on “Review: What Customers are Saying about Akulaku

  1. hi its more than a month now, since issue on my account started but still no update or resolution. pls take a look at it

    1. Hi Nica! Please contact Akulaku at 304-9120 to 29 regarding this. We’re not aware if they allow extension. Thanks.

  2. reapplied for 5,000 cash loan for the 4th time last november 20, 2018 and it says that it was approved but no money was transferred to my account. its 2019 now and they havent resolved the issue. good job!

    1. Hi Chris! We’re sorry to hear about this. You can contact Akulaku at 304-9120 to 29 to have your account checked. Thanks!

    1. Hi Rey! Yes, you can apply po. Just fill out the application form online and iinform po kayo if approved po ang inyong loan. Thanks!

  3. I’ve been applying loan with you. But now it’s not allowing me. It says: Temporarily not meeting the application condition. Why is that?

    1. Hi Ana! You may contact Akulaku at 304-9120 to 29 between 8am to 9pm so they can check your profile and see what went wrong. Thanks!

  4. got no issue in purchasing items online. I was bale to get it on time and its really convenient and affordable. to be quite honest, its better than my credit cards.the main issue with Akulaku?

    1. CSRs – sorry but they suck! needs more training especially in handling calls. Its more of apologizing than doing something to resolve the issue.
    2. TECHNICAL ISSUE – line always cuts in and out then after waiting on the queue for at least 10mins, the call will drop. Amazing!!!
    3 CASH LoAN- the most important option that people need. It took a while to get it or worst you wont get it. PAASA is the right term. They will tell you that you’re approved and will get the money in 48 hrs. Too good to he true!!!
    4. CSRs – if there’s an issue, again, they can’t help!!!

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