Review: Find Out What People are Saying about Cashalo

Fact: there are many online cash lenders available in the market. Tala Philippines, Moola Lending, and Loan Ranger may be dominating the market, but there is a newcomer these days and people are also raving about it.

Who is this newcomer? It’s Cashalo.

Is it safe? Is it worth applying for? Does it charge high interest rate? How’s the customer service?

Don’t worry. These questions will be answered, so make sure to stick around and find out what customers have to say about Cashalo.

Interest Rate

Most customers who borrowed from Cashalo are in unison in saying that Cashalo has low, affordable interest rate at 3.95 percent. In fact, Cashalo’s interest rate are commended by its customers as compared to the rates offered by other online cash lenders. This is the reason why the customers interviewed took a risk and tried Cashalo.

Loan Processing

Customers have different experiences. Some say that their loan application was approved within 24 hours from the time they submitted their loan application. They got a call from Cashalo representatives for an interview to verify the details indicated in their loan application. After a few hours, the loan amount was credited to their account.

On the other hand, there are customers who experienced delay in the processing of their loan application. One customer shared that it took two days before the amount was credited to her bank account while another said that her loan application was approved after 24 hours.

Nonetheless, some of the customers interviewed said that while others experienced fast approval, there are many others who got rejected instantly. One app user said that her loan application was rejected less than a minute after she submitted her application.

Loan Repayment

According to the customers interviewed, Cashalo’s loan repayment scheme is easy and straightforward compared to other online cash lenders they tried. Most of them paid over-the-counter through DragonPay.

Nonetheless, many of them said that they hoped Cashalo will introduce other payment schemes to make loan repayment easier and more convenient.

On Applying for a Succeeding Loan

This is another concern for most of the customers interviewed. According to them, although they paid for their first loan on time (some in advance), they had a problem applying for a second one. They echoed that paying on time and in full won’t automatically guarantee approval for succeeding loan applications.

Customer Service

This is another aspect that is commended by many customers interviewed. Most of them had good experience when it comes to Customer Service, saying that the staff who contacted them are nice and respectful.

Unfortunately, there were others who didn’t have a pleasant experience dealing with Cashalo’s customer service. They said that when making inquiries, follow-up, or clarifications regarding their loan, they rarely get a reply from Cashalo despite repeated messages. When it comes to following up payments, Cashalo representatives are so quick in sending them messages nonstop.

Overall, Cashalo’s low interest rate compared to other online cash lenders is its main selling point. Fast approval is also among its strongest feature, but it is best to lower your expectations since processing time varies per borrower. Still, try downloading the Cashalo app now to give it a try and see for yourself.


22 thoughts on “Review: Find Out What People are Saying about Cashalo

  1. I was a little dismayed on how, CASHALO don’t give equal chances to those that are self-employed. I work at home, and I wanted to try this loan app as it had good reviews. I tried another one which is MOOLA, my loan got approved after 5 days, though the interest rate was too high. So, I tried to see, if CASHALO had the same process, yet low interest rate. A customer service called, and was asking for my “company ID” and was saying that my company gave an ID. I told the representative that an ID isn’t given to the employees that work at home. She already said, that she’s not the one to approve whether my loan will be approved or not. But, after checking my app, it already said “FAILED”, please give an equal chance to home based workers.

    1. Hi Justine, you could try loanranger – they are cheaper than moola and allow self employed as long as you have stable income.

    2. Bago pa lang si Cashalo parang kinakapa pa nila yun “sistema” at tinutulad sa iba kaya medyo cautious ang pag approve. Na try mo din ba mag add ng other documents 2lad ng mga proof of payment mo sa dating loan mo?

  2. Sir Admin,

    Bali magkano kaya ang amount na pwedeng ma-loan na minimum at maximum kay Cashalo? Ayaw kasi ma download yun app sa phone ko.

  3. Bwisit tong cashalo. They keep sending keep promo text messages. I emailed them to remove my account because there is bo such option in the app. But they replied i need to write them a letter requesting to delete my account, include 2 govt IDs and mail it to their BGC office. And wait at least 15 business days. Bwisit tong cashalo na to. Never do it!!! Bwisit talaga!


  4. Pumupunta po ba talaga yung customer service ng Cashalo sa bahay ng customers? Nung tumawag kasi sabi anong malapit na landmark para mabilis kayo mapuntahan.

    1. Hi Jen! We’re not sure about this one. Based on previous customer experiences, they just call you lang daw po.

  5. Rude phone reps. Treats cx like people who will run away from 2k loan. I advised the rep that a payment has been made already and that I already emailed a copy of the receipt. She still insisted on getting the reference number and that it should have been posted within 2hrs while the email support advised payment will be reflected on the account in 1-2 business days. Really disappointed with that phone rep, wont recommend this lender.

  6. Totally disappointed sa customer support nila, puro katangahan ang sinasagot sa akin. I had a double payment for period 2 last dec 14, 2018. I emailed them and explained, sent them screenshots as a proof for the double payment, I requested if possible na i-adjust yung double payment and tag it as a payment for my period 3. If not possible, paki-refund na lang. For one month nag fa-follow up aq, lahat ng cust support na sumagot sa emails q is either escalated na po case nyo sa payments team or tag as paid and completed na po ang period 2. ANG LAKING KATANGAHAN DI BA??? And concern ko is yung double payment kng pwede xa gawing as a payment for period 3 or kung hndi bgyan nila aq ng refund for it since validated and confirmed na sya ng dragonpay. Nung tumawag naman ako, I was told na floating pa rin yung payment ko, so I was instructed to generate a new ref number para sila na bahala mag adjust dun sa floating payment para ma-clear na rin period 3 ko. I emailed them again told them what I was instructed, sent them the screenshot of the new ref number. Biglang hinihingan aq ng proof of payment for that ref number!
    Grabe lang talaga sa katangahan at anong klaseng pag iintindi at pagresolba ng concern meron mga representatives nila!!!! And up until now more than a month na wala pa rin ako nakakausap ng matino sa kanila!!! Very poor Customer Service, parang mga walang proper training!

  7. Worst customer service. I asked them ahead of time if I can make a payment arrangement since I can’t pay it on time. I have been with Tala and they offer 7 days grace period. So akala ko meron din sila. So ayun, tumawag ako and the rep said “konti lang naman yan, mangutang ka lang sa relatives mo.” TF. I only asked for a 6 days extension and the rep was so rude and said he will put me on bad record. Fuck. 6 days lang na late payment automatic bad record? Seriously? And guess what? For a 6 days late payment, you have to pay a whopping 300 pesos interest rate! Ang sarap di bayaran.

  8. WARNING! Never use this app. 😑

    Just watched Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho) #KMJS last night and i just want to share a somewhat related experience of mine from Cashalo online lending company; so anyone who gets to read this will be warned. See, i run a small perfume business and there will be times that some clients aren’t able to pay on time hence; just like other business owners i make sure that my perfume production won’t be affected. So I installed Cashalo app and applied for my first loan around early February and was approved for a good 3000php with 28 days to pay. I paid it immediately so i can increase my credit standing with them and luckily I was approved for 5000php on that same month with another 28 days to pay.

    I received a confirmation, both email and sms on March 5th from Cashalo that they have successfully transferred the money to my BDO account. I checked my account online and it wasn’t there. I called customer service to verify any deposit that is yet to be posted and there was none. I sent an email to Cashalo and attached a screenshot of my online banking account to let them know that there was no deposit but there was no immediate respose.

    To fast forward the story, Cashalo started contacting me and contact numbers from my mobile phone (my mother, my friends, relatives, etc.). They call us every freaking day of our lives even when i am working closely with them due to my dispute. I don’t know how they got the numbers but i remember the app permissions. I turned it off but it was too late when i realized.

    What bothers me most is that they requested for a bank statement from Fabruary to March and i did; they asked me to send another covering a certain dates and i did; and now they are asking me to send a copy of my bank statements from February up to May which can only be requested from my branch of account and i think that’s not right. I have been stalking their page and i’ve read a lot of issues from different people.

    To all my friends and relatives who are still being bugged by this company, i am very sorry. To those who knows how i can possible file a legal case against them due to harrassment for invading my privacy please let me know.

    1. Hi JB. We’re sorry to hear about this. You may coordinate with the BSP Consumer Assistance Division regarding this so the agency could look into it. We hope this will be resolved soon.

      Direct Line: 708-7087
      Facsimile: 708-7088
      Email Address: [email protected]

      1. should I also worry? the app will not approve my log in if they will not be given access to my photos, files and contacts…hence I gave my UMID card number, phone number and birthday…I was worried they could use it for something unbecoming…pls enlighten me…though I was able to avail the discounted foods at first

        1. Hi Karen. Most lenders require these info since they use it to verify your information as well as capacity to pay as a borrower.

  9. I have the same experience here. I applied for 2k loan last 10th of april. After 2 days i rcvd a notification that it has been credited in my bpi acct but its not there. They keep on calling me to pay it which of course i will not pay since i did not rcv anything from them. Its so frustrating that they will chase me for something that they didnt give out. Pano ko mgbbayad eh wla nmn sila pinautang?? Tanga di ba??!! Nakakagigil. Last time na tumawag sakin minura ko ma tlga.. For god’s sake!! Hindi aq yayaman sa 2k na yan kng tatakbuhan ko!! Nanghihiram din aq sa ibang lending company pero never aq tumakbo dahil marunong aq mgbayad. Kaso itong case na to pano ko mgbbyad na wla silang pinahiram???!! Laking perwisyo nila dahil sa 2k na hindi ko mmn natanggap!!! WTF!!

  10. Bakit ganun,simula nang ibigay ko bank account no. Unti unting nababawasan ng 300 ung savings ko sa atm,dineny naman ako sa loan application.impossibleng ini intresan ng metrobank yun.pakisagot cashalo

  11. nakaka disappoint ang cashalo, matagal tagal na din akong client, noong una 2k -2,200 na loan ko, nakapagbayad nman ako agad on or before my due date, pero never tumaas ung credit line ko. nitong last month, from 2,200 naging 800??? tapos [pagtumawag ka nman sa cs nila ang sasagot lang d nila alam ksi system generated daw.. ? so ginawa ko nagbayad ako ng mas maaga pero ang masaklap. decline na ko.. tapos after 82 days ka pala pede mag try.. wala nman natutulong cs nila.. d ka din masasagot.. so nakakatakot makipagsapalaran d pala totoo na may kashalo ka.. need n need ko pa naman..

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