RCBC’s Version of Personal Loan: MyCash Loan

“We believe in you,” says the tagline of RCBC or Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation. Despite being caught in a controversy, RCBC is business as usual and constantly providing products fit for every consumer.

One of the financial products offered by RCBC is MyCash Loan, which is their version of personal loan. You can use this loan to pay off bills, school-related expenses, home improvement, purchase of new gadgets or appliances, vacation, and other personal needs. More than this, RCBC also offers counselling services and advice, including best options on how to pay for your monthly amortization.

Here’s everything you need to know about this facility – features, requirements, how to apply, and tips – in case you decided you need one.


  • Loan Amount: minimum of P50,000 to maximum of P1 million
  • Loan Term: 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36 months
  • Interest Rate: Interest is not specified, but you can check RCBC Loan Calculator to give you an idea on monthly amortization
  • Loan Repayment: Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA) facility or issuance of post-dated checks through RCBC Checking Account
  • Late payment charge of 5 percent p.a.
  • No early settlement charges IF bank is informed at least one month prior to early termination
  • Processing fee of P1,500 for loans below P150 K and one percent of approved loan amount if above P150K


  • Accomplished application form
  • Valid government ID
  • Has Philippine-issued credit card for at least two years
  • Owned (2 years) or rented (3 years) residence
  • At least 21 years of age and not more than 65 years old (if employed) or 70 years old (self-employed) upon maturity of the loan
  • 1 month latest utility bill

If employed – 

  • Regularly employed for at least two years and in middle management
  • Company / employer must be part of 10,000 corporations OR legitimate company operating for at least five years
  • Certificate of Employment and Compensation OR latest payslip for two months OR ITR
  • Tax Identification Number

If self-employed – 

  • Business must be in operation for at least 5 years and operating profitably for the last two years
  • ITR and financial statements for the last two years
  • Business registration certificate from SEC or DTI, whichever is applicable
  • Business permits from barangay or Mayor’s office
  • List of active suppliers and customers

How to Apply for MyCash Loan

  1. Fill out the MyCash Loan Application form.
  2. Submit the application form together with the required documents in any RCBC branch.
  3. Loan processing will take five to seven days. You will be informed of the status of the application thereafter. If approved, you can now withdraw the funds.

Take note that as of this writing, there is no online application available for MyCash Loan. You may go directly to the nearest RCBC branch to request for an application form.

Tips when Applying for MyCash Loan 

  • Make sure you are a credit card holder. This will help RCBC (and any other banks) check how financially responsible you are.
  • Prepare the documents. Make sure it is complete before going to the bank.
  • Checking account is a MUST. RCBC prefers checking account from them, but they will accept PDCs from checking account with other banks.


8 thoughts on “RCBC’s Version of Personal Loan: MyCash Loan

    1. Hi Eric! Credit card is one of the requirements since banks use this as their basis of your credit history. You can consider online cash lenders if you need immediate cash since they are more lenient when it comes to requirements.

    1. Hi Abby! As long as you have a checking account, then you can still apply for RCBC personal loan. Thanks!

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