Pera247: Your Online Cash Partner

Nobody wants to have issues with money. Unfortunately, life happens and your hard-earned money can’t seem to be enough.

Who do you turn to in case you need help financially?

Online cash lenders could help. Aside from convenience, you can easily get the money since online lenders will simply deposit the money on your account. Plus, you don’t have to worry about traffic and collateral documents since everything will be done online.

That being said, who do you turn to?

With the entry of many online cash lenders in the Philippines today, you might want to consider Pera247.

Who is Pera247?

Pera247 is a digital lender in the Philippines that offers affordable loans. It is under AsiaKredit, an international tech-based financial services firm that offers fast and convenient credit to the Southeast Asian market.

Pera247 aims to become a gateway for honest and hardworking individuals yet unable to get access to traditional financial services to help improve standard of living.

Consequently, its mission is to become a lender that is able to identify credit-worthy borrowers and pave way for them to gain access to funds.

As of this writing, Pera247 offers three loan products:

  • Shopa-Loan, which allows you to shop without credit card and still be able to pay for your purchases in installment basis. You can borrow between P5,000 and P50,000 and use it with their partner merchants.
  • Afforda-Loan, wherein you can between P10,000 and P30,000 and pay in installments for up to six months. Apparently, this is only available to repeat borrowers.
  • Insta-Loan, Pera247’s short-term loan wherein you can apply for instant cash up to P15,000 and payable up to 90 days.

How to Apply for an Online Cash Loan with Pera247:

Take note that for purposes of this article, you will apply for an Insta-Loan, Pera247’s online cash loan.

Step 1: Download the app on Google Play Store. As of this writing, Pera247 is only available to Android users.

Step 2: Open the app and click Apply Now.

Step 3: Input your mobile number. Make sure that the number is active and working. Click Submit.

Step 4: Click Okay when asked to verify your mobile number.

Step 5: A six-digit verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number. Input the code as well as your password. Then, click Submit.

Step 6: Navigate the buttons according to the amount you want to borrow and loan terms. It will also display a breakdown of fees, interest fee, penalty fee (if ever), and total amount due. Once you’re ready to proceed, click Get Money.

Step 7: Fill out the online application form. Click Next.

Step 8: Upload a picture of your government-issued ID. Click this link to find out the IDs accepted by Pera247.

Step 9: Allow Pera247 to take pictures, record videos, access your device.

Step 10: Take or upload a selfie.

Step 11: Enter your email address. Make sure that the email address is active since a verification link will be sent on that email.

Step 12: Answer the questions pertaining to your personal information. This includes marital status, address, and employment details.

Step 13: Answer the Credit History page. Make sure to be truthful and honest on this since lenders can easily check your credit standing.

Step 14: Identify the purpose of your loan.

Step 15: Answer the survey. If you have a promo code, then don’t forget to to input this as well.

Step 16: Upload your latest utility bill. This is not required and may be skipped, but if you want to boost your chances of approval, then upload one.

Step 17: You will be given a chance to increase your chances of approval. Choose among the methods shown on your screen. This is not required, but if you want higher approval chance, then accomplish at least one of these methods.

Step 18: Review your loan application. Then tick the boxes accepting the Terms and Conditions as well as the privacy policy. Then click Submit.

Tips to Remember when Applying for a Loan with Pera247:

  • Accomplish at least one of the optional methods to increase your chances of approval. This will show Pera247 regarding your capacity to pay.
  • Use an active email address and mobile number. This is important because this is where Pera247 will contact you and verify your information.

Once approved, you will be able to claim your loan through bank transfer, MLhullier branches, SM Bills Payment branches, or BDO branches.

Convenient, isn’t it?


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