Pera247: A Fast and Simple Way to Get Cash When You Need It

Digital lending is common these days. With Filipinos’ constant need for cash, it’s no surprise that online cash loans are slowly gaining popularity.

Here comes the entry of AsiaKredit’s pera247Online Cash LoanWho is pera247? 

pera247 is a short-term digital lender that provides short-term and unsecured loans for up to 90 days. It is powered by AsiaKredit, an international tech-based financial services firm that provides fast, easy, and convenient credit solution to millions of people in Southeast Asia. It turns out that Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, are underbanked. This means there are limited lenders that could extend credit to and the launch of pera247 could give people options, especially during difficult financial times.

Aside from extending credit to deserving individuals using data-driven credit assessment tools, pera247 aims to educate Filipinos on responsible financial management to improve one’s standard of living.

How to Apply in pera247

  1. Download the app on Google Play Store. You can download it here. Take note that the app only works on Android devices.
  2. Register and create an account using a valid and existing e-mail. Don’t forget to type your password.
  3. Once you signed up, you can start applying for a loan by selecting your preferred amount and loan term using the navigation arrow. Then, click “Get Money.”
  4. You will be redirected to another page where you are required to provide your personal information, including name and place of birth.
  5. Upload a valid ID picture, preferably government-issued ID.
  6. Upload your recent picture to further validate your identity.
  7. Continue answering the online application form such as civil status, number of dependents, and current status of employment. You will also be asked to specify the purpose of your loan and upload any utility bill.
  8. Review your loan application form and then click “Submit.” 

pera247 representatives will review your loan application and get back to you as soon as possible. You will be notified of the status of your application via SMS, phone call, email, or notification from the app. If approved, sign (accept) the Consumer Loan Agreement and choose your preferred withdrawal method (Bank transfer, Security Bank Cardless ATM withdrawal, or Western Union/DA5).

Things to Remember when Applying for a Loan with pera247

  • Make sure you provide a valid and working email address and mobile number. This is where you will be contacted by pera247 representatives.
  • Don’t forget to allow pera247 app to access your mobile data. This is necessary for pera247 to check your eligibility for credit.
  • Upload all documents asked, including the utility bill (which is optional). This will make it easier for pera247 representatives to gauge your credit-worthiness.

Keep in mind that fast cash does not come cheap tough. If you borrow PhP 10,000 for 90 days, you will have to repay PhP 17,970 which is almost 80% in interest and fees for 3 months. The monthly option comes at 30% cost.

Are you ready to give this a try?


6 thoughts on “Pera247: A Fast and Simple Way to Get Cash When You Need It

  1. Hi. I shall lke to apply for a cash loan via AsiaKredit. Please advise how to proceed.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello there. Please download the app first at Google Play Store then follow the step-by-step procedure indicated in this post to start with your loan application.

    1. Hello there. This would depend on Pera247 since they have their own procedure to follow when it comes to approving (or rejecting) loan applications. Nonetheless, the ideal processing of loan application is 24 hours or one day 🙂

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