Pay Your Lazada Purchases Later With Paylater

Admit it. With what is happening in the world today, you can’t help but stay at home to protect yourself against tons of viruses. Unfortunately, there are things that need to be done and items you need to buy for you and your family.

Good thing there’s Lazada. It offers a wide-range of items for your personal and family’s needs.

But what if you don’t have extra cash to spare? Not to worry because Lazada partnered with several online cash lenders to help customers like you pay for your purchased items in an installment basis. The best part is that you don’t need a credit card for that.

One of these partner lenders is Paylater. 

Keep reading to know more about Paylater, plus a step-by-step procedure on how to apply for a loan with this merchant.

Who is Paylater? 

Most of Lazada’s partner lenders have other products aside from their Buy Now, Pay Later scheme. Paylater is different. In fact, it is specifically designed to provide online loan facility wherein the proceeds will be directly credited to your Lazada e-wallet.

The good thing about this facility is that it is easy to use and straightforward.

Why Paylater? 

  • Specifically dedicated to Lazada
  • You can borrow up to 10,000 Lazada wallet credits
  • Convenient way to shop since the amount will be credited directly on your e-wallet.
  • Payable within 15 days to maximum of two months.

How to Apply with Paylater

Step 1: Visit the Paylater website. You may also click this link.

Step 2: On the homepage, enter your mobile number and email address registered with Lazada. Click the drop-down button to choose how much you need to borrow.

Step 3: On the next window, assign your Paylater password. Then tick the box indicating that you read and accepted Paylater’s Terms and Conditions and Data Privacy Policy. Click Agree and Continue. 

Step 4: Enter the six-digit verification code sent in your email and mobile number. Then click Verify Account.

Step 5: Once you verified your account, submit the required information and upload the necessary documents. This helps Paylater representatives verify your identity as a borrower.

Step 6: Wait for your approval. Once approved, the amount will be credited to your Lazada e-wallet. Then, you can start your online shopping.

Tips to Remember When Applying for Paylater:

  • Make sure you already have a Lazada account. If none, then sign up with a Lazada and then apply for a loan with Paylater.
  • Provide the necessary information needed. Keep in mind that Paylater representatives need to verify your identity so they could check if you are capable to pay.
  • Only borrow what you need. As much as you want to shop, there are interests and other fees that comes with it. Make sure you can pay for those expenses as well.

Are you ready to go shopping?


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