Home Credit’s Cash Loan: Are You Qualified or Not?

Home Credit is among the popular lenders because of the consumer loans they offer. Even if you are short in cash, you can still buy items like gadgets, household furniture, and hardware, and pay for it in installment basis. Application is easy as well since Home Credit partnered with various stores around Metro Manila and nearby provinces where you can easily find them. This means instead of going to them, they go to you.

Did you know that they offer cash loans as well?

In case you are interested, here’s what we know so far about this facility they offer:


  • Loan Amount: Per Home Credit representative, the amount to be borrowed will depend on the “offer” of the client. The amount may be system-generated as well. This means Home Credit looks into your history with them, including the frequency of borrowings and whether or not payments were made on time and in full. Sadly, they could not provide us with a specific amount that one can borrow.
  • Interest Rate: Not disclosed
  • Payout Option: Depends on your assigned payout channel. You can pick up the loan amount OR through bank deposit. Home Credit will also send instructions on how to claim the cash to the contact details you provided when you registered with Home Credit.
  • Loan Term: Not disclosed
  • Loan Repayment: Monthly installments through Home Credit’s accredited payment channels.
  • Early repayment is allowed as long as it is equivalent to one monthly installment. In case of early full repayment, you must inform Home Credit representatives about your intention to pay in full so they can make necessary adjustment.

Who can apply? 

Unfortunately, Home Credit’s cash loan is not available for everyone. The lender only offers this facility to those who have existing accounts with them. If you are interested in getting a cash loan from Home Credit, we suggest that you apply for their consumer loan first.

In case you are an existing customer, you will get SMS or email notification if you are qualified to avail of cash loan. You can also check your status through the Home Credit app to see if you are eligible for this facility.

If qualified, you will be informed by Home Credit representatives on how to avail of it and where you can get your money.

Unfortunately, Home Credit representatives are wary of sharing more information about their Cash Loan facility. They refused to disclose specific minimum to maximum amount a borrower can borrow as well as the interest rate and loan term UNLESS you are a client; hence the lack of information.

If you are thinking of getting a cash loan from Home Credit, you may call their hotline at (02) 753-5711 or email them at [email protected]


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    1. Hi! You need to be a previous borrower of Home Credit so you will be qualified. Home Credit will inform you if you can qualify for a cash loan or not.

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