Get Your Dream Product with the Help of Akulaku

How do you plan on purchasing your dream product, say an iPhone X or Play Station 4? Many people will save up for it, which means goodbye Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and eating out in restaurants. For many others who can’t wait to get their hands on the newest gadgets, you will turn to online cash loan providers or even use the money stashed inside the bank to make this purchase happen.

Or better yet, you can get your dream product with the help of Akulaku.

Who is Akulaku?  How to Apply in AkulakuAkulaku is an Internet-based company focused on e-commerce and online financial services in Southeast Asia, specifically Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines. The company also takes pride in being the first online shopping mall that offers installment as among the modes of payment. In fact, you can pay in installment basis even without a credit card.

Akulaku has partnered with the biggest brands such as Apple, Samsung, Asus, Sony, HP, Nikon, and Vivo among many others to make your shopping experience more worthwhile.

How to Apply:

  1. Start by downloading the Akulaku app on your mobile device. Akulaku is available in Google Play and Apple Store.
  2. Register by filling up the application form. Make sure to provide all the documents asked for to get verified. This will enable you to make a purchase and qualify for the installment plan as well.
  3. Browse through the products and choose the item you want to purchase. Don’t forget to choose the installment period.
  4. Pay the required downpayment using the available payment methods. Take note of the Virtual Account Number to be given, which you will use for payment purposes. At this point, wait for the review of the eligibility of your loan application.

    How to Apply in Akulaku
    Available Online Payment Channels
  5. Once approved, wait for your purchased product, which will be delivered on your doorstep. Take note of the payment schedule as well and pay on time to avoid incurring finance charges.

Tips in Applying in Akulaku

  • Provide all the documents required to verify your account. This is imperative, otherwise, you won’t be able to qualify and apply for an installment plan.
  • Wait for the verification from Akulaku. You won’t be able to apply without getting verified.
  • Be sure with the products you will purchase. Keep in mind that downpayment is required, depending on the item, so be sure with your purchases.

Are you willing to give Akulaku a try?


4 thoughts on “Get Your Dream Product with the Help of Akulaku

    1. Hi. As per checking, Akulaku is only available in Metro Manila and some areas in Rizal, Laguna, Cavite, and Bulacan 🙂

  1. i am self employed but i dont have a business permit…wala po bang ibang way pra dun x occupation?pra mka pg credit line? and wat if employed k nmn pero wala kau payslip?

    1. Hi Bobbie. These are requirements set forth by the company as proof of your capacity to pay po. You can still try and apply, but there is no 100% guarantee of approval.

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