Get To Know Cashalo A Little Bit Better

You might experience financial difficulty or short in cash at one point in your life. When that happens, who do you turn to for help when your family or friends have nothing to lend to you?

Your next solution: online cash loan.

This is where Cashalo comes in.

Who is Cashalo? 

Cashalo is a fintech platform that delivers credit to Filipinos digitally. Through digital credit, they are able to help every Filipino’s financial well-being.

All you need to do is to download the app on Google Play Store (for Android users) or App Store (for Apple users) and you are good to go.

What products do they offer?

Cashalo offers the following financial products:


If you need quick cash, then this facility is perfect for you.

Cashalo’s Cashaloan allows you to borrow up to P6,500 and payable between 15 and 45 days. Take note that they charge processing fee of five percent based on your loan amount and interest rate starts at 6.95 percent.

Keep in mind that when applying for a loan with Cashalo, you need to install and register from the app. Check out this post for a step-by-step procedure on how to apply for a Cashaloan.


Who doesn’t want shopping? Surely, you will feel the itch to buy something new, whether it’s new shoes, new clothes to wear, or even items you don’t really need but you just found cute.

Apparently, shopping means you need to spend money and in case you lack a few thousands, Cashalo could help through its Cashacart facility.

Cashacart is the first basket financing in the Philippines. It allows you to shop in any of Cashalo’s partner stores (including Robinson’s Department Stores, Huawei, and Oppo among others) and pay in installment basis.

This allows you to make purchases, especially for items you really need, and at the same time, extend the life of your cash on hand without worrying about interest.

Pay with Cashalo

What do you use to pay for bigger purchases? Usually, having a credit is more feasible and convenient since you don’t have to bring cold cash with you.

What if you don’t have a credit card but you are interested in booking a hotel room or buying airline tickets during seat sale?

Cashalo could help you with that. Through its Pay With Cashalo facility, you can purchase items of any kind online from any of the company’s partner merchants. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about credit card.

Similar to the Cashaloan, this facility requires you to log-in to the app to apply. Simply choose “Pay with Cashalo” on the app.

As of this writing, Cashalo partnered with Cebu Pacific, thereby allowing you to book tickets under the airline company for up to P7,000 and 5.95 percent interest rate. The facility is also limited to domestic flights.

Make sure you applied first before booking the tickets to ensure that the amount is covered.

Have you tried any of these Cashalo services? How was it? Share your experiences below on the comments section.


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