Get To Know Atome, Your Newest Lazada Shopping Partner

There will come a time when you suddenly need a new phone or items that you can only buy overseas. You might also want to take advantage of online sales because who doesn’t want Buy 1, Take 1 on diapers, right?

Here’s the issue: money. Even if you need something, you can’t readily buy it if you don’t have sufficient funds.

Lucky for you, there are platforms that allows you to borrow money and credit the amount to your Lazada wallet. This includes Atome. 

Stick around and learn everything you need to know about this online cash lender, including how to apply for a loan to cover for your Lazada purchases.

Who is Atome? 

Atome is among the many online cash loan providers in the market today. Its aim is to improve financial inclusion in the Philippines, thereby giving access to products and services to thousands of unbanked Filipinos.

Its primary mission is to maximize the use of technology, through the use of data-driven, human-centered technologies, to be able to create accessible financial services to many Filipinos.

Aside from cash loans, it also offers shopping installment products.

Atome is registered with the SEC under NeuronCredit Financing Company Inc. It is a subsidiary of NeuronCredit Pte Ltd from Singapore.

Why Atome? 

  • One of Lazada’s loan partners with fastest approval. According to reviews, you could get an approval within one hour or even less.

How to Apply for a Loan:

Step 1: Download the app from Google Play Store. As of this writing, Atome is available to Android users only.

Step 2: Open the app and click Register / Login. 

Step 3: Register your mobile number. A four-digit confirmation code will be sent to your number. Then, input the code.

Step 4: On the main page, click Cash and then, click Claim Now. 

Step 5: Use the plus and minues keys to input the amount you wish to borrow. For first-time borrowers, you are only limited to maximum of P2,000 with a repayment plan of 14 days. To increase your credit limit, make sure you pay your loan in full and on time.

Step 6: Choose the ID you want to register. Atome allows UMID, SSS, Voter’s ID, Passport, Driver’s License, PRC ID, and TIN ID. Then click Next.

Step 7: Take a photo of your ID. Make sure that the photo is clear and readable. This increases your chances of approval as well.

Step 8: Fill out the registration form. It is important that you provide truthful information about yourself.

Step 9: Take a clear photo of yourself with your ID. This is important because Atome representatives need to know that the applicant actually exists.

Step 10: Set your loan amount and duration.

Step 11: Choose your preferred disbursement channel. Atome allows bank transfer and pick up at Cebuana branches. Since you will be using the money to pay for Lazada purchases, choose the Buy Now, Pay Later method wherein the amount will be topped up to your Lazada e-wallet.

Tips to Remember When Applying for a Loan with Atome: 

  • Activate your Lazada e-wallet. This is where the approved loan amount will be credited.
  • Only apply for a loan when needed.
  • Make sure to pay your loan on time and in full.
  • The mobile number you used to register with Atome must be similar to the ones you have with Lazada.

Platforms like Atome does make everyone’s lives convenient, especially when you are in need of something. Still, don’t abuse it. Only borrow what is necessary and don’t easily give in to products you don’t need.


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