Get the Products You Need with the Help of Home Credit

Picture this: your laptop crashed and you only have one day to submit the most important report in your life. Apparently, you just maxed out your credit card and borrowing money from your parents is next to impossible.

What’s your remedy? Try Home Credit Philippines. Who is Home Credit Philippines? 

Home Credit Philippines is part of the Home Credit Group, a global consumer finance expert, with presence in Asia, North America, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe. The company provides world-class financing services to help borrowers’ meet their financial needs through non-cash, no-collateral in-store financing. It also caters to borrowers with little or no credit history, thereby giving you an opportunity to borrow money.

For instance, if you want to buy a new laptop or any other products or appliance, you can approach Home Credit employees in Home Credit Philippines partner stores to avail of the loan and for you to buy the item you are eyeing for.

How to Apply for a Home Credit Loan:

  1. Identify the item you need. Take note that Home Credit Philippines only allows purchase of gadgets, home appliance, furniture, electronics, and musical instruments.
  2. Check for the nearest Partner Store Locator that sells your preferred item. You can check it here
  3. Inform Home Credit Sales Agent about your intention to loan. S/he will assist you with your purchase and processing of loan documents and application.
  4. Wait for approval of loan, which usually takes 20 minutes. Once approved, only pay for the required downpayment to take home and enjoy your newly-acquired item.

Tips and Things to Remember when Applying for a Home Credit Loan:

  • Make sure you are a Filipino citizen and between 18 to 68 years old.
  • You must be employed for at least three months. Self-employed individuals, pensioner, businessman, and someone receiving regular remittances are welcome to apply as long as you can prove your consistent cash flow.
  • Bring two IDs – any government-issued ID and an ID with your existing address.
  • Pay your loan on time. You can pay yours in SM malls, Bayad Centers, and commercial establishments with ECPay facilities.

If you are looking for a partner that could help you finance your urgent needs, remember that Home Credit is there to help. Give it a try the next time your laptop or any appliance in your home breaks down. Just make sure you are ale to pay your dues on time.


10 thoughts on “Get the Products You Need with the Help of Home Credit

  1. Hi Im receiving a monthly remittances from my daughter who is in Singapore. She is sending it through Metrobank and its an ATM. But the account is under her name and Im just withdrawing it every month she is sending money. Am I qualify to purchase appliances thru home credit. Thank you

    1. Hello Cristina. Yes, you can apply with Home Credit as long as you pay the required downpayment and bring two valid government-issued IDs. Make sure you pay on time and preferably at least three days before the due date so that you can easily apply the next time.

    1. Hello! From our understanding, there is no online application for Home Credit. You may approach Home Credit representatives directly to apply.

  2. helo good day i ask something regarding that matter.i go to palawan to claim my first loan but the teller tell me that who is the sender ?..i dont know the name of the i write tala for sender and its denied.

    1. Hi Edna! From what we know, the sender is Tala Philippines when you claim the money from remittance centers. You can present a copy of the reference number as well, which was given to you by Tala so you can claim your money.

  3. Hi,
    My partner is a construction worker. Not with a construction firm but freelance only. Can he apply for a Home Credit loan for a cellphone? Thanks. K

    1. Hi Katherine! Yes, your partner can still apply as long as he can show proof of income from his freelance work.

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