Get Some Cash with the Help of Doctor Cash or Moola Lending

Who do you always turn to when you need money? Most of the time, you will ask help from your parents, relatives, and even good friends with a promise to pay them back as soon as you can. What if you have no one else to turn to? In that case, your last option is to apply in banks, although this can be stressful considering the requirements you need to comply with.

Here’s the good news: there are now alternative lenders that allow you to borrow money even at the comfort of your own home. One of them is Moola Lending, formerly known as Doctor Cash Philippines. 

Who is Moola Lending aka Doctor Cash? 

Moola Lending is a financial technology company that focuses on micro and consumer financing. Unlike going to traditional banks and private lenders, the loan application and transfer of funds happen online; hence convenient. This also means you skip long lines, submission of collateral requirements, and complex application process.

Repayment of loan is flexible too, and will depend on your situation so there is nothing to worry about.

How to Apply for a Loan 

Loan application happens online. If you are interested, here’s a step-by-step procedure in applying for a loan with Doctor Cash:

  1. Click this link to start with your application.
  2. Once the page has loaded, move the arrow key on how much you plan to borrow and when you plan to repay it.

    Doctor Cash Philippines
    This should be your landing page. Navigate on the arrow keys to set the loanable amount and term of the loan.
  3. Input your complete name and phone number then click “Get First Loan.”
  4. Continue with your loan application by filling up the details asked, including Personal Information, Address, and Employment Details.
  5. Choose your preferred Disbursement Method. Moola Lending only allows Bank Transfer. Below is the list of banks they can send money to.

    Doctor Cash Philippines
    Doctor Cash Philippines Allowed Banks
  6. Check the code you received via text message then click “Finish.”
  7. Make sure you check your email upon completion of your online application. Doctor Cash could ask additional requirements, which you need to provide to process the loan application. Send complete and clear copies of the requirements asked as well.
  8. Wait for one to two working days for the processing of your loan application. At this time, you will also be informed whether your application is approved or not. If approved, the loan amount will be deposited to your chosen Disbursement Account.

Despite the convenience, Moola Lending has some not-so-good sides too. This includes:

  • One of the online cash lenders with highest interest at 30% per month.
  • Upfront processing fee is deducted.
  • Only customers from National Capital Region and some areas in Bulacan, Cavite, and Laguna can avail of the loan.

There are more affordable online cash loan providers you can try. Learn more about them here.

Did you try Doctor Cash / Moola Lending? Post a comment to share your experience!


10 thoughts on “Get Some Cash with the Help of Doctor Cash or Moola Lending

  1. wat if the the costumer fail to pay her/him his obligation.what moola to do?
    the reason is high interest and etc.

    1. Hello Roland. All loans or financial obligations must be paid in full (plus interest), regardless of what venue you used. Otherwise, non-payment could negatively affect your credit score, which is not good in case you decided to apply for loans like Housing Loan. Worse, a collection case might be filed against you, which we don’t want to happen. Therefore, pay on time and in full.

  2. A previous worker used me as her reference for this site. A personnel from moola called my cellphone to ask a few details about her prior to lending her some money, they say that its only for reference purposes and that I don’t have any other obligations after that. However, up until now this company keeps on bothering me regarding the loan which was not yet been paid until now. Shouldn’t you have any other security features for the persons you are lending to? Like, have some guarantee that you have the right informations for the person prior to lending to them because I am the one being bothered regarding the amount that was not paid when in fact, I don’t have any business on this matter.

  3. I forgot my transaction number because my phone rebooted. I am trying to continue paying Moola.

    1. Hi Julie. Moola (or Online Loans) require having a bank account since this is their mode of disbursement.

  4. What if i don’t have a bank account? Is there any other options where moola can send the money?

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