Get Instant Cash with Security Bank’s Salary Advance Facility

When you are an employee, receiving your salary every two weeks seems like forever. There will always be bills to be paid, personal items you need to purchase, and sudden expenses along the way that needs cash – instantly. Unfortunately, your family is nowhere to be found and borrowing from friends is out of the question.

Who do you turn to next?

You can try Salary Advance from Security Bank.Β What is Security Bank’s Salary Advance Loan?Β 

This loan program is offered by Security Bank to allow employees to advance their next salary. You can borrow between P5,000 and P30,000, depending on your need, and payable within four days to three months, depending on your preferred number of deductions.

The good thing about this facility is that the funds will be credited in their account within 10 minutes simply by sending a text message. As soon as funds are credited, the employee may withdraw the cash at any ATM.

Here’s the catch: the Salary Advance Loan program is available to companies who are Salary Advance-Accredited by Security Bank. Once the company you are working for is accredited, you may apply for a salary advance loan.

Here’s how to apply:

1. Fill out and sign the one-time enrollment form. You can do this online by clicking this link.

2. Submit the application form / Credit Agreement and one primary ID to Security Bank. Thereafter, you will be informed via text message for confirmation of enrollment and your credit limit.

3. When applying for a loan, simply send a text message and send it to 3456 in this format:

SBC SALAD Amount of Loan Number of Deductions

4. Wait for the approval, which usually takes 10 minutes. Once you receive the approval SSS, confirm your Salary Advance Loan by textingΒ SBC SALAD AGREE

5. Withdraw your cash through your Security Bank payroll account at any Security Bank ATMs nationwide.

Tips and Things to Remember when Applying for Salary Advance Loan:

  • You must be between 21 to 65 years old to be eligible for this loan facility.
  • You must be with the company as a regular employee for at least six months or at least three months if contractual or on project-basis type of employment.
  • Your cellphone number is crucial when applying for this facility. This is because the number you provided will be stored in Security Bank’s database as the bank’s payroll customer.

Again, this facility is applicable to you IF the company you are working for is accredited by Security Bank. You can initiate accreditation by submitting the accreditation form and the Bank can take it from there.Β For companies who wish to be accredited by Security Bank, you can submit the Salary Advance Accreditation Form and other documents for accreditation such as Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and Secretary’s Certification or Board Resolution showing the authorized signatories of the company.

Other requirements include:

  • Registered business in the Philippines
  • Has at least 30 regular employees
  • Payroll client of Security Bank

Are you ready to get your cash in an instant?


113 thoughts on “Get Instant Cash with Security Bank’s Salary Advance Facility

        1. Hello Louie! Here’s how to re-avail: SBC SALAD AMOUNT # OF DEDUCTIONS to 3456 and follow the succeeding SMS instructions.

          1. Hi! Is your company accredited by Security Bank? If yes, have you signed an enrollment form? These are the things you need to check and do before you can apply for SALAD πŸ™‚

        1. Hello Casey! As long as you are fully paid already, you can apply again. Simply text SBC SALAD AMOUNT # OF DEDUCTIONS to 3456 and follow the succeeding SMS instructions πŸ™‚ Hope this helps!

      1. Hi, I received a notification that I am already eligible to reavail the salary advance but after sending message to 3457 I never received a reply to confirm/agree with the loan. Will it take some time to receive that message?

        1. Hello Faye! Did you apply again? If yes, did you follow the format (SBC SALAD AMOUNT # OF DEDUCTIONS) ? It usually takes 10 minutes or longer to find out if you qualified for the Salary Advance Facility. Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  1. Hi! I do received the notification of salary advance info credit limit. I’m trying to apply for it but 3456 won’t send reply. What do I need to do?

    1. Hello Owen. Did you follow the format in applying for the Salary Advance Facility? Also, is your company accredited by Security Bank? This could be the reason why there is no reply.

  2. I just finish my load today since on the mesg the last day will be 24th will I received an sms for that?

    when ca I renue for a new one

      1. I already paid up my last load 3 weeks ago, as of this moment havent received a text that I am eligible to re avail the salad? When I try to text the format getting a message that my number is currently not enrolled. How come been doing this once in a while.
        FYI, recently got approved with SB Credit Card. Is that the reason why I cant reavail the salad?

        1. Hi Tyrone! Only the processing fee will be deducted from the proceeds of the loan. The interest will be charged on the payment day, or your next salary day.

    1. Hello there. Please confirm clearance before you can apply again. Some lenders take time to update their system to make sure that payment was already made. Thanks!

  3. Hi how about if iam resign already ? Can i apply a loan? I will personaly pay it at branch is that possible?

    1. Hello Shindi. Apparently, the Salary Advance Facility will only work for employees whose company is accredited by Security Bank. You can no longer use this po due to non-employment (but we do hope you can find a new one soon!) πŸ™‚

    1. Hello there. It’s possible that the payment made was not yet reflected in their system. To be sure, you can send them a copy or proof of payment so they could take note of it πŸ™‚

  4. Hi! I also paid off my salary advance loan. I sent a text message to renew but it said there that I am still not approved to my account’s ineligibility. What can I do to renew? Thank you for the response.

    1. Hello Ann! This could mean that the payment has not yet reflected in their system. You can try emailing them and provide a proof of payment so they could manually adjust your records, thereby allowing you to borrow again πŸ™‚

        1. Hi Dan! Perhaps, the payment was not yet reflected in their system. You can call Security Bank Customer Service at 887-9188 or email them at [email protected] for further assistance. Thanks!

        1. Hi Yujin! Per Security Bank website, the interest rate depends on the prevailing market rate at the time of application πŸ™‚

  5. i lost my simcard where security bank send sms for salary advance availment. How will i change the phone numberand how many days should i wait to avail the salary advance? Thanks in advance.

  6. Im on my renewal for salad. But i lost my simcard. Do i need to apply again and fill out a form? How long should i wait?

  7. I should recieve a message now that i can avail for sallary loan.. But i havent recieved one yet? We badly need the money for emergency. . . what happened? You guys should recieved the payment last thursday. . .

    1. Hi Jouses. To be clear po, you had a previous Salary Advance and want to avail another SALAD? Perhaps the payment has not yet reflected in Security Bank’s system that’s why the bank cannot process your loan application. It may take some time, but surely, Security Bank wants to assist you on this.

  8. Do they have a calculator for the monthly amortization for salary advance? And how much is the interest rate since it’s a short-term loan?

  9. Hello,i received a text from security bank regarding salad renewal, it says its valid until jan 31st but i didnt renew i need fund for my daughters tuition,how can i re avail of SALAD?

  10. Hi! I’ve applied for Salary advance just yesterday. I’ve seen here that the approval usually only takes atleast 10 mins. it’s been over a day and I haven’t receive any confirmation yet.

    1. Hi Tina! That is Security Bank’s promise and surely, they want to live up to that. Perhaps they are processing tons of applications; hence the delay. Don’t worry. They’ll get back to you as soon as they can πŸ™‚

    1. Hello Tashkie! Only Security Bank can tell since they are the one assigning the credit limit per borrower. Nonetheless, minimum amount is P5,000 πŸ™‚

  11. Hi! I have a new no. And I already update it to the bank. I think almost a month already. How can I Avail the SALAD loan because when I regestered it thru sms I got a response that my no. Is not enrolled?

  12. Hi,

    I am trying to renew my loan via text since i got a notification via SMS. im getting an error as your Salary Advance facility is down. How long does it take and when can i re-avail for the said loan and get the facility up and running.

    1. Hi Roger! Per Security Bank website, please wait for three days from the time of last payment before you can re-loan πŸ™‚

    2. Hi, i still have 2 payments left is it possibkento offset the remaining balance for a renewal we badly need the money for emergency. Thanks!

    1. Hi Yhell! Please wait for Security Bank since they will send you a text message regarding the status of your salary loan application. πŸ™‚

  13. is theres an option to offset my remaining balance, i just need it for emergency purpose. i still have 1 deduction left. is it posible to do arrangement like this?

  14. Hi I just changed my number and updated it to the bank last April6, Just finished my Salad as well last payday, when can i apply for the next?

  15. Hi. I am jayrose gamido I already completed 6 months on my current job. I’m a regular employee now. The company that I am working is afiliated to security bank and upon filling up the form for security bank I made sure I input my number correctly . But why is it that I didn’t received a notification that I am already eligible for the SALAD of Security bank?

    1. Hi Jayrose! Security Bank has minimum requirements to comply with:
      – active employee with regular/permanent status of employment
      – with active payroll account of at least six (6) months payroll credits
      – with at least 5,000.00 average Salary Net Credits
      – with no adverse findings

      Please ensure po that you are able to meet these requirements so you can qualify for SALAD πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  16. Hi I would like to ask if I am eligible for this SALAD since my Company is accredited with the bank. Now I am goong to turn 19 years old and I am already 6 months being with the company. Can I do SALAD now?

    1. Hi! It turns out that there is an age requirement for this. You must be at least 21 years old to become eligible for SALAD.

  17. Hi,

    I’d like to know, how long does it usually take for the payment to be posted on the system? Also when considering to renew but haven’t received any text messages yet confirming of the illegibility, can the borrower use the previous messages that was sent for renewal? (previous amount offered)

    1. Hi Lyn! Per bank’s website, please give them at least three days to process and confirm payment πŸ™‚ After that, you can apply for another loan. For more details, please call the SBC Customer Service Hotline at (632) 88-791-88 or email [email protected] Thanks!

  18. Hi! I just wanted to ask about the salary loan thing. In my previous company I have an outstanding unpaid Salary Loan when I resigned. I have my new employer now and Security bank is the service provider for our payroll will Security Bank deduct the money I owed from my previous company to this new one? I hope you could answer my question.

    1. Hi John! We think it doesn’t work that way since there are two employers involved. What could be done is that your previous company will just deduct the unpaid loan to your separation pay.

      1. My salary advance from my previous company still unpaid and now my new employer also have security bank as their payroll. Is there any conflict between the 2 payroll account or do i have to merge it?

      2. Hi. Why I can’t send message sin 3456? Tama naman tinype ko SBC SALAD AMOUNT NO. OF DEDUCTION (SBC SALAD 15000 6)

  19. Hi! It’s my first time to apply I always missed the SALAD schedule in our company can I just go directly in a securitybank near in my area to apply?

    1. Hi there! If that’s the case, it won’t be SALAD anymore since this is integrated to the company’s payroll system. You may coordinate with your HR regarding this. Thanks!

  20. hello there anytime i will apply for the said advance loan,it will reply and say this mobile number is currently not enrolled to avail…my question is how can i avail the said loan and enroll my mobile no.

    1. Hi Mark! Please check with your HR department as well since sila po ang nakikipagcoordinate din with Security Bank. Thanks!

  21. Hi! I just want to ask. I already apply for SALAD. Would that be fine if Ill gonna pay it thru the counter and will not wait for may Payday? And also I recieved a confirmation today and it says ” the amount due will be put on hold 2 days before the payday” . What does it mean?

    1. Hi Arci. You can pay over-the-counter at Security Bank branches. Take note of the steps:
      – Use the BILLS PAYMENT slip
      – Indicate payment is for SALAD
      – Indicate your monthly amortization plus penalty
      – Indicate your enrolled mobile number

      The amount due is already on hold, which means nakabawas na po yung amount na swelduhin ninyo on your next payday.

    1. Hi Roy! Per Security Bank website, it will only take minutes and you will be informed of the status of your loan immediately. Of course, there will be delays, but rest assured that Security Bank is reviewing your application.

  22. Kapag ba payroll namin e ang Security Bank automatic kasama n company namin sa Salary Advance Accreditation?

  23. Hi

    I just want to ask, is there a designated time that I can avail SALAD?

    I got an approval SMS already but upon replying SBC SALAD AGREE, system replied that Security Bank’s salary advance is temporarily not available for crediting and just try for a few minutes.

    What is the best time for me to reply again? Do I need to text the amount again or just the SBC SALAD AGREE only?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Joy! We’re not sure regarding the time. Please contact the Customer Hotline of Security Bank so they could check your loan application and para hindi rin ma-doble. Thanks!

  24. Hi, where should I submit the requirements? Will it be via email or direct to one of the security bank branches? Thanks.

  25. Hi, I already resigned from my previous company. But I have balance for my SALAD. What will happen if I can’t pay the remaining balance aside from the penalties I get? Will I get banned from the SB?

    1. SALAD is a bank loan like any other, so even if you already resigned, you still have an obligation to repay the loan.
      If you let it fall delinquent it will affect your credit standing with SB and any other bank as all loans are reported to CIC.
      So best to reach out to SB and find an agreement on a settlement plan if you are short on cash right now.

    1. Hi JC! You have to enroll your mobile number first before you can apply for SALAD. You can go to the nearest Security Bank branches and request for an application form on SALAD so you can apply. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jefferson. In case you aren’t able to pay, here’s the procedure per Security Bank website:

      You can make an over the counter (OTC) payment in any Security Bank Branch nearest you. Kindly make sure to do the following:
      – Use the BILLS PAYMENT slip
      – Indicate payment is for SALAD
      – Indicate your monthly amortization plus penalty
      – Indicate your enrolled mobile number


    1. Hi Rowen. You will be the one applying for SALAD. Send a text message and send it to 3456 in this format:

      SBC SALAD Amount of Loan Number of Deductions

  27. Hello, I just finished mine yesterday and also I do have the Security Bank app and it shows there that it was already paid/posted, however upon trying again the number won’t reply and I’m the under of impression that maybe because its weekend, is SALAD available during weekends? πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Nico. Security Bank did not say that SALAD is only available during weekdays only. Nonetheless, you could send an email [email protected] for further assistance and so that they could check the status of your application.

  28. tanong lang ako. kasi may confirmation na approved yung salary advance ko kaso kinabukasan pa ko nakareply ng saturday ng ARGEE tapos wala na dumting na reply sa security bank. Di na ba ko pwedeng mag text ulit at mag request?

    1. Hi Castiel. Please call Security Bank hotline at 88-79188 so they could check on your request. Baka po kasi ma-doble. Thanks!

  29. Hi ask ko lang,pwede pa kaya ako mag apply ng ibang SB products kahit may SALAD pa ko? I have 5 remaining payments pa sa SALAD and 2nd loan ko na yun..I wonder if pwede magreloan kahit may existing pa..though yung second offer sakin ay malaki na unlike the first one..

    1. Hello Aian! That would depend na po on the bank. If you can show sufficient proof that you can pay your loan, then there is a possibility of approval.

  30. Hi Security Bank,

    Good day!

    This is regarding about the SALARY ADVANCE that you are offering.
    I tried it before and I was able to avail it. But right now, upon trying to avail it again, I was just receiving a response from 3456 that says ”Your request is currently being processed. Thank you for choosing Salary Advance.”
    Then there will be no follow up response after that. I am currently an employee of RMS COLLECT PHILS. INC — an IQOR Company.

    Hoping for your response. God bless us!

    Thanks you,
    Jericho Joshua B. Bautista

    1. Hi Jericho! Is your company using Security Bank for salary disbursement? If yes, then you may contact the bank so they could manually look into you loan. Otherwise, you cannot borrow if the bank used is not Security Bank.

  31. Hi,

    Can I pay my remaining balance in advance? If so, when can I re-apply for a Salary Advance? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Lyn! Yes, Security Bank allows early repayment. Please wait for 48 hours before you can re-apply for SALAD to ensure that the payment will reflect on their system. Thanks!

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