Customer Review on Moola Lending

Online cash loans are popular these days. This type of facility offers convenience and ease in application – something traditional banks cannot offer (yet). Can you imagine this: applying for a loan without leaving the comfort of your own home?

One of the popular online cash lenders these days is Moola Lending. It is a Philippine-based financial technology company under Doctor Cash, which has several fin-tech companies in Asia. The company promises rapid processing of loan application, simple application procedure, and transparency in dealing with borrowers.

The question now is this: Does Moola Lending live up to its promise? Here’s what customers have to say about it:

On Applying for a Loan 

The borrowers interviewed said the same thing: applying for a loan was easy and convenient. Application and submission of loan form is coursed online. Simply go to their website to apply for a loan and you will get an answer as soon as possible. Some borrowers were able to get an approval on the same day while there are others who were contacted by Moola representatives a day or two after the loan application was submitted.

Repeat loan is also possible. One borrower shared that she was able to borrow four times from Moola and her experience was good. She was also able to get a higher amount because she was a repeat customer.

Though you have to be cautious in disclosing your employment. One borrower, Richard, initially chose “Freelance” and was rejected.

On Receiving the Cash Borrowed

Moola borrowers had different experiences in receiving the cash they borrowed. One borrower, Steph, said that she received the amount the day after she was informed that her loan was approved and the money was credited to her account.

On the other hand, most of the borrowers interviewed said that it took days before they received the amount. Even if the Moola Customer Support informed that the amount was already credited in the indicated bank account during your application, you have to wait for at least a day and send a follow-up to make sure that your loan was processed.

On Interest and Other Charges

All borrowers interviewed said the same thing about interest: it’s too high. Some borrowers also said that Moola has one of the highest interest rates compared to the other online cash loan providers they tried. Take the case of Jocelyn, another borrower. She applied for a P5,000.00 loan for 30 days, the interest she paid was P1,500.00.

Moola also charge 10 percent Handling Fee, which is automatically deducted in your loan amount. Lina, one of the borrowers interviewed mentioned that despite the P3,000 loan, only P2,700.00 was credited to her account. This means when you borrow P5,000 from Moola, deduct the 10 percent of it and that is the amount you will see in your account.

On Loan Repayment

Payment of loan is through over-the-counter payment at partner branches and DragonPay via 7/11, LBC, Cebuana, SM Department Store, SM supermarkets, or Robinson’s Payment Center. DragonPay was the method used by all of the borrowers’ interviewed in paying for the loan, which requires a specific reference number per client for easier tracking.

Because of the Handling Fee and high interest rate, the borrowers are expected to pay higher amount compared to the actual amount borrowed. In the case of Lina, she will pay a total of P3,630.00 even if her loan was only P3,000 and P2,700 was credited to her account.

Another issue raised by several borrowers was the term. Even if you chose 30 days as your loan term, which is also the maximum term, theirs was only for 21 days. When Jay, also another Moola borrower, asked about the changes in the loan term, he was informed by the customer support that the system automatically calculates the term of the loan.

On Customer Service 

When it comes to customer service, the borrowers are divided. There are borrowers who praised Moola Customer Support because of their fast response, both through their Facebook page and e-mail. On the other hand, there were customers who received no reply from their customer support, especially when raising concerns about their loan application.

Overall, not all borrowers had a pleasant experience borrowing from Moola Lending. Even if their loan application was approved faster compared to other online cash loans lenders, it took days before they were able to withdraw the money from their account. The 21 days loan term instead of 30 days that was initially applied for, payment of 10 percent handling fee, and high interest rate are also big issues, which is why most borrowers don’t recommend Moola.

Have you tried Moola? Please comment to post your experience here!


113 thoughts on “Customer Review on Moola Lending

    1. Hi Mylene,

      Moola does not offer 1 year loans. Maximum you can borrow is 30 days and the interest will be 30%.

      For more details please contact them directly.

        1. Hi Ruby. Online cash lenders are safe. If you’re not comfortable sharing bank details, you can check other lenders that has various disbursement or cash out options 🙂

      1. With the additional 10% processing fee deducted immediately, plus 30% interest rate, a total of 40% interest has been added to the principal amount.

      2. Moola lending please answer my complain my repayment was not acknowledged yet please help me and moola is srill threating me of a barangay investigation this caused me stressful this time

        1. Hi Gemma! Threatening customers is strictly not allowed. You can contact Moola through the following numbers:
          (02) 231-3536
          (02) 231-3537
          (02) 304-9160

  1. Hi. Somebody called me today but unfortunately I wasn’t able to answer the call because I was inside a government premises that using cellphone is prohibited.. I texted the number but it didn’t called me again even I explained the situation.. I want to know the status of my loan if approved or not.. Thanks and more power

    1. Hi! As much as we want to help, we are not Moola and have no way of checking the status of your loan application. You can try calling them in their hotline – 405-5171. Thanks!

        1. Hi Jomar! Moola offers P2,000 to P20,000. Since you are applying for the first time, the maximum amount you can borrow first is P10,000.

    1. Hi Kelly, yes Moola Lending has a high interest rate. That’s why it’s very important that you assess if you can afford the repayments before you apply for a loan.
      Check out the other services we reviewed here – some have substantially lower rates. For example Tala.

  2. My name is rosalyn, im really upset wth moola,nag loan na aq once at nkbyad naman ako, nung pangalawa nag dcyd aq mg repeat loan kaso ung nkalagay fil’in the number u used b4, panu aq mg fill’in nanakaw yung phne na gmt ko b4’so i dcyded na mg fil’up nlang aq as new client..kaso ni reject nla ung aplction anung reason?kala ko ba you value your costumer, kung hndi lng emergcy d naman aq mangungutang sa inyo.

    1. Hello Rosalyn. We’re sorry to hear about your negative experience with Moola. Perhaps, the “new client” is the reason why your loan application was rejected. We’re not also sure as to Moola’s requirements and criteria since we are not affiliated with them. Nonetheless, you can try other online cash lenders in case you are in need of cash. Thanks!

  3. Hai Moola ,
    Im Jozellyn Aguilar Edejer,
    Im apply for persobal loan ..but until now i have no ..update or confirming if i qualified to may loan plss ..kindly reply ….for may concerned .thank you.

    1. Hello Jozelyn. Online cash lenders promise 24-hour loan processing, but with tons of applications they receive, there is a possibility na it will go beyond 24 hours. Don’t worry. You will get your reply soon 🙂

  4. Mrng approve na ang loan ko last friday at na deposit na sa account ko cebuana lhullier..ang confirmation daw e send nila sa email address ko [email protected] di ko na ma open ang email ko…pls help po…pwd e transfer na lng sa [email protected]..para makuha ko ang confirmation ng cebuana lhullier…akala ko kasi facebook at email pareho lng.pls help me po..tnx

    1. Hello Marissa! We want to help you on this, but we are not Tala Philippines; hence no access to your records. Have you tried emailing Tala or sending them a message on Facebook?

    1. Hi Daisy. According to the customers interviewed, the money will be credited to the bank account you indicated in the application form.

          1. Hello! if the borrower is your wife, then yes, you can use her bank account. Otherwise, different borrower and bank account depositor won’t be allowed by Moola.

        1. Hi Yoko! Moola only allows bank deposit to remit the approved loan amount. The bank account must have the same name with the borrower. Without any bank account, Moola won’t be able to extend credit.

    1. Hello Wisdom. Online cash lenders like Moola give priority to repeat borrowers and at times, allow you to borrow higher amount. There is a possibility that you can borrow as much as P20,000, although there is no guarantee for approval.

    1. Hello there. We’re not sure if cancelling loan application will be allowed by Moola. Nonetheless, you can call them at 405-5171 or send them an email at [email protected] so they could look into your account. Thanks!

    1. Hi Emmylou. Sorry, but Moola credits the money borrowed on the bank account you indicated. We’re not sure if they will allow Gcash for encashment 🙂

    1. Hi there Christy. You can pay through LBC, Cebuana, DragonPay, SM and Robinson’s payment centers. Please take note of the reference number since you will use this to pay for the loan 🙂

    1. Hello Joey. Moola credits the loan on your assigned bank account. Please check with your bank if an amount was already credited to your account so you could withdraw it. Thanks!

  5. Hi moola this is my 3rd loan i really want to apply for a 5k loan cause i needed it seriously besides my payment doesnt log i always pay my loan inadvance…pls.reconsider.thank you

    1. Hello Jocelyn. As much as we want to help, we are not Moola but just an independent website that shares about the different online cash lenders in the Philippines. You may contact them directly so they can address you properly regarding this matter. Thanks!

  6. HIGH IMPORTANCE: not recommended to apply for loan, super high interest. And even if hindi mo pa narereceive yung payout, you can not recall the application. No cancellation in short. You have to pay the interest and the principal at all means else papatayin ka sa inis ng kakatawag ng mga agents nila to all your relatives, office and messenger. I applied and got approved at 10K loan, but since they have 10% service fee, 9K nlng yung suposedly n payout cash ko, I applied Jan 25 and got the email notification that my loan was credited to Cebuana OTC payout, Jan 26 – i told them im canceling n the application, tofay, Feb 8 – someone called from Moolalend informing me na no cancellation na and I still need to pay 12,000 until Feb 15. so rude! else more interest is to add up and will have a record of delinquent payment

    1. Hello Daisy. Thank you for sharing your experience with Moola. This will help other borrowers in choosing the right online cash lender for their needs. Nonetheless, we are sorry to hear about this negative experience with them. Rest assured that there are other online cash lenders who are “less stressful” than Moola.

  7. hello may concern ako.. ako si Omar Jaamil.. may pending loan po ako ngayon amounting P5900..kaso ang problema q ngayon yung simcard na ginagamit ko pang register sa moola ay nawala,. dun kasi tumatawag ang moola everytime malapit na and due ko.. repeat loaner po ako..gusto q sana mag extend ng 30 days willing ako magbayad ng extension fee kaso ndi sinasagot ng moola ang email ko..
    May reference ako para mabayad yung full amount kaso hindi pa kaya sa bulsa bayaran ng full.. wala akong reference number para pambayad sa extension 30 days kasi hindi sila nag rereply sa email at kahit sa fb page.. nakaka disappointed,kung magkaproblema man in the future kasalan din nila kasi pabaya sila sa customer nila.

    1. Hi Omar. Have you tried calling Moola thru their hotline (405-5171)? As much as we want to help you on this matter, we are not Moola and not affiliated with them.

  8. Moola charges 10% when you loan from them. And then you’ll pay the loan amount+30% interest (1%/day) after 30 days. You may apply for extension but you need to pay the interest first. However, they will add 18% penalty charge to the principal loan.

    Principal Loan: 4,000.00
    Service Charge: 400.00
    Actual Loan Received: 3,600.00
    Amount to be paid: 5,200

    If extending the loan payment:
    Payment to Extend Loan: 1,200.00
    Amount to be Paid: 5,200+700 (penalty charge)=5,900.00

  9. good afternoon,follow up ko po yung appilication ni rosalie panique tibajares ,wala po kasi kming natanggap na tawag kung approve na ba yung loan.Noong saturday pa po ako nagsend ng loan for application.thanks po

    1. Hi Rosalie. Thank you for applying with Moola. As much as we want to help, we are not Moola Lending, rather an independent blog that focuses on online cash loans. That being said, we request for your patience regarding your loan application. Surely, Moola receives tons of application everyday and don’t worry. They’ll get back to you as soon as possible 🙂

  10. Moola Lending should be investigated, I applied for a loan, cancelled it a few minutes after the application (through [email protected]) upon realizing that the interest is too huge and the loanable amount is too small. The loan was made Dec. 27, 2017 but they texted me that the money was already available at cebuana on January 06, 2018. I already sent them message to cancel the loan application and they replied that they will look into it but to my surprise they still push through it and they keep annoying me, calling and forcing me to get the money from cebuana..and now asking me to pay the money I never owed them. How in the world cancellation of loan application is not allowed? Again! cancellation was made few minutes after the application on Dec. 27, 2017 but the money was sent after 10 days! What’s this? force loan?

    1. Hi Luna. We’re sorry to hear about this situation. Nonetheless, thank you as well for sharing your experience to “warn” other borrowers to be more careful in choosing an online cash lender.

    1. Hi Irene! Moola can only allow up to P20K loan amount, which is only accessible for repeat borrowers. If loan restructure, it will have to depend on the amount and the eligibility of the borrower, which only Moola can answer. Nonetheless, you can still try applying for the loan and indicate loan restructure as purpose.

  11. Ito ang text n receive ko nung makaloan ako:
    *Your approved loan has been succesfully deposited to your bank account. Check your e-mail for the payout confirmation and repayment instructions. Repeat Borrowers in good payment standing are automatically approved. To fully repay the loan please pay 3900 PHP on or before 07-03-2018. Or pay 900 PHP to continue using for another 30 days. Pay at 7Eleven (Select Dragon Loans) or any SM or Robinson’s Payment Center or Bayad Center (Write Dragon Pay) and use Reference Number DR235066.

    Nagbayad ako ng 900 n muna for using another 30days dahil Ito ung unawa ko sa text, binayaran ko ung interest, kinabukasan nakatanggap ako ng text na ganito:
    *Thank you for your payment. You can now continue to use the loan until 07-04-2018. To fully repay the loan, please pay 4570.00 PHP. Pay at 7Eleven (Select Dragon Loans) or any SM or Robinson’s Payment Center or Bayad Center (Write Dragon Pay) and use Reference Number DR235066

    TINAWAGAN AKO MISMO ARAW NG DUE DATE AT SINABI KO N 900 Muna ung pay ko, bakit di explain sakin n ganito n kalaki babayaran kahit magbayad man ako ng interest!!! Or dun plng sana sa text ay Meron din nilagay n dagdag Bayad kahit magbayad ng interest.

    1. Hi Michelle. We’re apologize for this inconvenience. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding on the wording of the text, but from how we see it, P900 will be on top of the originally approved amount of P3,900. Nonetheless, thank you for sharing your experience with Moola. This will also help other borrowers in deciding where to borrow money.

    1. Hello Tina! We’re not sure if calling on guarantors is part of the procedure employed by Moola. Based on customers’ experience, they didn’t say that Moola will call guarantors while the loan is on process.

    1. Hi Joy! Please contact Moola directly at (02) 405-5171 or email them at [email protected] As much as we want to help, Moola is better equipped in this since we are not, in any way, related to them. Thanks!

  12. Hi,

    I received a txt and an email saying my loan application has been approved and has been credited to my account.

    I checked my account and no amount of money was credited.

    Can you enlighten me if this usually occurs?

  13. Hello. I applied my loan yesterday amounting 2000 pesos . i received a text message that my load is already deposited on my account, but I checked my account and wala pa don ung amount ng loan ko. I don’t have any contact number of yours to raise this concern. I’ll wait for your response. Thankyou.

  14. ill apply many time till now id ont receive a call to know if my loan application is approved or dis approved.i just need now to purchased school supplies of myc child.

    1. Hi Maja! Moola will contact you directly regarding the status of your application. For follow-up, you can call them directly at (02) 405-5171 or email at [email protected] to verify the status of your loan application. Thanks!

  15. Hi, I received a text from MoolaLend that I have a balance of P29,900.00. I have no idea of it. Can you help me refresh my mind about such account or loan? From where and when did I loan this amount? Thank you.

    1. Hello Maricar! Did you borrow previously from Moola? The balance could be the interest and other fees charged by them. Please contact them directly at (02) 405-5171 or email them at [email protected] so you can ask for a breakdown. Thank you and we hope you will be able to sort this out with them.

  16. Thank God i have this.. i applied to moola and sky high interest rates, hidden fees and late fee. Kasalanan ko nmn malate . Pero 3 different amounts for a month. That is ridiculous. It is funny in a way. My loan amount is only 2000 i got the money 1700 with the fees and all. After a month plus 700 on top of the amt. Plus 600 for the late fee plus 30 % fees. Customer service is unreachable as well. The phone # on the email, text and messenger for the collections or their company is not working. I am always put on hold or leave a message after the tone.

    1. Hi Charlie. We’re sorry to hear about this experience with Moola. Nonetheless, thank you for sharing your feedback to help other customers to be more careful in choosing an online cash lender.

  17. Hi. Moola lend texted me on the number I used. Said that my 10k loan is almost approved and then send a link, which I click. Bumalik ako sa registration. Ang gulo. Pano ba tlga malalaman kung ok na yung pera?

    1. Hi Jacklyn! Moola disburses the amount by crediting it to your nominated bank account. Have you checked your bank account already if you got P10k?

  18. Gud day… H Nagpadala kau nang message sa mobile ko na already deposit ang loan ko sa bank account ko pero when I check in my bank accounts how many times Walang pumapasok I try to call how many times in your customers service pero almost 1 hour wala pa rin sumasagot ang
    D recording voice lng please

  19. Hi,paano kung mag hiram ako ng 5k and babayaran ko cya in 2 payments per month paano ang calculation nun po thanks..

    1. Hi Ghen! Moola only allows one-time payment. You can check their website for online calculator to give you an idea on how much you’ll pay for a specific amount and term. Thanks! Here’s the link –

  20. Good morning po. Nag-try ako kahapon na mag-reloan, may dumating na text message from Moola na nagsasabing “Your approved loan has been successfully deposited to your bank account. Check your e-mail for the payout confirmation and repayment instructions.” Ngunit nang i-checked ko ang bank account ko and ang email ko na [email protected], wala namang dumating. Hope you can help on my concern ☹️ Lagi na lang kayo ganito, kung hindi mahirap kontakin, kulang kulang pa information ninyo. Kayo na nga lang ang takbuhan ganyan pa kayo.

  21. Ask lang po kung legal po ba ang moolah? Hindi na kasi makatao ang ginagawa nila. sobrang taas. Up to now di pa nakakabayad though gusto ko na din matapos kaya lang nawala na yung cp ko na ginagamit sa kanila and I am requesting sa kanila kung magkano na yung utang ko and also yung computation nila pero di ako binibigyan. Ive tried already so many times through email and landline until last call ko sa kanila puro ring lang phone wala sumasagot. baka kasi mabigla ako sobra laki na ng babayaran ko. wala pa naman sa ayos sila magpatubo. yung 2k ko in less than 1 month umabot na sa 5k ang singil nila sa akin.

    1. Hi Randy! First things first, we want to clarify that we are not Moola. Unfortunately, we read several negative feedback about them, which is why we have this blog. We want to be able to inform people regarding various online cash lenders, including feedback and reviews from previous customers. We hope that you can settle your concern with them anytime soon.

    2. Malaki interest nila. Buti pa tawagan mo ng tawagan. Aabot sila sa point ipapabarangay ka nila pero wala namang magagawa yun. Baka lang masira record mo sa credit line. Bayaran mo na sila. Masisira pangalan mo baka in the future hindi ka na maka apply ng loan sa bank or even credit cards

  22. Hi Moola, nakatangap ako ng text na approved na raw loan ko tapos wala naman ako na tanggap na email para sa payout confirmation. and then, nagcheck ako ng atm wala naman po laman.paano po yun?


    1. Hello Mark! Please contact Moola Lending directly regarding this so they can better assist you on your loan. You can call them at (02) 405-5171 or send them an email at [email protected] thanks!

  24. Hello. I just would like to let you know I will never loan from you people again. I had a loan for 7 days only and you called me everyday! It’s so annoying! I get 50 calls a day, even if I already answered it. You keep harassing your clients! I am fully aware when my loan is due since you keep on calling AND FLOOD MY INBOX EVERY FUCKING DAY. You call me anytime of the day! Early morning, lunch time, late eveninf. Common sense should tell you PEOPLE SLEEP TOO. YOUR CLIENTS SLEEP TOO.

    True. You release the loan very fast but in exchange, you charge ridiculously hight interest rates plus a hidden charge of 10% application fee taken out of the loan amount THAT YOU DO NOT DISCLOSE IN YOUR WEBSITE.

    You help people by giving money but you destroy them when you ask for payment.

    Seriously people. If you loan from these people, except 100 calls on your phone just for them demanding payment. They will never stop until you pay them. Ang babastos pa ng agents nila.

    1. I just came across this comment while surfing online due to harassment I’m receiving from a loan company. For starters, I wasn’t even the one who made the loan; my name and number was used as reference without my knowledge. Now the person who made the loan isn’t paying and I’m the one being harassed. I thought that getting a phone call, even up to 4 calls a day was enough, may mas malala pa pala, to think that I WAS NOT even the person who owed the money.

  25. Hi I just wanted to ask, is anyone here na tinakot na ipapa brgy ng moola? Kc my cousin received a message na expect daw sila na magvisit and my ksamang brgy. Kapag hindi pa nagbayad

  26. pang-3rd time ko n magloan sa moola n approved with the amount of 6k only, less 10%processing fee(kahit may account n sa kanila, dito plng kumita n sila agad), 5,400 lng ang send nila sa bank account ko. At after 30days ang total n kelangan bayaran ay 7,800…
    Pinilit ko makabayad sa kanila nung due date sa halagang 5k lng kesa wala ako ibayad.
    Then after that, got a text message ulit from moola, (Thank you for your payment. You can now continue to use the loan until 21-07-2018. To fully repay the loan, please pay 4,340PHP. Pay at 7Eleven (Select Dragon Loans) or any SM or Robinson’s Payment Center or Bayad Center (Write Dragon Pay) and use Reference Number DH589147)
    Ibig sabihin ung balance ko n 2,800 ay naging 4,340 n, although alam ko nman ang rules from the start, ngayon overdue nko ng 5days dahil di ko din ginusto n magbaha sa lugar nmin, ok lng n lagi ako tawagan at ipaalala magkano n babayaran ko pero masaklap dun ay the way ka kausapin ay parang di ka marunong magbayad ng utang sa kanila. Sa totoo lng mas malaki pa ang kinita n nila sa mga dinagdag nila sa halaga ng inutang ko eh. Pano ka b naman makakapag isip ng paraan para bayaran sila kung kausapin ka eh para ka nman ipapakulong n nila…

    1. Hello. Moola requires bank account po as form of disbursement. Otherwise, they won’t process po your loan application.

  27. Hi. If a borrower is unable to settle his loan because of unforeseen circumstances, like loosing a job or bankruptcy, what other payment options can a borrower have?

    1. Hi Ann! You have to coordinate immediately so that Moola or any other lender could make necessary adjustments on your loan contract and give you more leeway for payment. Usually, they are sympathetic naman when this happens.

  28. yes mam, how many times na ko tinext ng agent na kesyo ipapabarangay daw, na naka schedule na daw ngayon for a barangay hearing kaya magbayad daw today, hindi po yan totoo nananakot lang, meron pa nga na papunta na dw sheriff sa bahay. In the first place, bakit magpapa sheriff? Dapat dumaan muna sa legal process yan, they have to file small claims sa court kaso hindi naman sila makafile kasi kapag umabot yan sa korte hindi naman sila papanigan ng court kasi halos pamatay tao na ang interest nila. sobra sobra na binayad ko kung tutuusin nataon lang na sobrang dinaanan ako malaking problema financially kya hindi ko nabayaran interes ng ilang buwan kya nakiusap ako kung pwd babaan interes, nag ok naman, pinapabayaran sakin yung principal kaya binayaran ko ng installment kc hindi ko magbayad ng full na 4k, 3 beses ko binayaran pero nung inemail ko na receipts, kailangan daw one time payment, so, kailang ko ulit magbayad ng 4k daw kaya sabi ko hindi ko na yan babayaran

  29. I would suggest the following app bt NOT MOOLA. or onlineloans-ph
    1. TALA APP
    2. CASHALO- quick loans first before you attempt bigger amounts (CASHAQUICK option)
    3. UMBRELLA – slow and long approval but low interest

  30. Moola has been complained to SEC, but SEC closed the case. It has also been reported to Tulfo for the unreasonable high interest charges but they weren’t answering his call. The high interest charges are beyond law! They have bad customer service as well – they only communicate through cellphone and landlines, no replies to emails.

    hindi ko na kasi kayang bayran ang loan ko kasi sobrang taas ng mga interest ? natatakot po akong bulabugin nila ang contacts ko po at magpunta cla sa barangay namin .. Please po ano po kaya magandang gawin ? Gusto ko po sana mag reklamo sa Tulfo pero ang layu ko po kasi , sa Cebu pa po ako

    1. Hi Shiela! Yes, these companies are registered with the SEC and may operate as lenders. That being said, you have an obligation to pay for the loan. In case you feel harassed every time they demand payment, you may file a complaint with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

  32. Meron din po akong loan sa Moola (now Online Loans Pilipinas) amounting to 10k. Cguro naka 4 months na akong nag.extend by paying only the interest amounting to 3k. But unfortunately everytime pala na nag pay ako ng prolongation for nother 30 days, may nadagdag pa ring penalty sa loan ko. Now the problem is nagkaroon ako now ng financial crisis kc nahospital brother ko and namatay na din sya. So dhil sa daming gastos di na ako nakkbyad ngaun sa Moola and they threatened me na kakasuhan daw ako ng Small Claims Case. Magbyad nmn tlga ako kaso wala pa lang talaga akong pera sa ngaun. What should i do? Please help me…. Thanks.

    1. Hi! You could coordinate with Moola and negotiate a payment schedule kung saan unti-unting nababayaran ang loan na walang kasuhan. Mas maigi po na makipag-usap sakanila para po magawan ito ng paraan. Salamat.

  33. I have an existing debt with Moolah amounting P13K + from the loan I applied sometime in October of 2018 (P7,500.00 approved but only received P4,500.00 and required to pay more than the said amount), which I was not able to pay. Now, they keep on threatening me, to bring the case in our local court and to visit my residence and etc. Is there anyone sued by Moolah Lending with the same case? Anyone can share a similar experience with Moolah, please?

    1. Hi Bads. We’re sorry to hear about this. We suggest that you coordinate with Moola to help you come up with a payment schedule without the need to go to court. Thanks.

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