Customer Review: Loan Ranger as an Online Cash Provider

You will need cash at one point in your life. In case friends and family cannot help, you can always turn to online cash loan providers to save the day. One of them is Loan Ranger, a company that offers short-term instant credit to customers like you through safe and convenient money transfer. Unlike other lenders, Loan Ranger welcomes anyone to borrow, regardless of who you are or what you do for a living.

Here comes the biggest concern of all: Is Loan Ranger safe and reliable financial provider?

Check out what past customers have to say about them:

On Loan Application

All of the customers interviewed said that loan application was easy and convenient since you can do it online. Submitting the documents is convenient as well because you simply have to upload it.

Apparently, most clients said that loan application took more than 24 hours from the time the application was sent. Nonetheless, repeat customers are in unison in saying that the succeeding applications are faster. It only took hours for them to find out that their loan application was approved.

On Receiving the Moneyย 

Even if the application process took days before they got an approval, crediting of money in their account happened the following day from the time they were informed that the loan was approved. It was hassle-free as well since the amount was credited directly in their assigned bank account.

On Loan Repayment

For most customers, paying their loan with Loan Ranger is easy since it was done online, particularly through To pay:

  • Log in to your Loan Ranger account.
  • Click “Pay with”and then input the amount. Make sure that you encode the correct amount to avoid inconvenience.

Once done, the payment made will be automatically deducted from your account. Aside from, some customers also paid through bank deposit.

Nonetheless, one customer noted that Loan Ranger should provide more options when it comes to repaying the loan. Hopefully, the company could add other mediums like Bayad Center, payment in SM malls, or through remittance companies like Cebuana. This will add more convenience to the customers since there are other payment channels available.

On Loan Ranger Customer Serviceย 

The customers interviewed mentioned that they communicate with Loan Ranger via e-mail message. In some instances, Loan Ranger representatives take a while to reply, but they noted that they do reply, usually within a few hours. Nonetheless, their customer service agents are respectful and more than willing to assist.

Loan Ranger may not live up to its 24-hour loan processing, but still, this company is among the online cash providers you can trust. In times of sudden financial need, you know who to call.


33 thoughts on “Customer Review: Loan Ranger as an Online Cash Provider

  1. This is somewhat another online scam.. why?? I tried downloading the android apps.. it will ask everything about yourself.. they even ask to have accesses to your Facebook, your personal phone contact list and text messages on your phone.. and promises to keep it secret. Tala ask everything and they never give any info about there lending company… if it is legally operating as a lending institution.. are they paying taxes? or just another scam exploiting the trusting attitude of many pinoys.. To TALA.. show me your legal personality before you start asking your clients a very personal info.

  2. Don’t try this one! They are scam. They will ask you to provide your informations and your bank account details. After that they will not get back to you. They will no longer reply as well. It’s been 2 weeks since I applied to them. The first 36 hours they will reply to you and tell you that they are processing your application. Afterwards,you can no longer contact them. Good thing is that I only provided them the bank account details of my prepaid atm card which I can deactivate anytime.

    1. Hi Concerned Citizen! We’re sorry to hear about this experience. Have you tried contacting them again through email, phone, and Facebook page? We hope you’ll be able to sort this out with them because we received positive feedback about Loan Ranger. Nonetheless, thank you for sharing your experience ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I WILL NOT RECOMMEND LOAN RANGER TO ANYONE. I applied on March 5 (I decided to try it because I read a good feedback from this blog) and up until now no update from them. I chat with their customer service almost everyday to follow up but all they do is offer apologies and promise a result day after day. Its a scam! Paasa! They just want your personal info. Beware.

  4. IT HURTS! My expectations on this was FAILED :(! I wasted my time and effort experiencing this loaning services…
    upon submitting my requirements they will address to sent you
    email within 24hours for processing and confirmation preferred ,And time goes by counting almost 2-days NO-SMS/No-Updates for the status of my application received upon follow up thru email and chatting them already.
    The Only! email will sent to me is (Their was a technical issue on their side).I try this at first because of family emergency reasons and i also thought it was legit.:(

    1. Hi Rhyme! We’re sorry to hear about this experience. We heard good things about Loan Ranger from other customers. May we know if you were able to get your money?

  5. Good day, i applied online last 21 March 2018 and next week near 1 month. I called the office and told me that they are experiencing wifi problem or updating the system. This is the first week, now going to 4th week, there is no even update if it is approved or not. What reason again why it took so long? I applied loan due to emergency reason.

    1. Hi Nostimi ๐Ÿ™‚ No, Tala and Loan Ranger are two different entities with two different companies handling them ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I suggest NOT TO APPLY on this site. 1st, their processed for the loan is already misleading. 24hrs to them is going to be forever for you. 2nd, making a follow up on the loan email, chat or call. You will receive an answer but all generic they cant even provide concrete information. I even chat a representative, he/she is nice but I dont even think that he/she read my initial message lol. Worst is all of your time is wasted, when you get denied. Im not sure if having a denied loan application affect credit standing. But if yes, you just wasted time and effort. Its much better to know if your application will be granted or not in 1-2 days, specially if it is for urgent needs. I applied to them two weeks, no update and on chat no apologies or what so ever for the delay, bad business. I ask if I can cancel my application, rep replied before I can read the message rep closed the chat. Now I’m not sure if my loan is already cancelled by the rep or still on going.

    1. Hi Nick! We’re sorry to hear about this experience from Loan Ranger, especially when we saw positive reviews about this online cash lender. Nonetheless, thank you for sharing your experience since it gives future borrowers an idea on what to expect from Loan Ranger.

  7. Up until now havent heard anything bout my application. Is this for real? For im gonna try to find another useful site if this is fake.! Its been 3days.! No reply as well thru email. Dissapointing.

  8. Applied last July 31. Up until today, August 3, 2018 there is no reply. Been email and chatting with their customer support but the same answers. Their credit team is still checking.

    Told them to cancel my loan application. Tala is really way better than any other payday loans. Low interests, fast service.

    1. Hi Win. We’re sorry to hear about your experience with Loan Ranger. We hope you could give them a chance because it looks like they just updated ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. 24-hours, they said.

    Well, I sent them an email through their website to follow up on my application. Yet, it has been more than 48 hours since I submitted it. Told me that my application was still in their queue and they’ll review and update me once done. Why can’t they just tell us that the application has been denied rather than providing us false hopes?

    1. Hi Dunkinplayer! Perhaps, there are voluminous applications being processed by Loan Ranger representatives, which explains the delay despite the 24-hour promise. Don’t worry. Surely, Loan Ranger will get to you as soon as possible ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Azel! Loan processing is weekdays or during working days only. But if your loan was approved on a Friday, then you can withdraw the following day.

  10. Hello,
    I’d like to ask, I received an email from you stated that you can only provide 3ooo for first timer like me and you asked me to choose my repayment options. my questions is am I really approved or not yet.? And if yes, will you be able to disbursed money during weekends?.

    1. Hi Cris! This could signify that you are approved. Still, it is best to be sure, so we suggest that you contact them by calling them at 02-3202053. Thanks!

  11. It’s been 4 days since i send my application. They send email to you once but after that never heard anything. They giving you false hope.. in short PAASA!!! Please improve..

    1. Hi Andy. We’re sorry to hear about this. Have you contacted Loan Ranger and asked for a follow-up?

  12. I also experienced the same thing like what happenned to your customer.. I applied for a loan more than a month now and as i wnted to try to reapply it appears loan still for review.

  13. Dont try this fucking site, I already apply 2 days ago since then I havent receive any updates from them hence they are saying they will email me after 1 day banking, Just dont apply to this loan ranger!! So upset!

    1. Hi Seven! We’re sorry to hear about this. Have you tried calling them sa landline or leave them a message on Facebook to inquire about the status of your loan application?

  14. Positive feedbacks, maybe there are only some good feedbacks on this institution because I can’t as well reach someone on their side to help me out. Just a simple yes or no is all I needed from them thru email or text even. You guys SUCK. Chat with someone that never replies to your messages or no one’s even there! Just wanted to borrow money and a simple yes or no answer is all I needed from you guys and I was denied from it for days. I just want to cancel my loan application; wouldn’t recommend this to anyonr because they pose a serious threat to all the info you provided them. They can do fraudulent activity on you. If you guys are going to be replying to this message, don’t give me a generic answer. Have the balls to message me on what’s happened already with my application, since I gave you those personal information.

    1. Hi Jhomar. We’re sorry to hear about this. Have you tried contacting them or sending them a message on Facebook? As much as we want to help, we’re not Loan Ranger and have no way of checking your application.

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