Borrow With PondoPeso And Shop In Lazada

Fin-tech platforms are popular these days. It makes not just borrowing money but also shopping easier and more convenient. Speaking of shopping, did you know that Lazada partnered with several online cash lenders to provide customers like you a competitive financing option? This gives people an alternative mode of paying for their purchases. Among these lenders include PondoPeso. Here’s everything you need to know about PondoPeso and find out how you can apply for a loan that will be credited directly to your Lazada wallet. Who is PondoPeso? PondoPeso is among the fin-tech companies operating in the Philippines today. It offers financial mobility to provide Filipinos access to funds, whenever, whatever. PondoPeso takes pride in operating based on mobile Internet security technology and big data analysis innovation. Unlike other online lending platforms, PondoPeso have minimal requirements such as being a Filipino and 18 years of age. It operates under Fynamics Lending Inc. and registered with the SEC as per their website. Why PondoPeso?
  • Minimal requirements upon application
  • Highest credit limit, thereby allowing you to borrow up to P50,000 on your first application
  • Easy and convenient registration since everything happens online and in your mobile phone.
  • Loan term is based on the information you submitted, although it usually starts at 14 days. This means the earlier and faster you repay, the longer the loan term will be.
How to Apply for a Loan with PondoPeso
  1. Download the app at Google Play Store. Unfortunately for Apple users, PondoPeso app is only available to Android users.
  2. Open the app and click Confirm.
  3. Register your mobile number. You will get a code via SMS for confirmation.
  4. Set your password.
  5. In the next window, click I want to borrow. Then click Continue applying for a loan.
  6. Make sure you click Allow to let PondoPeso access your contacts, pictures, and location.
  7. Fill out the online application form. Make sure to enter truthful information about your location, housing status, educational attainment, monthly income, and credit card among others.
  8. Click Next after completing every information.
  9. Once you completed filling out the application form, PondoPeso representatives will review your loan application. The review of your application usually takes 24 hours or one day.
  10. If approved, the loan will be credited to your bank account, GCash account, or account. Since you will be using the money to shop in Lazada, the approved amount may be credited to your Lazada wallet.
Tips in Applying with PondoPeso
  • Make sure that your phone and email with PondoPeso is similar to the phone and email you used when you registered with Lazada.
  • Activate your Lazada wallet before applying for a loan with PondoPeso. This way, you are assured that the money will be credit to your wallet, which you can use for shopping.
  • Provide clear and visible ID pictures. This is needed to verify your identity as a borrower.
  • Ensure that your personal information is complete. This increases your chances of getting approved for a higher credit.
PondoPeso is a great option, especially if you need higher credit limit. Give it a try now and making shopping with Lazada easier and more convenient.


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